Image of Pei-Zhi
Race Pandaren (Undead)
Level 10-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Terrace of Ten Thunders, Jade Forest
Status Active

Pei-Zhi is a pandaren ghost found at the Terrace of Ten Thunders in the Jade Forest. In life, he served as a Master Spiritsage under the last pandaren emperor Shaohao. When his spirit was disturbed by Shan Jitong who sought to bind it, the spirit contacted an adventurer and guided them to his staff that was used against Shan Jitong who fled. He then guided the adventurers to fight the Shan'ze mogu, collect the other disturbed spirits, and gather items for the Tan-Chao. After all preparations were made, Pei-Zhi conducted a ritual to sent every spirit where they belonged, including himself. After he created the tan-chao, Shan Jitong appeared and captured Pei-Zhi again, taking him to the Seat of the Spirit Waker. There, he was shackled to a mogu construct under the command of Shan Jitong. The adventurer destroyed the colossus, and Pei-Zhi then dispelled Shan Jitong's shield, allowing the adventurer to kill the mogu. Thankful, he returned to the tan-chao, ushering the remaining spirits, after which he wanted to enter the tan-chao himself.




Initial gossip

Do not take the practice of spirit-binding lightly. If the mogu are creating simulacra, you can be certain they're preparing for war.

Gossip after the questline

The spirits can finally rest, thanks to you. Soon I, too, will return to the other side.

I leave you with this piece of advice: Pandaria is a land of history. If ever you are unsure about the future, you need only to seek answers from the past.

Remember this, and you will thrive here.

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