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This is a silly article.

The content of this article is not part of official Warcraft lore, but has nevertheless become part of the World of Warcraft culture or community.


These are the people in your pug.

  • Some of these people have disappeared due to the dungeon finder. These are marked (Killed)


Some players are in a large, well-organized guild that will power level them right up to end game content, and they play with the same 10-25 people for their entire career. Most players, however, have to do the vast majority of their outdoor group quests, 5-man instances and sometimes even raids, with a collection of complete strangers. While using the dungeon finder, these are the people who turn up:


The Terrible Tank

"Come on guys, wait until I have five sunders out on those three guys before you start dps!" Chances are he's never tanked before and isn't geared or specced. He's horrible. His tank gear is mostly greens and random quest rewards that he happened to have lying around. Can't hold aggro and can't take hits. May very well be a Dungeon Finder Liar. Will most likely be votekicked immediately.

Player who's never run an instance before

"Wow this is really cool!" At least he's enthusiastic. He's the Warlock who Soulstones himself and summons a Voidwalker. He's not really sure how or why a skull keeps appearing over some mobs, but won't waste your time by asking about it. He has no idea what threat is, but probably couldn't over-aggro anyway. If you ask him to CC, he will happily cast Polymorph... then stand there, watching the sheep, until he has to recast. Will apologize profusely any time somebody complains. Mostly innocent. If you run a few more times with them, you may actually make a decent player out of them.

The Lucky Bastard

"Oh cool, what's this do?" He's obviously never been in this dungeon before; he doesn't know any of the fights and can't find his way. He's putting out about 50% of the tank's damage, partly because he's tragically undergeared and partly because he's always the last one to start combat. But if there's a rare drop in the dungeon, such as  [Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake] or  [Battered Hilt], he wins the roll by about 50. You try to stay classy and congratulate him, but the whole time you're gritting your teeth and wishing you could strangle him in real life. Absolute mortal enemy of the Zookeeper.

The eBay Player

This guy is max level with full epics, but doesn't have a damn clue what he's doing. Will often ask questions that anybody who has played the game for a couple of weeks would know, such as, "What does WTB stand for?", or, "What's a DPS?" If you want to have some fun, ask him what spec he is, and see just how much he knows about talents. Will roll need on everything he can need on - never mind the fact that Warriors doesn't need Intellect, let alone that what he's got is 10 times better than what he's rolling on. He means well, mind you; he was just too lazy to actually level his toon and learn the game. Still manages to put out decent DPS, if only because he's in the latest tier.

The Death Knoob

"No sorry, I've never used that spell", "I don't know what spec I am", or "Woops! Wrong presence, didn't mean to over aggro....." The scourge of the group (no pun intended). Probably abandoned his main at level 55 to play a DK. With poorly used Death Grips and uncontrolled minions, they provide nothing for the group except more wipes than that Hunter rolling on the Shaman's healing gear. They think Death Knights benefit from caster stats, making them the mortal enemies of every class or spec that actually needs it. Chances are good they appear in level 55-70 dungeons (generally, the lower the level, the worse the DK gets) where they often show up as the Terrible Tank, the Zerg Puller or the Dungeon Finder Liar. If you're lucky they will queue as DPS, mainly because their button-mashing yields way more DPS than any other class at the same level and gear.

The PvP all-star

(He doesn't say anything, just bloodrages to intercept whatever the tank is trying to LOS pull.) He may have some arena items, but the rest is mainly purchased with normal [Honor Points]. Probably has as much health as the tank, but unfortunately also the same DPS output. If you're lucky, he'll remember that fearing isn't as great in a crowded instance as it is in Alterac Valley.

The Random CC'er

CC's random mobs as they're being pulled. Did someone ask for CC? Is something marked? No, but they sheep/sap/freeze it anyway. Often innocent, though there is a strong possibility that they are an Annoying Asshat at the same time. The one time you DO ask for crowd control will invariably be the time the mob resists, possibly resulting in a wipe, and possibly resulting in raised blood-pressure.

The Sapper

This guy, a Rogue, was MADE to annoy the tank. He will try to [Sap] everything he sees, be it a boss, a mob he tank is about to target, or an extremely low-level mob marked as neutral with no drops at all. As the tank will have to waste attacks on waking up sapped mobs, this'll cause some great annoyance and waste of time. Going around and sapping everything you ever see, the Sapper would sap the other group members if it was possible. Usually come in groups, and may instigate a vote to kick the tank if he begins an argue with the Sapper. Similar to the Random CC'er except that it's guaranteed, and not random, that he'll Sap whatever might be in front of him.

