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Race Human
Faction Human Alliance
Hit points 230
Hit point regeneration Always
Hit point regeneration rate 0.25 HP/sec.
Unit Classified As Ground
Level 1
Gold 75 Gold
Food 1 Food
Produced at Town Hall/Keep/Castle
Build time 15 sec.
Hotkey P
Weapon(s) Axe, Pick
Normal attack 5-6 (5.5 avg)
Can attack Ground, Structure, Debris, Item, Ward
Range 9
Attack type Normal
Cooldown 2 sec.
Weapon type Normal
Secondary attack 1
Can attack Tree
Range 6.6
Attack type Normal
Cooldown 1.10 sec.
Weapon type Normal
Armor Type Flesh
Defense Type Medium
Armor 0
Day Sight 80
Night Sight 60
Movement Speed Slow (190)
Sound Set Peasant
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Peasants are trained from the hard-working and stout-hearted citizens that live in the numerous kingdoms of Lordaeron. By mining Gold and harvesting Lumber to meet the ever-increasing needs of the fighting force which must push back the unrelenting Horde, they are the backbone of the Alliance. Trained not only in the construction and maintenance of the myriad buildings found in every community, but also those necessary to wage war, they take great pride in the invaluable service they provide. Roused by the tales of the Orcish atrocities in Azeroth, these Peasants have learned to use both pick and axe for their own defenses if threatened.


The basic worker and supporting structure of the Alliance, the hard working peasant is vital in for human players.

Peasants construct buildings from the outside. There are several benefits and disadvantages for this style of construction. On the good side, peasants can 'speed' build - by ordering more peasants onto a building in progress, the building is constructed faster. However, this costs additional resources for speeding up its construction, and is only useful in building Town Halls at an expansion, as speed building anything else will be costly and unfeasible. The main drawback of this style of construction is that it can be halted by incapacitating or killing the peasant.

Peasants are also capable of gathering much more wood with lumber upgrades from the Lumber Mill - they start off with 10, like Peons, but can be upgraded twice to carry up to 30 wood each run; on par with Ghouls with one lumber research, and more than them with the second research, albeit much slower since they aren't combatants.

Peasants have some of the best defensive buildings out of all the races, as the weak Scout Tower can be upgraded into one of three variants, all of which have powerful usage in the hands of an experienced player.

In addition to this, peasants can defend themselves by turning into Militia if the town hall bell is rung. Refer to the link for more information.

Spells and abilities

Repair (Autocast)

Peasants can repair Buildings and Mechanical Units automatically when Repair is enabled. Repairing costs Gold and Lumber.
If you do not have enough Gold or Lumber you will not be able to repair.
Range Allowed Targets Repair Cost Ratio Repair Time Ratio
5 Mechanical, Friend, Non-Ancient, Ground, Air, Structure, Invulnerable, Vulnerable 35% of Build cost 150% of Build time


Mines gold from gold mines and harvests lumber from trees.
Gold Capacity Lumber per Harvest Lumber Capacity
10 Gold 1 Lumber 10 Lumber

Return Resources

Return the carried resources to the nearest town hall.

Build Structure

Brings up a list of the available buildings that you may choose to construct.

Peasants build from the outside - not inside or automatic like the other races. This means it is possible to halt construction by forcing the peasant to move away.

Range Powerbuild Cost Powerbuild Time Allowed Targets
5 15% of Build cost 60% of Build time Structure, Player Units

Call to Arms

Run to the nearest Keep, Castle or starting Town Hall to arm the Peasant, converting him into a Militiaman.


Improved Lumber Harvesting
Increases the amount of lumber that Peasants can carry by 10.
Research Cost Researched At Upgrade Time Effect
100 Gold Lumber Mill 60 sec. Lumber Capacity: 20 Lumber
Advanced Lumber Harvesting
Further increases the amount of lumber that Peasants can carry by 10.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time Effect
200 Gold Lumber Mill Keep 75 sec. Lumber Capacity: 30 Lumber

Manual description

Note: Although the description of the manual and are very similar, they are told with different wording.

Peasants are the hard-working and stouthearted citizens of Lordaeron. They serve as the backbone of the Alliance by mining the gold and harvesting lumber necessary to build up Lordaeron's military defense forces. Roused by the tales of the orcs' atrocities during the Second War, the peasants have learned to use both pick and axe to defend their communities if threatened.

World Editor description

Basic worker unit. Can harvest gold and lumber, build structures and Repair. Can become Militia.


Patch changes

  • WC3Reforged-icon.png Patch 1.32.10 (2021-04-13):
    • Improved Lumber tech requirement removed.
    • Advanced Lumber tech requirement changed from Castle to Keep.
  • WC3Reforged-icon.png Patch 1.32.9 (2020-10-21): HP increased from 220 to 230.
  • WC3tFT-logo.png Patch 1.10 (2003-07-03):
    • Reign of Chaos
      • Powerbuild effectiveness has been reduced to 60% of its previous strength in terms of how much speed additional Peasants add when supporting the construction of a building. Note that the cost increase per additional Peasant is unchanged.
    • The Frozen Throne
      • Lumber upgrade now gives +10 lumber capacity per level of the upgrade, up from +5 lumber capacity per level of the upgrade.
      • Powerbuild has been improved. Each additional Peasant contributes 60% of the speed of the first, up from 50%.

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