For the quest, see B [15-30] Pest Control.

Pest Control is an exploration achievement earned for killing pests across Azeroth.

It involves killing a variety of pest-like critters in the game.


Critter Location
Mob  Adder Durotar; The Barrens; Hellfire Peninsula
Mob  Crystal Spider The Nexus; Oculus
Mob Inv misc monstertail 03.png Devouring Maggot Utgarde Catacombs, Howling Fjord
Mob  Fire Beetle Burning Steppes; Searing Gorge; Shattered Halls, Hellfire Citadel
Mob  Fjord Rat Howling Fjord
Mob  Gold Beetle Halls of Stone and Halls of Lightning, Ulduar
Mob Inv misc monstertail 03.png Larva Ghostlands; Naxxramas
Mob Inv misc monstertail 03.png Maggot Ghostlands; Halgrind (in Howling Fjord, near the pool in the center of the village)
Mob  Moccasin Swamp of Sorrows in the waterways near the Pool of Tears
Mob  Mouse Westfall, Grizzly Hills, hill just above Venture Bay
Mob  Rat All over Azeroth
Mob  Roach All over Azeroth
Mob  Scorpid All over Azeroth and Outland
Mob  Snake All over Azeroth
Mob  Spider All over Azeroth
Mob  Squirrel All over Azeroth
Mob  Underbelly Rat Underbelly, Dalaran
Mob  Zul'Drak Rat Zul'Drak

Found at any farmstead. You may need to kill the prairie dogs to get the mouse to spawn.



There's a useful (and amusing) macro you can use to help pin point the exact critter once you're in the vicinity. Unfortunately this macro exceeds the 255 character limit imposed on macros. A workaround is to either leave out the last 3 lines completely or to only include pests you still need (assuming a partially completed achievement).

/tar Adder
/tar Devouring Maggot
/tar Fjord Rat
/tar Larva
/tar Moccasin
/tar Rat
/tar Scorpid
/tar Spider
/tar Zul'Drak Rat 
/tar Crystal Spider 
/tar Fire Beetle
/tar Gold Beetle
/tar Maggot
/tar Mouse
/tar Roach
/tar Snake
/tar Underbelly Rat
/stopmacro [noexists]
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosSlay01.wav")
/tell YourNameHere >>> %t <<<


This is a combination strategy for the following achievements:

Howling Fjord

  1. Kill: Devouring Maggot, Utgarde Catacombs [57, 55], on the bottom pit with all the ghouls
  2. /love: Fjord Turkey, [67, 67]
  3. /love: Fjord Penguin, [66, 83]
  4. /love: Scalawag Frog, [36, 80]
  5. Kill: Fjord Rat, [34, 78] populated areas
  6. Kill: Roach, [36, 11]

Grizzly Hills

  1. /love: Mountain Skunk, abundant throughout the zone
  2. /love: Grizzly Squirrel, abundant throughout the zone


  1. /love: Arctic Hare, [74, 70]
  2. Kill: Zul'Drak Rat, Amphitheater [45, 63]


  1. Kill: Spider, entrance
  2. Kill: Maggot, entrance
  3. Kill: Rat, abundant through the zone
  4. Kill: Larva, Plague Wing

Storm Peaks

  1. Kill: Gold Beetle: Halls of Lightning just behind entrance


  1. /love: Glacier Penguin, [69, 20]

Sholazar Basin

  1. /love: Sholazar Tickbird, [27, 60], near the Nesingwary Base Camp

Borean Tundra

  1. /love: Borean Marmot, abundant throughout the zone
  2. /love: Tundra Penguin, [38, 9]
  3. Kill: Crystal Spider, Nexus around Mob Keristrasza
  4. /love: Borean Frog [70, 29]
  5. /love: Steam Frog [68, 41]


  1. Kill: Underbelly Rat - Dalaran, The Underbelly
  2. Now take the portal to Shattrath

Shattrath City

  1. /love: Chicken, [58, 69]
  2. /love: Ewe, [58, 23]

Terokkar Forest

  1. /love and kill: Squirrel
  2. /love: Skunk


  1. /love: Crab
  2. /love: Small Frog [82, 85]

Hellfire Peninsula

  1. Kill: Adder, [17, 48]
  2. Kill: Scorpion, [18, 47]
  3. Now go back to Shattrath
  4. Horde Horde take the portal to Orgrimmar, AllianceAlliance take the portal to Stormwind
  5. Horde From Orgrimmar, take the portal to the Blasted Lands and run to Swamp of Sorrows
AllianceFrom Stormwind, take the portal to the Blasted Lands and run to Swamp of Sorrows

Swamp of Sorrows

  1. Kill: Moccasin, [48, 45]
  2. /love: Huge Toad, [45, 46]
  3. Run back to your faction's flight master and fly to Thorium Point in Searing Gorge

Searing Gorge

  1. Kill: Fire Beetle, [44, 40]
  2. /love: Lava Crab, [43, 35]
  3. AllianceAlliance Fly to Sentinel Hill in Westfall, Horde should fly to Grom'Gol then run on foot to Westfall


  1. These three are scattered through the zone, with the mouse being the most rare
  2. Kill: Mouse, throughout zone
  3. /love: Prairie Dog, throughout zone
  4. Kill: Snake, throughout zone

Elwynn Forest

  1. /love: Fawn, [24, 83]
  2. /love: Deer, [24, 82]
  3. /love: Cow, [26, 75]
  4. /love: Rabbit, [26, 77]
  5. /love: Cat, [44, 52]
  6. /love: Sheep, [65, 76]
  7. AllianceAlliance should head to Wetlands, Horde Horde may want to travel to Wetlands last, so they can come from Undercity


  1. /love: Toad, [49, 58]
  2. /love: Ram, [49, 69]
  3. Travel to Barrens first if AllianceAlliance, or Durotar first if Horde Horde


  1. /love: Gazelle, [48, 58]
  2. /love: Swine, [53, 20]


  1. /love: Hare, throughout zone

Un'goro Crater

  1. /love: Parrot, [50, 17]

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