The Guy With Stupid Gear

You slap yourself with this guy. His DPS sucks beyond belief and will always use bad gems (maybe not even use gems at all). Either new to max level or some idiot. That necklace that drops less than 3% of the time, dropped just now, and would help the tank out A LOT cannot be had because Mr. Clothie wants it because... well, no one knows. Enemy of the Ninja and generally a mage. After about three wipes due to this guy, you find yourself WISHING for the good-old-days of "clothadins".

The Undergeared Dude

"Whoops, sorry guys. I didn't realize that we needed ALL epics in 25man HC." This dude is still in his quest greens and normal dungeon blues. Commonly a Death Knight, Hunter, or Rogue. If Alliance, it's a Gnome, Night Elf, or Draenei. If Horde, almost undoubtedly a Blood Elf or perhaps a Forsaken.

The Talkative Nut

This person will distract you like hell, either with all the talking or making you drool at how hot you think she is with all her sex talk. 99% of their jokes are not funny. They cause too many wipes but mean well. Tell them nicely to stfu and they will. They generally have high repairs and generally an elf.

The Warlick

This guy will use life tap, die, and ask why he wasn't healed. This guy will stand next to Lord Jaraxxus, use hellfire, die, and ask why he wasn't healed. Brings his voidwalker into the raid. Often uses [Health Funnel] to heal his pet mid-boss encounter. Often the Undergeared Dude. Almost always a Gnome. Is often kicked by healers who hate him.

The Beggar (Killed, Outdated)

"I need 10 gold to repair, is anyone in Dalaran?" He's flat-out broke. The first bad sign was when he had to borrow money to repair... before the run even started. If he's a hunter, he's down to his last stack of arrows. If he's a caster, he's out of reagents. If you lend him some gold, he can port back and take care of it. Oh, and he'll need a summon. Oh yeah, and does anyone have any buff food?

The Healer with a God Complex

As anyone who has run an instance will know, the lives of the party rest in the hands of the healer, but most healers don't make too big a deal of it. Not this guy. He is the healer that has decided that his role gives him right to be the arbiter of justice (or whatever demented conception of it he has). He is the guy who will decide that when a Mage accidentally pulls aggro it is a deliberate attempt to wipe the raid, and will stop healing and begin ranting, often causing an avoidable wipe in the process. No screwup, no mater how small will escape this guy's critical gaze, nor will it go unpunished. If it gets bad enough, the rest of the PUG will realize what he is up to and kick him, but he's usually more subtle than that. Calling him a dick and leaving is usually the best thing to do.

The sudden quitter/leaver

Taking everyone by surprise, this guy will - even during a boss fight - suddenly say "GTG" and immediately leave although not showing any signs of having to leave before. In some cases he may be a pessimist, saying stuff like "this group sucks, wipe for sure, later noobs" or "group is done for" first. He doesn't follow any rules nor logic; he may leave after a wipe, a tricky boss fight, or a pull - regardless of the outcome. He is impossible to predict. While obscure, he may be a good player, in which case you'll miss him if this happens.

The rising Noob

He might play well in the future, but right now, he is just another noob among the many. He usually starts as a Warrior or Paladin tank either dual-wielding (Warrior) or using a 2H, or as a Hunter making his pet taunt during boss battles. If you decide to spend some time with him and teach him tactics, he may very well become a very good player. Unlike the guy who has never run an instance before, he won't be overly excited about instances, and won't ask for forgiveness as much. But he is quite happy to learn some more about playing the game and becoming an average (or in some cases, a hardcore) player. Usually asks for heals through raids/dungeons at the beginning, and if this is accepted for too long, he might become spoiled (see below). Usually taught how to play by the Guild he is in, if he has one. Will evolve into any type of 'WTF' if nothing is done about him.

Spoiled players

They probably started their life as the player who has never run an instance before or as a Rising noob (see above), but then, at high-level, friendly players in his guild started to run him through dungeons/raids, and he got the best gear available for his class, as well as learning how to actually play his class. Unfortunately his luck now causes him to constantly brag about his skill. He will pass on all drops and say, "haha, noob gear. I already got 25man HCs" and start yapping about his immense skillfulness without mentioning the players who helped him. He might then evolve into an Annoying Tank, Mr. Meter envy, the GearScore God, the Epic Geared Elitist.


