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Not to be confused with Pelagosa or Telagos.
Image of Pelagos
Title The Arbiter
Gender Male
Race(s) Eternal One, formerly kyrian[1] (Humanoid)
Level 50-60 / ?? Boss
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Pantheon of Death
Former affiliation(s) The Ascended, Kyrian Covenant
Occupation Arbiter of the Shadowlands
Location The Crucible in Oribos[68.4, 49.5]VZ-Oribos-s3Blip (lore)
Various, Bastion; Elysian Hold; Keeper's Respite, Korthia; various, Zereth Mortis
Status Active
Companion(s) Kleia (Soulbind)

“Pelagos, you have proved to be the most compassionate of us all.”


Pelagos is an Eternal One serving as the Arbiter, the being who rules over the Eternal City of Oribos and is responsible for judging mortal souls in the Shadowlands and assigning them to appropriate afterlives.[3] He was formerly a mere aspirant of the kyrian who struggled to find his place in the afterlife of Bastion, but who—alongside his soulbind, Kleia[4]—found himself caught up in the momentous events unfolding across the Shadowlands.[2] He volunteered to become the Arbiter in order to fill the vacancy created by the loss of the previous Arbiter.[3] As an aspirant, Pelagos was known for his hope and compassion, qualities he retains in his new role.[5]

As a kyrian, Pelagos is one of the soulbinds available to members of the Kyrian Covenant. Together with Kleia, he can be invited to the Ember Court for the Venthyr Covenant.



Pelagos as a kyrian.

In his mortal life, Pelagos presented as a woman, though he doesn't remember what his name or race was. He never felt that his body represented who he was inside and struggled with that identity his whole life. After his death, his soul was sent to Bastion and was reborn as a kyrian with a male form. He was greatly excited by this, as it meant that his appearance finally matched who he was on the inside.[6][7] He has noted that his mortal family likely wouldn't recognize him anymore.[8]

As a kyrian, he befriended Kleia, another aspirant, and offered her support long after her first soulbind ascended and she lost all contact with her. Pelagos and Kleia grew closer and eventually became soulbinds themselves.[2] Pelagos struggled with the ascension rituals that all kyrian undergo, failing every time he attempted the Rite of Purity to cleanse himself of his memories. At times he worried that he'd never manage to become an Ascended and that he'd get sent back to Oribos to be assigned to another afterlife, but Kleia assured him that he'd overcome his challenges.[9]

The Path to Ascension[]

Pelagos HS

Pelagos in Hearthstone.

At the same time as a Maw Walker arrived in Bastion, Pelagos made another attempt at the Rite of Purity in Aspirant's Rest, but his violent memories began to overwhelm him. Kleia couldn't help him, since it's forbidden for aspirants to intervene in each other's trials, but the Maw Walker was allowed to save him and bring him back to his soulbind.[4] The Maw Walker had come to Bastion to inform the Archon about kyrian serving the Maw, but to get an audience with her they needed to walk the same path of ascension as the kyrian. Pelagos and Kleia accompanied them to the Aspirant's Crucible,[10] where—after they'd helped Forgelite Sophone—they'd be put through a combat trial with Athanos. Pelagos first sent the Maw Walker to spar with the other aspirants to test their stamina.[11] The Maw Walker's undergoing of the trials attracted the attention of Kalisthene, who simply said she'd shared the Maw Walker's news with the Archon.[12] After this disappointing reply, Pelagos and Kleia returned to Aspirant's Rest, where Disciple Kosmas had come with news about trouble at the Temple of Purity.[13]

At the temple, Eridia the Hand of Purity told Kleia to assist the Paragon Vesiphone, and Pelagos and the Maw Walker to assist the struggling disciples in the temple grounds.[8] They found that many of the aspirants were being overwhelmed by doubt,[14] including Eridia's disciple Nikolon, whom the Maw Walker found talking to Uther before they brought him to Eridia.[15] Eridia tried to cleanse Nikolon's doubt and asked the Maw Walker to help her, but told Pelagos to stay out of it, as she worried that he more "fragile" than most when it came to cleansing. The cleansing failed, the corrupted Nikolon left, and moments later the temple was attacked by an army of Forsworn.[16] Kleia helped Pelagos escape to safety while the Maw Walker helped Eridia confront the Forsworn and their leader Lysonia.[17]

