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Start Wrathion
End Wrathion
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Category Rogue
Experience 4,800
Reputation +500 Ravenholdt
Rewards  [Golad, Twilight of Aspects]
 [Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages]
13g 74s
Previous N Rogue [35] Sharpening Your Fangs

Patricide is the final quest in obtaining the legendary rogue weapon set Fangs of the Father.


Destroy Deathwing and retrieve a Fragment of Deathwing's Jaw.


Your next target has claimed the lives of all of my other assassins. I need you to kill my father himself.

You must destroy Deathwing.

We are out of time. His madness has already corrupted all the others of my kind, and his darkness will consume the world if he is not stopped.

If you by some miracle succeed, and can retrieve for me a piece of him - perhaps a fragment of the armor he uses to disguise his true chaotic nature - the reward I give you will be without equal.


You will receive:
Inv knife 1h deathwingraid e 03.png [Golad, Twilight of Aspects] Inv knife 1h deathwingraid e 03.png [Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages]

You will also receive:


What of my father?


I can feel it - like a dark shadow has been lifted from the land. Dead. My father is dead!

<Wrathion takes the Jaw Fragment from you. His hands and face blur as he recites a dark enchantment, the gem clusters you collected earlier orbiting around his head. The jawpiece suddenly shatters, and with a terrible hissing sound your twin daggers awaken.>

Your reward is ready. Take them, quickly. You will need them momentarily...


When you arrive after the quest completion, you see Wrathion and a dead red dragon...

Wrathion says: Your eyes do not deceive you...the treacherous red dragonflight sought to kill me off! I hope now you see the truth about them.

After Deathwing is killed and the  [Fragment of Deathwing's Jaw] is returned to Ravenholdt, a little cinematic takes place:

Wrathion says: Champion, you have your reward. But there is one final dragon we need to slay.
Fahrad says: My prince, we should leave this place. In case they come back to finish the job.
Wrathion says: Fahrad! I was just talking about you. The final Black Dragon. The one who's been more hidden than any of them.
Fahrad says: Your highness, I have never tried to conceal what I am from you.
Wrathion says: Yes. You rescued me while I was still within my egg, and I owe you my life.

Fahrad fails to notice the player slipping out of sight.

Wrathion says: But you are a Black Dragon. And you share the corruption of all my brothers and sisters.
Fahrad yells: That's - not true!
Wrathion says: Do you deny it? The dark visions? The voices in your head?
Fahrad says: No. No! I'm in control of the voices. They're there to help me.
Wrathion says: And what are they telling you now, Fahrad? What do your dark masters whisper?
Fahrad yells: Kill.... they want me to kill you now... oh, why did you have to go and anger them?

Fahrad takes on his black dragon form.

Fahrad yells: You have proven too difficult to control!

Before Fahrad can act, Wrathion ensnares him in a dark field.

Wrathion yells: I will NEVER be controlled! The Red Dragonflight has no idea what they unleashed when they experimented on my egg.
Wrathion says: Hero...strike now! Use your newfound power to FINISH HIM.

The player leaps from the shadows, bearing large black wings which carry them directly above Fahrad's head. With a single downward slash, the player deals the killing blow to the last black dragon. Fahrad yells in pain before dying.

Wrathion says: It is done, friend. To my knowledge, I am the only black dragon who remains.
Wrathion says: A new age for mortals has dawned, and heroes like you are among the vanguard.
Wrathion says: I must go now - disappear.
Wrathion says: Perhaps we will meet again. I hope we find ourselves on the same side...

Wrathion changes into his whelp form and flies away.



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