The Annoying Tank

Normally a Warrior, this person always has a DPS meter and uses it liberally. He's constantly talking about how he is out-DPS'ing everyone and will either be kicked or leave before the end of the instance. He whines incessantly, yet never actually helps. Not to be confused with the Helpful Person.

The Annoying Tank: Legion Edition

This guy is in constant Mythic+ mode, which is great if you're actually in a Mythic+ instance. But you're in a LFG Heroic and actually need some of the drops in the instance. Doesn't matter to this guy. He doesn't stop moving until he's plowed through 3-4 groups of mobs and is nearly at the boss, and will often still have trash dripping off him as he starts the boss fight. This forces you to leave behind a lot of glittering dead mobs because if you bother for a moment to stop to loot, he'll be in the next room and you'll be using all your abilities to catch back up, and if you get too far behind you'll find yourself locked out of the next boss fight. Not that it matters, because he's so geared he can solo the place, making you wonder why he's in there. If you have a DPS meter, you will look in shame at your pitifully-low output compared to his. He's the first to leave the group at the end without a word, off to do whatever else he can to occupy his time. Of course, when you actually are putting together a Mythic+ group, you can never find a tank like him.

The PvP geared guy

His gear is the best gladiator's gear with Resilience and Stamina enchants/gems. He is almost always a DPS, and often a melee one. While his armor was not made to fight mobs, the immense stats will still allow him to put out decent damage.

The Master of Tank 'N Spank

"Just burn 'em!" Believes that fight mechanics no longer matter in heroic 5-mans when wearing heroic gear. Will quickly attribute all wipes to a lack of DPS and wonder why the group cannot burn Scourgelord Tyrannus down in 20 seconds while he stands in one place and does not kite him. Will sometimes do the same thing for raids and can be distinguished as such by showing characteristics of being The iLevel Idol. Needless to say, almost always a tank. Will hurl a few choice insults before either doing a vote-to-kick on the offending party (if he has other guildies with him) or will leave after a wipe or two. Fraternal twin of the Annoying Asshat.

Mr. Meter Envy

"Anyone got a DPS Meter?" Maybe he's *ahem* "compensating" for something. Anyway, his only purpose in joining groups is to show how much better he is than everyone else. And by "better", he means higher on the DPS meter. If they are the one with the meter, count on it being posted after every boss, or every tricky pull. If he's a Mage, he'll pull a group with a trinked-up [Pyroblast] as soon as the tank has marked a skull, then AoE. If he's a Warrior, he'll [Intercept] (usually before the tank has a chance to hit), [Whirlwind], and probably start [Cleave]'ing for good measure. Even if he sucks, he didn't clear his DPS meter before the run started so he'll be ahead anyway. Will whine horribly if you ask him to CC. Refuses to pick up adds in Black Morass. If he dies, he'll blame the tank or healer. If he dies twice, he leaves (after posting his dps meter just to show you how unworthy you were to have him anyway). Will occasionally do whatever it takes to top meters, even if it means staying on the boss rather than help kill adds.

The Disgruntled Raider

"Come on, how can you wipe on Jin'do??" He's used to a well-organized raid where everyone knows their responsibilities and works together. Now he's being asked to adjust his playing style and can't believe what noobs you all are. Is geared to the point that he could probably solo the instance, or at least thinks he is. Hates PUGs.

The iLevel Idol

"Your iLvl is too low to be in here, noob!" While more commonly found in raids, can still make the occasional appearance in 5-mans. Doesn't wipe his ass without consulting iLevel to ensure his toilet paper is 1337 enough to do the job. Will initiate kick votes based solely on what he thinks to be the minimum iLvl necessary to do an instance without giving the character in question a chance to prove otherwise. Will make ludicrous minimum iLvl demands for PUGs he is filling in LFG such as "Normal Emerald Nightmare 870 iLvl minimum" when anyone that well equipped will almost certainly not need any gear from the instance in question (meaning he's either getting gear for himself or his friends, or he's also a Master of Tank 'N Spank). Related to Mr. Meter Envy, and quite often is the same person. Will also blame whatever role(s) he is not performing for wipes and will likely leave right after one. Often uses high-end but inappropriate gear to get his own iLevel up. Tries to kick people, but ends up being kicked himself.