Kleia and the Maw Walker later discovered that the Forsworn were planning an attack on another temple and met up with Pelagos and Kalisthene at Hero's Rest to get an audience with the Archon.[18] The Maw Walker summoned Polemarch Adrestes, who escorted them to Elysian Hold while Kleia and Pelagos flew there on Kleia's larion.[19] At the hold, the Archon finally appeared and told Adrestes to inspect the wards protecting Bastion's temples.[20] He delegated the job to the Maw Walker, Pelagos, and Kleia. While they were inspecting the wards, Uther appeared and disabled the Ward of Courage.[21] Adrestes immediately sent the outsider and the two soulbinds to the Temple of Courage, just in time for the Maldraxxi invasion of the temple.[22] Pelagos and Kleia initially helped the Maw Walker and Thanikos the Hand of Courage fight the invaders,[23] but then retreated from the battle.

Chains of Domination[]

New Sigil of the Kyrian

Pelagos and Uther at the Seat of the Archon.

During the campaign in Korthia, a Maw Walker obtained the lost soul fragment of Uther, who repented his actions among the Forsworn and needed help mending his soul. Pelagos, Kleia, Adrestes, and the Maw Walker tried to help him connect with the soul fragment, but the ritual failed.[24] Thenios concluded that Uther's memories had been twisted and that he needed to relive them in order to heal. The Maw Walker, Pelagos, and the others helped guide him through his past,[25][26] eventually allowing him to start on the path to healing. Pelagos told Uther that he could rid himself of the painful memories in time, but he replied that they served as a lesson and that he'd never let them go if given the choice.[27]

The kyrian had planned to name a new Paragon of Loyalty and retake the Forsworn-occupied Citadel of Loyalty in order to recreate their lost covenant sigil, but Uther's words caused Adrestes to realize that Bastion needed to follow a new path. Along with Nikolon and other Forsworn who regretted their alliance with the Maw, Adrestes told the Archon in Elysian Hold that the virtue of Loyalty should be replaced by Devotion. The Archon agreed and declared that from then on, all kyrian would be offered a choice between keeping their memories or letting them go. Adrestes would become the Paragon of Devotion and Kleia would be his Hand.[28] Pelagos volunteered to stay in Elysian Hold and prepare for Adrestes' promotion ceremony while the others went to retake the Citadel of Loyalty and transform it into a Temple of Devotion.[29]

Once this was done, Pelagos and the others gathered at the Seat of the Archon to witness Adrestes' promotion and the recreation of the kyrian sigil. Pelagos exchanged some words with Nikolon, saying that he was glad the former disciple had returned to them, and Nikolon thanked him for his compassion. To the Maw Walker, Pelagos expressed pride over how far Kleia had come and admitted that he wasn't sure how he'd become involved in such momentous events since he was still just a struggling aspirant. He decided that he'd become one of the first acolytes of the Temple of Devotion and, along with Nikolon, help facilitate conversation between the newly reunited Forsworn and kyrian. However, he also stated that he felt that his journey was far from over.[2] After the ceremony, Pelagos asked Uther what had happened to the soul of Arthas Menethil, and the Lightbringer revealed that he and Devos had cast it into the Maw. Pelagos realized that Arthas could've had a chance at redemption if he'd been brought to the Arbiter instead. He added that he didn't think any soul deserved to be sent to the Maw and that while some might never be forgiven, Uther had shown that they must at least be treated with compassion.[30]

Pelagos also traveled to Keeper's Respite in Korthia, where he wanted to help the local attendants by collecting offerings they'd left in the Sanctuary of Guidance[31] and preserving some of the memories of attendants who'd died.[32]

Eternity's End[]

Into the unknown[]

A Hasty Voyage - end

Pelagos on the Path of Inception.

The Primus summoned a Maw Walker and various covenant representatives, including Pelagos and Kleia, to the Crucible in Oribos to open a portal to pursue the Jailer into the land of Zereth Mortis.[33] The plan was for the Maw Walker to go through the portal alone and find a foothold so the covenants could follow them. However, as the hero prepared to leave, Pelagos unexpectedly asked the Primus for permission to accompany them, which the Eternal One granted. As the two were about to take off, the Mawsworn attacked and the kyrian and hero only just managed to fly through the portal before the Mawsworn disabled it, leaving them stranded on the Path of Inception in Zereth Mortis.[34] There they encountered the broker Firim,[35] who got them to obtain a strange core from the Genesis Vestibule for him[36] and in exchange escorted them to his estranged kin, the Enlightened in Haven, before leaving.[37] The Enlightened initially assumed Pelagos and the Maw Walker to be part of the Mawsworn attacking Haven,[38] but the Maw Walker earned their trust by helping to defend the village. Elder Ara brought the outsiders to an Ancient Waystone which the Maw Walker activated, allowing them and Pelagos to reunite with their allies in Oribos[39] and bring them through to Haven.[40]

A Mysterious Voice

Pelagos and Saezurah.

