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Patrol Captain Gerdo

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BossPatrol Captain Gerdo
Image of Patrol Captain Gerdo
Title <City Watch>
Gender Male
Race Nightborne (Humanoid)
Level 112 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Duskwatch
Occupation Captain
Location Court of Stars
Status Killable
Court of Stars

Patrol Captain Gerdo
Talixae Flamewreath
Advisor Melandrus



Patrol Captain Gerdo is the first boss in Court of Stars.


Adventure Guide

Captain of the Duskwatch, Gerdo has devoted his life to keeping the peace within the walls of Suramar. Though he has a growing unease since the arrival of the Legion, he remains faithful and loyal to the leadership of Suramar. Elisande has safeguarded them for generations, and she knows what is best for the people of the city. Tonight, Gerdo's task is to ensure that only citizens with the proper credentials are able to enter a gathering of particular importance at the manor.


Patrol Captain Gerdo locks down enemies while signalling for additional Nightwatch assistance.

Damage Dealer Alert Damage Dealers

  • Jump to free yourself from Arcane Lockdown.
  • Gain threat on additional Nightwatch Reinforcements when Patrol Captain Gerdo uses Signal Beacon.

Healer Alert Healers

  • Jump to free yourself from Arcane Lockdown.
  • Be careful when Gerdo drinks his Flask of the Solemn Night, as he will inflict substantially more damage.

Tank Alert Tanks

  • Jump to free yourself from Arcane Lockdown.
  • Quickly defeat Nightwatch Reinforcements when Signal Beacon occurs to prevent them from overwhelming the party.


  • Spell arcane arcanetorrent.png  Resonant Slash — Slashes out in two directions, inflicting 584613 to 646152 Arcane damage to players struck and stunning them for 4 sec.
  • Sha ability mage firestarter nightborne.png  Streetsweeper Heroic Difficulty — Gerdo summons in an arcane streetsweeper, which blasts players in a line after 3 sec, inflicting 522500 to 577500 Arcane damage.
  • Ability socererking arcaneacceleration.png  Arcane Lockdown Magic Effect — Binds the feet of all players, instantly applying 3 stacks of Arcane Lockdown for 20 sec. Each stack inflicts 43132 Arcane damage every 1 sec and reduces movement speed by 30%. Jumping removes a stack of Arcane Lockdown.
  • Inv torch thrown.png  Signal Beacon — Call out for assistance, requesting aid from all active watchposts.
    • Vigilant Duskwatch Tank Alert — Reinforcements rush to their captain's aid, assisting him in combat.
      • Spell nature slow.png  Hinder Magic Effect — Hinders a target, reducing haste by 10% and damage done by 10% for 12 sec.
  • Inv alchemy crystalvial.png  Flask of the Solemn Night — Drinks a Flask of the Solemn Night, increasing haste by 30% and damage done by 30%.


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Item Type
 [Self-Forging Credentials] Arcane artifact relic
 [Epaulets of Deceitful Intent] Mail shoulders
 [Cape of the Duskwatch] Cloak
 [Arcanist's Resonant Robes] Cloth chest
 [Ley Dragoon's Wristbraces] Mail bracers
 [Swordsinger's Wristguards] Leather bracers
 [Arcane Defender's Gauntlets] Plate gloves
 [Guileful Intruder Handguards] Leather gloves
 [Duskwatch Guard's Boots] Plate boots
 [Manawracker Sandals] Cloth boots
 [Flask of the Solemn Night] Healer trinket

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No trespassers allowed!
Signal Beacon
  • Guards! To me!
  • I need reinforcements!
Arcane Lockdown
  • Stay were you are!
  • Halt!
Running towards the Flask of the Solemn Night
This will even the odds!
Killed a player
  • Just what you deserved!
  • That should teach you!
  • A job well done!
My watch... is ended.
Death if Flask of the Solemn Night is poisoned
Basely done... cowards!

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