The Epic Geared Elitist

"You guys stink... this is getting expensive." This guy's in gear that looks like it drops off Sargeras. ILevel is his best friend... and even if the item is an upgrade, if it takes him below his current iLevel, he doesn't equip it. His homepage is He's got an attitude to go with it. Often a Paladin tank.

The Guy in a Hurry

"I have to leave in 5 mins, can we hurry this up?" Come on, hurry up, he doesn't have much time! This guy usually does The Nexus in 15 minutes, or at least claims to. He can't believe you're wasting his time and taking so long. If your group spends too much time drinking, healing, or buffing he will help you along by pulling for you. He's going to leave the first time this causes a wipe. Has never played a healer or tank and does not intend to start now.

The "Go" Guy

This guy will almost always be a DPSer, and seems to have sworn vengeance upon all tanks. He will only use AoE - even on single targets - and will constantly use taunts and break CC. If the group stops for more than one second he will type "go". Additionally, he will use this as a response to absolutely anything you ask in the party chat. After several "go"s he will then start carelessly pulling mobs on his own and often wipe the group. He will not move from the fire unless it's to pull more mobs during combat and will blame every single thing that is wrong with his life on the tank. He does not speak any English apart from "noob" "tank" "go" and "u suck", but WILL moan about the tank in another language if he knows one. Similar to "The Pull Maniac", but tend to be found more often at higher levels and follow a very specific pattern. Bonus points if "The "Go" guy" is a Balance Druid.

Mr. Wait!

"Hang on guys, I'm not ready yet ... brb phone" There's no time like when you're running an instance to start a laundry, microwave some food, call your mom, or walk your dog... especially when you're a tank/healer. This guy constantly needs you to wait, and chances are good he won't be ready when you pull anyway. Always seems to be around when you roll on loot. The mortal enemy of The Guy in a Hurry/The "Go" Guy. Probably related to them.

The laggy DPS

"Guys I'm lagging like hell soz...." Generally the Hunter's excuse for the DPS of a level 20, but also counts for any situation in which lack of performance - which is unlikely to actually be caused by lag - must be conveniently explained in order to fetch near-free loot. Will usually disconnect as soon as they've been assigned another role in the group, i.e. Off Tanking, Off Healing, Crowd Controlling,etc. Oddly enough the internet will probably pick back up as soon as loot drops.

The Vanisher

<crickets chirping> A close relative of Mr. Wait, except that this person NEVER says anything about going AFK. You will be merrily killing trash in The Nexus on the way to the next boss when a glance at your minimap reveals an arrow pointing back to where this person is standing with his finger up his ass. Like Mr. Wait, always seems to catch up to the party just in time to loot the boss. Could be an inconsiderate version of Mr. Wait, be a lazy ninja, or just have a bad connection. If the last, may disconnect and reconnect until either he is kicked or he gets his issues resolved.

Non-native English speaker

"needing an Fortatud pls" Doesn't speak much. When he does, it's in broken, poorly spelled English. On the other hand, this describes a great many other lolwut'ers in chat as well. These guys come in two flavors: people who will play their role/s well, and wipe-tards. Sometimes comes in pairs and often clogs up party chat with their own language, typically Spanish, and speaks little to no English. If this is the case, they are often related to The Inside-Joke Idiots. Especially painful to have in the group when they are the tank.

Guy who wants to use Vent

"Vent Info: ..." (on a macro) Their guild has a Ventrilo server, with a room called "5man_PUG" or similar. Even though only 2-3 people in the group can join, he communicates all pertinent and relevant information over Voice.

The Annoying Asshat

"My god, you guys suck. I mean, how damn hard is it to Fear-juggle those three mobs and DPS the boss at the same time?" This guy is the scourge of any PUG. He knows how to play, and probably has a maxed-level character of every class, but he has the habit of telling people what to do — and not in a nice way. Typically has the patience of Stalin ordering a firing squad. Most of the groups he joins kick him first boss due to his constant flaming. Usually plays a Warlock, Warrior or Priest.

The Guy Who Plays Too Much

"LOL, your ap is only 4.5k!" This guy's life revolves around getting the best, most exquisitive and powerful gear. In every expansion, he is farming every dungeon and doing doing every daily quest that somehow will yield an upgrade. Generally a Hunter who believes in the hunter loot tradition: he ninjas anything that looks attractive, even if he's clad in full epics. Believes he is better than you (which sadly is partially true), and WILL mock you. It's best to use Master looter (if possible) so he doesn't get anything, so if you're a Hunter, ITS YOURS!!! Often related to the GearScore God, the Epic Geared Elitist. If someone else surpasses him on DPS, he'll transform into Mr. Meter Envy.