Later, Pelagos asked the Maw Walker to help him take care of the devourers, the other major threat to Zereth Mortis. Upon reaching the devourer-infested Genesis Fields, the two heard a voice calling for help in the Cradle of Nascence.[41] They helped defend the source of the voice—an automa oracle—from devourers, but she fell unconscious despite their efforts.[42] They brought her back to the Enlightened in Haven, who warned them against meddling with servants of the First Ones and refused to help,[43] so instead they went looking for Firim in Exile's Hollow, who was being beset by assassins from Cartel Xy.[44] While the Maw Walker helped Firim, Pelagos brought the oracle from Haven.[45] Her presence activated the automa core the Maw Walker had obtained for Firim earlier, causing it to awaken into Pocopoc, a small automa[46] who led the hero and Firim on a trip around Zereth Mortis and began teaching the former how to understand the Cypher of the First Ones.[47] Pelagos stayed with Firim in Exile's Hollow to keep watch over the oracle while the Maw Walker returned to Haven to report the news to Highlord Bolvar.[48]

Pelagos and Kleia accompanied the Maw Walkers' allies when they headed to the Chamber of First Reflection in Bastion to gaze into their memories and find a way to resist Domination magic.[49][50]

The new Arbiter[]

Some time later, the body of the oracle—Saezurah—started acting up and Firim sent Pelagos to fetch the Maw Walker from Haven. When they arrived with Pocopoc,[51] Saezurah took control of the small automa and used it to guide the Maw Walker on a journey to the Resonant Peaks[52] to obtain the dormant vessel of an Eternal One[53] and bring it back to Exile's Hollow.[54] Pocopoc then released its gathered energy into Saezurah to revive her, and she revealed that the vessel would be used to create a new Arbiter in order to restore balance to the Shadowlands, which had been in disarray ever since the previous Arbiter stopped directing souls.[55] A dumbfounded Pelagos sent the Maw Walker to report this development to Bolvar while they waited for Saezurah to finish her preparations.[56]

When the time came, Pelagos summoned the Maw Walker back to Exile's Hollow,[57] where Saezurah explained that the vessel needed to be filled with a soul from the Crypts of the Eternal in order to become an Arbiter. However, the Crypts had been overrun by Mawsworn, so they'd need the help of the covenants to get past them.[58] Kleia went to rally the kyrian while Pelagos and the Maw Walker headed out to speak with the others: the venthyr in the Catalyst Gardens, the night fae at the Forge of Afterlives, and the necrolords at Provis Esper. As they recruited each covenant, Pelagos reflected on the responsibility the Arbiter had over the Shadowlands and on how he hoped that every soul would be able to find redemption and their deserved afterlife.[59] After some preparations, the covenants, Firim, and Saezurah fought their way through the Endless Sands and entered the Crypts,[60] where Pelagos helped the Maw Walker clear out some Mawsworn intruders[61] and restore the flow of souls that the Mawsworn had tampered with.[62]

For Every Soul cinematic 3

The new Arbiter is born.

As Pelagos, Kleia, and Firim watched, Saezurah and a group of automa scryers began the ritual to infuse the vessel. However, the ritual was interrupted by a nathrezim, who summoned the Echo of Argus to take the vessel, killing the scryers and incapacitating everyone else but the Maw Walker in the process. The hero was able to defeat the echo with Pelagos and the others' aid,[63] but the vessel was left without a soul and the scryers were irreparable.[64] Kleia was at a loss for what to do, but Pelagos spoke up, saying there had "always been just one path". He then offered his own soul to be placed in the vessel in service to the Shadowlands. Kleia protested, unwilling to let him go, but Pelagos insisted that this was his purpose—perhaps the reason he'd never been able to ascend in the first place—and reminded her that, as soulbinds, they would never truly be apart. After exchanging a hug with Kleia, Pelagos went up to Saezurah, who greeted him as "a worthy soul, pure and unburdened"[3] and placed his soul in the vessel, transforming him into the new Arbiter.[1]

Souls Entwined

Pelagos, Kleia, and Tal-Inara in the Crucible.

