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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Pepa Sandtoe is a dead shot. She is short — short even for a gnome. Always overlooked as a child, she developed a watchful eye and allowed little to escape her gaze. Even in gnome society, her elders considered her too small to excel in much. Always able to beat her brothers and sisters at skipping stones and other throwing games, she caught the eye of her uncle, a weapons engineer. He trained her in throwing knives and axes. Praising her sharp eye, he introduced her to bows. She worked a great deal on her upper body strength, and when she turned 15, her uncle gave her her first firearm. Although deadly with a knife or other thrown objects, she greatly prefers her gold-inlaid long rifle, a gift from her uncle when she entered the Alliance forces. The Alliance accepted her because they were desperate for soldiers, but didn’t take her seriously. Still considered too small to enter combat, her commanding officer placed her on a hill, assuming she would be unable to do harm to herself or others from that vantage point. Pepa killed eighteen orcs that day, and earned herself the nickname “Deadly Peep.” She carries a rifle as tall as she is, and is often her commanding officer’s ace in the hole.[1]