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AlliancePearlfin Jinyu
Pearlfin Village
Pearlfin Village
Main leader IconSmall Jinyu Elder Lusshan
Race(s) Jinyu Jinyu
Character classes Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warrior
Capital Pearlfin Village
Theater of operations Jade Forest
Language(s) Mogu, Common
Affiliation Alliance, Independent
Status Active
Notable reward(s) Inv misc fish 58 [Fishy]

The Pearlfin Jinyu (or Pearlfin tribe) allied with the Alliance to stand a chance of fending off a Forest Hozen assault. They are long time enemies of the forest hozen.


Many thousand years ago, the Pearlfin Tribe stood on the throne of all Pandaria. At one point they trusted a tribe of hozen which somehow led to a great betrayal; consequently causing a waning of their numbers and influence. After this betrayal, Pearlfin Village became all that was left of their people. The Jinyu have been distrustful of outsiders and at war with the Hozen ever since.[1]

Bold Karasshi, a member of the Pearlfin tribe, was enlisted by Alliance players in rescuing Admiral Taylor from a Forest Hozen prison. After escaping their captors, the Alliance and Jinyu prisoners seek sancturary in Pearlfin Village, home of the Pearlfin tribe. After discovering that the Horde have allied with the Hozen, the Alliance attempt to recruit the Jinyu into the Alliance. After consulting with their water spirits and the spirit of the former Jinyu emperor of Pandaria, Rassharom, the Pearlfin tribe agree to ally themselves with the Alliance. The Alliance trains the Pearlfin in their superior military knowledge and arms them with weaponry. In exchange, the Pearlfin pledges their support in the Alliance's war against the Horde.




Faction description[]

A reserved, methodical race of fish people.


All reputation with the Pearlfin Jinyu is gained during quests in the Jade Forest storyline:

  1. A [10-35] The Path of War (+2000) & A [10-35] Freeing Our Brothers (+2000) & A [10-35] Ancient Power (+2000)
  2. A [10-35] Kung Din (+4000)
  3. A [10-35] Jailbreak (+1000)
  4. A [10-35] The Pearlfin Situation (+2500)
  5. A [10-35] Family Heirlooms (+2500) & A [10-35] The Elder's Instruments (+2500)
  6. A [10-35] Spirits of the Water (+5000)
  7. A [10-35] A Perfect Match (+4000)
  8. A [10-35] Bigger Fish to Fry (+4500)
  9. A [10-35] Let Them Burn (+5000) & A [10-35] Carp Diem (+5000)

Notes and trivia[]

  • Hozen skulls are prized tokens among the Pearlfin tribe. They use them to perform ceremonial rites, and the older the skull, the more potent its magic.[2]
  • The Pearlfin also admire resourcefulness.
  • The combined gossip text of the various jinyu at the Shrine of Seven Stars (Riverwarden Tuushuu, Poolwatcher Gui, Aqualyte Shashin) seems to imply that after the battle at Serpent's Heart, Pearlfin Village was destroyed. As the area is not phased after the final Jade Forest quests, the fate of the village is unknown.
    • Alternatively, these Jinyu (barring Shashin, whose dialogue is not conclusive of the fate of the village) could be from Inkgill Mere, which was overtaken by the sha; leaving the survivors to find a new home.
  • During the beta, they were named Glassfin Jinyu.

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