The transformed Pelagos retained his personality and identity and assured Kleia that he was still who he'd always been but also "so much more". After exchanging goodbyes, he traveled back to Oribos to take his place in the Crucible[3] and direct the flow of souls to the afterlives they deserved.[5] The attendant Tal-Inara became Pelagos' Honored Voice, just as she'd spoken on behalf of the previous Arbiter. Pelagos resolved to listen to the counsel of others before passing eternal judgment and, unlike the previous Arbiters, decided to give each soul a voice in which afterlife they wanted to be sent to. He also decided that no soul would ever again be sent to the Maw, as he believed that everyone deserved a chance at redemption and recent events had shown that every soul had the potential to change the fate of the Shadowlands.[65]

Kleia mused that Pelagos had now ascended higher than any kyrian, and traveled with a Maw Walker to the Crucible to meet with him. Pelagos asked Kleia to tell Adrestes that he was sorry he couldn't become an acolyte of Devotion like he'd planned. He also thanked his friend the Maw Walker for helping him find his path, but then continued that the Jailer still had to be defeated in order to truly restore balance to the Shadowlands.[5]

Judgment of Sylvanas[]

The Fate of Sylvanas - Pelagos and Sylvanas

Pelagos and Sylvanas.

With help from their allies and the Crown of Wills, the Maw Walkers defeated the Jailer in the Sepulcher of the First Ones. Afterward, to begin healing the damage caused to the Shadowlands, the Jailer's former ally Sylvanas Windrunner was brought to the Crucible to be judged by the Arbiter for her past crimes. Bolvar also traveled to Oribos and gave the Crown of Wills to the Arbiter.[66] Pelagos invited a number of Azerothians and covenant representatives to the Crucible to witness the event.[67]

Pelagos began by noting that Sylvanas' actions showed signs of the Jailer's influence, but she replied that she'd been in control of her own actions and that she'd accept the consequences for them. She then handed herself over to the judgment of her archenemy, Tyrande Whisperwind. After asking if there were any objections from the trial attendants and not receiving a response, Pelagos allowed Tyrande to decide on Sylvanas' punishment, as it was she and her people, the night elves, who'd been most wronged by Sylvanas[68] and he trusted in Tyrande to make a wise decision. The night elf leader announced that Sylvanas would begin her penance by finding all of the souls that had been unfairly trapped in the Maw and send them to the Arbiter so he could send them to their rightful afterlives. Sylvanas agreed to this and disappeared into the Maw to begin her work.[65]

Afterward, Pelagos invited his Maw Walker friends to visit him in the Crucible whenever they chose, giving them free access to the previously-restricted chamber.[65]

Soulbind traits[]

Kyrian Covenant members can soulbind with Pelagos after completing N [60] Soul Meets Body.

Spell animabastion buff [Combat Meditation]
Potency Conduit
Potency Conduit
Inv enchant essencemagiclarge [Newfound Resolve]


Bastion storyline
  • Inv polearm 2h heirloomspear c 01 Charged Javelin — Deals Arcane damage to an enemy.
Gormhive, Ardenweald during the Kyrian Campaign
  • Spell animabastion missile Test of Faith — Inflicts 3 Arcane damage to an enemy every 1 sec for 3 sec.
  • Spell fire blueflamebolt Valiant Bolt — Inflicts Arcane damage to an enemy.
Zereth Mortis campaign
  • Spell animabastion missile Test of Faith — Inflicts Arcane damage to an enemy every 1 sec for 3 sec.
  • Spell fire blueflamebolt Valiant Bolt — Inflicts Arcane damage to an enemy.


Arbiter Pelagos

Pelagos' initial appearance as the Arbiter, before receiving the Crown of Wills.

Bastion storyline
  1. N [51-60] A Soulbind In Need Activequest
Korthia dailies
Into the Unknown
  1. N [60] A Hasty Voyage Activequest
  2. N [60] Strangers in a Strange Land Availablequest

In Haven:

  1. N [60] Forging Connections Availablequest
Forming an Understanding
  1. N [60] Danger Near and Far AvailablequestActivequest
  2. N [60] A Mysterious Voice AvailablequestActivequest
  3. N [60] Core of the Matter AvailablequestActivequest
  4. N [60] Seeking the Unknown AvailablequestActivequest
  5. N [60] Finding Firim Availablequest


  1. N [60] The Way Forward Availablequest
A Means to an End



Starting Over
  1. N [60] A Long Walk Activequest
  2. N [60] The Fate of Sylvanas AvailablequestActivequest
  3. N [60] Penance and Renewal Availablequest

Removed from alpha[]

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the alpha stages.