The Extreme Roleplayer

"The vile spirits that roam within Naxxramas must me cleansed! Kel'thuzad will pay for his crimes to the Alliance. Today, a fatal blow will be dealt to the Scourge. Attack! For Bolvar! For the Kirin Tor! FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!!" Normally, there is nothing wrong with roleplayers. However, some people may get annoyed at that one guy who, in the middle of a boss fight, leaves his character on auto-attack just so he can write a long monologue on how much he hates that boss because it killed his mother, father, and little baby elekk. This guy's speeches are worse than Tirion Fordring's ICC intro or anything Malfurion Stormrage says in Darkheart Thicket or Emerald Nightmare. Most likely knows at least 90% of all Warcraft lore, and gets annoyed at those who apparently are unaware (or just don't care) that Illidan caused the death of your father's half-brother's girlfriend's cousin Naisha while the very same Illidan is gleefully annihilating the poor dysfunctional pug. Commonly a Draenei or a Forsaken. Is NEVER a Gnome or Troll.

The Leeroy Jenkins

This guy is usually mistaken for a Silent Killer or a Magic Tank until you're usually at the boss. Then they /y LEEEEEEROY JENKINS! and charge the boss and attempt to pull additional mobs. This almost always leads to a wipe but is usually a one time thing, unlike the Pull Maniac. Most of the time they're trying to be funny, so just tell them they're several years years too late.

The Helpful Person

The helpful person can play any class and usually has a DPS meter. Similar to the Annoying Tank, but instead of complaining, he actually attempts to help the group. Unfortunately, most people hate being told what to do, so he's likely to be kicked.

Captain Obvious

"those guys in robes are casters, you'll have to LOS pull" Knows every spell cast by every mob in every instance and feels obligated to share this information... every pull. He's great when trying to remember which mob casts fear, but less so when starting his dissertation on how that mob with the axe is going to hit the tank, so that tank will have to be healed. The only known way to shut him up is to pull.

The WTF?

You have no clue what this guy is doing, but its obvious he's doing it wrong. He's the Rogue with only one weapon. He's the Hunter without a pet. He's the tank in cloth or, god forbid, naked. He's not a ninja, though he will occasionally need something he doesn't need. You think he's a noob until you realize they know the instance and all the bosses. There's no explanation for what they're doing other than "WTF?"

The Silly Joker

"My racial sux, but at least I have the best /train in the game!! :P" After your first instance with this guy you'll either have him in your friends list or on your KOS list. Usually plays as a Troll or a Dwarf, he knows every emote on the game and will use them all the time. He will /moon the boss, throw  [Empty Brew Bottle] at the mobs and will hit on Princess Theradras. Usually he is harmless, as long as he doesn't go on auto attack to make sexist jokes about Grim Guzzler. In some cases he may actually increase the group's performance by boosting morale.

The Inside-Joke Idiots

(Taken from Wowwiki: link) Two or more players from the same server who obviously know each other, because they do nothing but spam nonsensical gibberish that they each respond to. It's funny to them, and annoying to everyone else. Oftentimes, it is the healer, tank, or both, so one's options are to stay and take it, try to ignore it, or leave. Rude responses and outcries for golden silence are either met with an increase in spam, or a vote-kick of the complainant. Loot-ninjaing by these players is commonplace as well (see The Wonder Twins).


Dungeon Troll

This is the guy who is pulling mob packs the minute he zones in. His dearest wish is to see the group wipe. He will do everything in his power to see it happen. If he's a Hunter, expect to see a [Misdirection] onto the healer. Kick him immediately. Closely related to...

The Dungeon Finder Liar

This guy queued as as a Tank or Healer, probably to get in groups more quickly. The trouble is, he isn't. He's actually Fury or Elemental, and even if he had the right spec for the job he selected, he's got no clue how to play it. He'll manage to make your mid-40s dungeon as difficult as any max-level instance. Expect trash fights to take twice as long as they should, and be ready for mana breaks after every pull. For boss fights, make sure everything you have is off cooldown, because you'll need it when the "Tank" loses aggro or the "Healer" runs out of mana in the first minute. If you're lucky, one of your DPS will be able to step up and fill the missing role. If not, pray you've got cash for repairs.

