Perdition Hold

Perdition Hold [30, 63] is one of the two elite areas of the Maw. Before unlocking the area, players' Exposed Anima will leave them vulnerable to the locals:

Exposed Anima — Anima patterns reveal the player's vulnerabilities, increasing damage taken by 200% while in Perdition Hold. 

The mobs already hit hard, so the 200% buff can effectively one-shot most classes. Upon reaching Tentative standing with Ve'nari, she will provide the quest N [60] Rule 5: Be Audacious. This quest will shield the player's anima, allowing them to get around the area (and earn the achievement  [Prepare for Trouble!]).

Perdition Hold is accessed via the bridge from the north coming from the Cocyrus through the Face of Oblivion.

Notable inhabitants

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