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On approach at the Chamber of First Reflection if part of the Venthyr Covenant and are a Stranger to Buddy
Pelagos says: I wonder where the Maw Walker is headed...
Kleia says: He will tell us if he wants us to know.
On approach in Chamber of First Reflection if part of the Venthyr Covenant and are a Friend or higher
Kleia says: <Name>! Where are you traveling to, friend?
Pelagos says: More importantly, do you want companions along the way?
On approach in Chamber of First Reflection if part of the Venthyr Covenant and are a Best Friend
Pelagos says: Stay safe out there, <name>.
Kleia says: Wherever <name> is, is the safest place in the Shadowlands.


As a kyrian[]

  • Do you need a training partner?
  • Greetings, my friend!
  • Have you read anything interesting lately?
  • I am here for you.
  • It is good to see you.
  • My ear is yours.
  • Share your words of wisdom.
  • I have been struggling with cleansing a certain memory.
  • The first time, I felt as if it was clinging to me. I just could not shake it.
  • The second time, I opened my eyes and it was ACTUALLY clinging to me. Physically! It scared me so badly I ran away!
  • The last time, I think it bit me! Kleia had to tend to my wounds, but next time... next time, I'll cleanse it for sure!
  • Happy to help.
  • I believe in you!
  • If at first you don't succeed, pick yourself up and try again.
  • If there is anything I can do for you, please, let me know.
  • Lift up those around you.
  • There is a long road ahead.
  • Together, we can achieve anything.

As the Arbiter[]

  • Greetings, my friend.
  • I am honored to serve.
  • I will judge souls with compassion.
  • This is my calling.
  • Go in peace, Maw Walker.
  • Thank you for all you have done.
  • Thank you for helping me find my path.
  • The Shadowlands are in your debt.