The Pull Maniac

Almost always a Hunter. This person is more frequently found in lower level dungeons. You have never seen this person lift a finger to attack a mob that's already on you. Instead, they are scouring the instance for a mob to pull. Their reaction to any situation is pull more mobs. The Healer's out of mana! Pull more mobs. The Tank is dead! Pull more mobs. The thing they fear the most is a moment without mobs. Oh, and they WILL ninja whatever drops. The tank is about to commit suicide. The healer's mana is in the negatives. The other DPS'es are angry that they keep dying. Strangely, the Pull Maniac never suffers as a result. Why hasn't he been vote kicked? Because you can't votekick someone during combat! At the end of the instance, the group's gear is all red, the Tank is pissed, the Healer is ashamed, the DPS'es are sulking, and the Pull Maniac has gotten away with all your phat lewtz. Good times.

The Zerg Puller

Runs through trash like police are at the door and he has to hide the miniature horse dressed in studded black leather in the back bedroom. No icons, no warning, and often with himself at 30% and healer out of mana and he's pulling the next 3 trash mob packs. Only time a break happens is for loot after a boss. Either knows how much he can handle or always bites off way more than he can chew. Always has to stop to remind the DPS to wait until the trash is all gathered up before attacking or loses mobs to healing aggro. See also The Guy in a Hurry, The Terrible Tank, The Pull Maniac (above), the Dungeon Troll, and The Annoying Asshat. Mortal enemy of Mr. Wait!.

The Rebellious Kamikaze

This guy is usually a Rogue twink or a Druid in Cat Form, and of the type that can lash out the highest amount of DPS. Unfortunately, he doesn't have very much health, but still believe he's better than the Tank. As such, he'll usually disobey any orders from the Tank or anyone else in the group. Then, on a very difficult pull where he should follow the Tank's orders the most, he go more rebellious than ever and rush in, pulling everything inside the room and lash out amazing numbers of damage. Naturally, the mobs will still tear him apart. If he still doesn't die right away, he'll run to the other group members for protection and die there instead. Upon doing so, he'll pass all the aggro onto the other patient group members, causing a wipe. If the group doesn't wipe after all, it usually ends up with the kamikaze getting a kick. Has the potential to become the The Silent Killer if he stops acting like the The Pull Maniac, but will probably develop into Mr. Meter Envy instead. If he's able to become a tank he'll turn into The Zerg Puller.

Guy who doesn't help summon

"Can I get a summons some time today??" This guy trolls around the LFG channel, and he'll join any group. When joined, he'll keep doing whatever he was doing before. He could be questing in the same zone as the Meeting Stone, heck, he could be right on top of it. But one thing's for sure, he isn't about to stop for something as silly as helping the group get started. This won't stop him from asking for a summon every 20 seconds. Even if he's in a Violet Hold group. Was killed with the advent of LFG and LFR, but the introduction of Mythic+ 5-mans in Legion has brought this asshat back from the grave.


Main article: Loot ninja

The "Newly" Leveled Ninja

This guy has full epics without telling you, putting on half decent made gear. He just wants the cash from it. Tell everyone to need it if he needs.

The Reverse Ninja

If World of Warcraft were the medieval ages, then this guy would be an inquisitor running around looking for witches - the ninjas. Having been traumatized from several incidents where actual ninjas have stolen his loot, he has become so paranoid that he automatically presumes all other players to be hardcore ninjas. In PUG's he will command everyone to always greed on whatever drops, be it common loot or boss-loot - regardless of whether someone needs something or not. If a player does need on an item, he will unleash a reprimand from hell upon him/her, then swiftly instigate a vote to kick the player from the group. While he share the common belief with most players that ninjas should be punished and avoided, he doesn't realize that his acts deprive players from loot the players deserve. Ironically, this causes the Reverse Ninja to become a ninja himself.


The Wonder Twins

(They're probably sitting next to each other in RL.) Two or more people from the same guild who start or join a PUG. They support each other pretty well, but you know they're talking about you in guild chat. If one of them needs something, they both roll need on it to increase the chance of success. Prepare to be kicked if you go against them.

The Zookeeper

"Don't roll on the drake guys, okay? I'm serious!" If a mount or pet drops in the dungeon, he wants it. Back in Burning Crusade, this was the guy who always ran Magister's Terrace and tried to reserve the  [Phoenix Hatchling]. Generally one of the more superstitious gamers you'll find, he's convinced that Skadi the Ruthless will drop the drake every time if only one player dies to breath damage and you tap out "Give me a dragon" in morse code using harpoons. His understanding of probability is shakier than his knowledge of game mechanics and he KNOWS that "his" mount or pet is guaranteed to drop this time, that is, unless YOU screw it up. Will immediately vote to kick the Lucky Bastard. So far, nobody has had the heart to tell him about Dealer Rashaad or the pet store in Dalaran.

The One-Hit Failure

The dude's incredible. At first glance, you may mistake them for the Silent Killer or the Magic Tank. They either top the DPS charts, keep aggro against infallible odds, or never let anyone drop below 50%. You worship them. However, as the PUG goes on, they will do something so outlandishly stupid that you wonder if they're even the same person. Be it putting up [Path of Frost] while falling down the Passage of Lost Fiends in Azjol-Nerub, standing at the bottom of the pyramid in Zul'Farrak, or going Pull Maniac, this person finds a way to wipe your group. They will apologize profusely, and will not make the same mistake again. Besides this bizarre mistake, they are a good addition to your group.

The Coward

As soon as the Tank or Healer drops (or hit 25% health), he's gone, even if your PUG has three Paladins. He's running for the entrance at the first hint of a wipe, no matter how far it is. Will defend his actions by saying he can't afford repair bills or is trying to save money for fast flying. Will, on occasion, kite a boss through the entire instance because he was #2 on the aggro list and the Tank just died. Refuses to believe that a fight can be won after someone in the group dies.

The Addon Spammer

This guy is using one or more addons which repeatedly will enter some kind of message in the party channel, such as "<mob name> was taunted by <player name>" or "<mob name>'s <spell name> was interruptted by <player name>'s [Kick]!". You suspect that the addon's purpose is to somehow improve player performance by raising awareness, but in reality it only serves to log any actions or mistakes that can be used to blame others. Generally harmless as most players in groups do not have much to say anyway. Can be annoying in cases where the messages dont seem to serve other purpose than stating the obvious and/or insignificant. Note that the messages will usually differ from macro-messages that only alert certain players through whisper (often used for [Tricks of the Trade]) or special-occasion spells (such as [Heroism]).

The Old-Timer

Is completely set in his ways and refuses to adapt to the current expansion and patches. Although most of his class's skills and abilities have changed, he has not. Examples are the Warlock that insists on raiding with Demonology while doing the DPS of a level 70, and Protection Warriors that believe that no other class is truly able to tank.

The New Old Guy

This guy probably was a Swiss Army Knife or a Humble God, but he either ran out of game time and couldn't pay another month continuously, or wasn't able to find game time cards anywhere and didn't trust monthly fees being directly taken away form his credit card every month. Probably stopped playing for a couple of major patches/an expansion, and will come with epics beaten by this patch/expansion's new greens. Might seem like a very good player at first, but then he starts doing completely outdated strategies no longer functional with today's PuGs. Might even start doing complete stupidities because he forgot how to play the game proplerly. If he wasn't a magical player in his older life, he might just start remembering everything about the game when something nice drops. Unlike the Old-timer (see above), he might either be convinced or shall convince himself to leave the past behind and adapt to the new controls/strategies/PuGs.

The Patch Complainer

This guy, like the New Old Guy, was probably a magical player before the new expansion came out, ruining his gear and rotation. Spends most of his time complaining about how the new expansion/patch ruined the game and how good it was before the new updates. Unlike the Old-Timer, he's unable to attune with the new system. Hasn't left WoW, ever, and always keeps playing continuously.

The Group That's Out To Get You

If you're a Hunter, this probably happens to you frequently. The tank is a Terrible Tank, the healer is the Annoying Asshat, one of the other dpses is a Pull Maniac, another is the Epic Geared Elitist/Reverse Ninja (either one may be present), and then there's you. The thing that makes this collection of morons and losers different is the fact that they all. Hate. YOU. Did the tank lose aggro and wipe the group? You're pulling too much aggro! Did the Pull Maniac just pull half the instance? You should stop pulling, you moron! Did a piece of gear you really want drop? You ninja, you stole it! No matter what happens, it's all your fault. The only reason you haven't been votekicked is because the Pull Maniac is constantly wading through mobs, which is also your fault. Often, the healer announces that you aren't getting any heals, the tank says he won't pull aggro off of you, and in extreme cases they threaten to report you for your griefing. It's mostly ignored that you're wtfpwning all the DPS meters. Whenever you feel yourself being sucked into one of these, leave the group. As implied previously, this happens to hunters a lot. All of them vote to kick you as soon as they can. After the run is over, chances are good that they log on to Wowpedia and add a passive-aggressive category to this article like "The aggro-happy huntard".