Temple of Purity
I am glad the Hand of Purity asked us to stick together. You seem like you have this situation well in hand. I will be here to bolster you, should you need it. I will be fine.
<Pelagos looks around uneasily.>
Temple of Purity after accepting N [51-60] A Wayward Disciple?
How awful. All those aspirants... Perhaps Eridia is right. I should stay here.
Temple of Purity after completing N [51-60] Step Back From That Ledge, My Friend
Oh no! This is terrible... I hope Kleia is safe!
Entrance to Purity's Pinnacle
Kleia will protect me while we escape. Do what you need to do, <name>. I believe in you.
Elysian Hold (Kyrian Covenant only)
Gossip Do you remember your past life?
Precious little, in recent times.
The memories fade naturally as my former life draws ever more distant, and many others I have let go of willingly to fulfill my duties here.
Gossip Except what?
Except for one.
It can be difficult to think about. I know I should let it go but...I want...maybe remember it.
It is too much a part of who I am to forget.
Gossip I'm listening.
I appreciate your listening. Truly. As soulbinds, I know I can trust you.
<Pelagos takes a deep breath, then exhales slowly.>
I had a female form in life. I don't recall my former name, or even my race, but I...never felt like my physical form represented who I was inside.
It never felt as clear to me then as it does now. I struggled with that identity for my entire life...
Gossip <Continue to listen.>
But when I arrived in Bastion I became an aspirant that looked like, well...
<Pelagos gestures to himself.>
This! A male form!
I felt...comfortable! Excited! Like who I was inside matched what others saw for the first time!
All of those feelings in my life finally made sense.
Gossip <Continue to listen.>
I may not reach ascension as fast as some, but I am truly happy on the path I follow.
Not many kyrian discuss their pasts, or even remember them! I believe we have much to learn as a people in that regard.
When I told Kleia, she listened--just as you have. And she has been as steadfast a friend as I could have hoped for--just as you have.
Thank you. I am glad that I was able to share my story with you.
Gossip Thank you for sharing it, Pelagos.
Keeper's Respite
It pains me to see the tragedy these people have suffered. We must help them.
Gossip <Observe your covenant allies.>
Pelagos runs towards the Venthyr camp.
Pelagos says: Accuser, you must encounter some truly unrepentant souls in your work. Were there any you thought to be beyond hope of saving?
The Accuser says: There is no such thing as a stainless soul, but there are some that require a more... strenuous... application of our methods.
The Accuser says: Once the sin is revealed and confronted, true atonement can begin. It is a hard road, but one that must be walked.
Pelagos says: In Bastion, we were once taught to let go of our pasts. That our memories, whether of good or ill, would interfere with our devotion to duty and service.
The Accuser says: Flaws are not weakness. They are our truth.
Pelagos says: That is the new path the kyrian have embraced. I believe that no soul is beyond redemption. Everyone deserves a chance to find peace.
The Accuser says: You show great wisdom, my young friend.
Into the Unknown
All we can do is keep moving forward.
A Means to an End
This is a challenge we must overcome.
Deserted Overlook and Crypts of the Eternal
When we stand together, none may stand against us.
The Crucible after N [60] Penance and Renewal
May the Shadowlands at last know peace.
Gossip <Stay awhile and listen.>
Arbiter Pelagos says: When my service to the Kyrian[sic] began and I first learned of the Maw, the knowledge filled me with sorrow.
Arbiter Pelagos says: A mortal life is so incredibly brief. I questioned whether any actions taken within that span of time could truly be worthy of eternal torment.
Kleia says: I confess that as an aspirant, I did not think of such things... only of duty. It was not until I witnessed Uther's plight that I recognized the injustice of the Maw.
Arbiter Pelagos says: Never again will a mortal soul be sent to its depths. All deserve a chance at redemption.
Arbiter Pelagos says: Recent events have shown us that a single mortal soul--in fact, every mortal soul--can alter the course of eternity.
Kleia says: Indeed... for good or for ill. In the end, it was mortals and their decisions that shaped the fate of the Shadowlands.
Arbiter Pelagos says: As Arbiter, I will take that lesson to heart. Every soul will be treated with compassion, and will be given a voice in which afterlife awaits them.
Gossip at the Chamber of First Reflection if part of the Venthyr Covenant at below Friend level
Do you need a place to stay and rest for awhile, Maw Walker?
The Shadowlands will not be saved by the exhausted.
Gossip if part of the Venthyr Covenant and are a Friend or higher
I had no idea that courts could be so compelling, <name>. Truly the Ember Court is an incredible endeavor on your part.
Uniting the Shadowlands, one teacup at a time!
Obviously, it's much more than that. But still... who would've thought?
Gossip if part of the Venthyr Covenant and are a Best Friend
If you have a moment, <name>, I've wanted to say something[sic]
<Pelagos takes a breath.>
I was hurt when you chose to champion Revendreth in our shared fight to save the Shadowlands. I had believed that you would have chosen to fight alongside me and the kyrian covenant.
But I see now why you chose the venthyr. Your Ember Court is uniting the entirety of the Shadowlands, as it once was--as it should be.
All that to say, I am glad we have become friends through all of this. We may not be soulbinds, but I feel we are bound together in another way.
At the Ember Court
Even if your prince does not achieve his intended goals, this court is already a success, Maw Walker.
Look around us.
Denizens of different realms, side by side, attempting to find common ground with one another.
It inspires hope.
May the hope lead to unity, and unity to peace.
If the player writes to him with the Inv inscriptionlanathelquill [Quill of Correspondence], he responds with a Humble Letter
Main article: Quill of Correspondence


Boon of the Ascended HS

Pelagos casting Boon of the Ascended in Hearthstone.

  • During the A Vessel of Ardenweald chapter of the Kyrian Campaign, Pelagos' generic name is Kyrian Companion. During the Into the Unknown and Starting Over chapters of the Zereth Mortis campaign, his generic name is Dutiful Aspirant.
  • At the end of N [60] For Every Soul, the transformed Pelagos is referred to as just The Arbiter, but from N [60] Souls Entwined and onward his name is Arbiter Pelagos.
  • Pelagos broke ground as the first explicitly transgender character in the Warcraft series.
  • During the Shadowlands alpha, dialogue and quest text originally referred to Pelagos with the gender-neutral pronouns "they"/"them". This was changed after Blizzard received feedback that using "he"/"him" would be more respectful of the character's wishes to be identified as a man.[7]
  • Pelagos, in his aspirant form, appears as a legendary priest minion in the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion for Hearthstone. In the story of the expansion, he is one of ten guests who were invited to a dinner party in Castle Nathria by Sire Denathrius, and consequently one of the prime suspects when Denathrius is found murdered. Pelagos' flavor text reads: He's a great judge of character, alluding to his later transformation into the Arbiter.
  • Pelagos is voiced by Elliot Fletcher.[69]


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