These guys are the ones you want in your group. They are good players, and may end up saving your ass at some point during the run. Wipes are rare, runs are quick, and trolls fear them.

The Silent Killer

This guy manages to top the DPS charts and it doesn't even seem like he's trying. He rarely (if ever) speaks, and at most it's just a greeting and a farewell at the start and end of the instance. He seems to be wearing kick ass gear, and you suspect the only reason he's slaughtering everyone on the DPS chart is because of his gear, until you notice that he's never once pulled aggro and the Tank's gear is just barely enough for him to qualify. Never complains about anything because he can just kill everything in his path before bad playing surfaces, and since he just passes on every drop he doesn't notice any ninja looting. Mortal enemy of Mr. Meter Envy because despite Mr. Meter Envy's failure to reset his Recount after doing 25+ daily quests and a few other randoms beforehand, this guy still managed to beat him out.

The Magic Tank

This is the tank version of The Silent Killer, sadly, he's not always in your group. Did the Pull Maniac just pull the entire instance? The Magic Tank has it sorted out. Accidental pull? No problem. His eyes miss nothing. Are you trying to ninja loot? He'll roll Need, and win, just to spite you, then break his vow of silence and announce that he is giving the item to the person you tried to ninja from. If you're a total asshat, obvious Ninja Looter or other jerk, and this guy's on your server, watch out. He has connections. While he won't say anything in the party, he'll make sure that you NEVER get into a good guild on your server. If the DPS sucks, or are drastically less geared than he is, he might top the Damage Charts. Mortal enemy of The Pull Maniac, ninja looters and other jerks.

The Humble God

When the group starts he doesn't really stand out. He plays a hybrid class like pally, druid, or shaman. He's quiet, and besides the initial "hello" or occasional "gratz", he doesn't say anything. He's not the top of the DPS meter, but he's not pulling aggro so it doesn't matter. Then someone messes up. The tank dies, then the healer, then a dps. The other dps hearths. Yet this guy refuses to be defeated. He heals, cc's, DPS'es and tanks until the mobs are dead, often blowing his cooldowns and exhausting his potions and bandages. He's on the verge of death and OOM. But he's alive. He drinks if he can then rezzes the group as the other DPS finally runs back. When you try to thank him, he /bows and says "Don't mention it." You wish you get him in your next PuG, but you never see him again, leaving you to wonder if he ever existed or if it was all a dream.

The Swiss Army Knife

At first this guy may appear like your regular tank, DPS, or healer. But eventually, especially if someone dies, he'll reveal his true power. It doesn't matter if he's a hybrid class or not, he can do anything. Playing his class like an artist, he'll perform tricks and techniques you didn't even think were possible. Did the tank just die? No worries, he will pop his cooldown and step in as the new one. Is the healer having a hard time? No problem, this guy can do it just as good - if his class doesn't have any healing spells he'll simply whip out his bandages. Is the DPS doing low damage? Fear not, he can with ease surpass them by occasionally casting damage spells between the heals (healer) or naturally through his rotation (tank). In fact, he's playing the other roles better than the other players. He could probably solo the whole instance by himself, and you suspect that he's simply in a group because its faster. When he's not doing instances, he's killing time by soloing old raids. Similar to the Humble God, and just as hard to kill.

The PvP Tank

Likely a Feral Druid or Death Knight. The main tank just died, and in a split second he's in Bear Form or Blood Presence, blowing cooldowns so he doesn't die before the healer realizes that he's now tanking. Doesn't have quite the right spec or gear to tank, but will usually get through the current fight. Even if he dies and the group wipes, they'll congratulate him on his efforts. Healers will have a hard time keeping him alive because of lack of avoidance and the right spec, but his PvP gear gives him enough health to survive most 5-mans. If you have the Terrible Tank as your MT, hope that one of these guys is waiting in the shadows of the group, because chances are high he'll save your ass. Uncommon, but you are likely to run in to a few in your PuG career.

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