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This article is about hunter pet abilities. For warlock minion abilities, see Minion abilities. For priest abilities and talents on Classic servers, see Pet abilities (Classic).

A hunter pet can have different abilities, depending on its pet specialization. Each specialization is generally focused around a specific role. Cunning has high utility and is good in PvP. Ferocity is focused on DPS and is good in dungeons and raids. Tenacity is focused on pet survival and threat generation; good for soloing.

Each pet family—or beast type—has a special ability; some have a bonus ability. Some pet families are only usable by Beast Mastery hunters and have an exotic ability.

Damaging pet abilities scale with the pet's melee attack power or bonus spell damage. Physical abilities generally gain bonus damage equal to 7% of the pet's melee attack power, while spell abilities generally gain bonus damage equal to 1/3 of the pet's bonus spell damage. See the attack power coefficient article for further details.

General abilities[]

Universal abilities[]

Ability Focus Range Cooldown Description
Spell shadow burningspirit [Avoidance] Passive n/a n/a Reduces the damage your pet takes from area of effect attacks by an additional 80%. Reduces the range at which enemies detect your pet.
Ability druid dash [Dash] 0 n/a 20 sec Increases your pet's movement speed by 80% for 10 sec.
Ability physical taunt [Growl] 0 30 8 sec Your pet growls at the target, generating threat, taunting the target to attack the pet.

Basic attacks[]

These abilities are also known as focus dumps because they are often used to expend excess focus while more efficient or useful abilities are on cooldown. Each pet has one. The differences between these are cosmetic; they are effectively the same.

Ability Used by Focus Range Description
Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite] Basilisk, Bat, Beetle, Blood Beast, Boar, Camel, Carapid, Carrion Bird, Chimaera, Core Hound, Crocolisk, Devilsaur, Direhorn, Dragonhawk, Feathermane, Fox, Hound, Hydra, Hyena, Lizard, Mechanical, Pterrordax, Ravager, Ray, Riverbeast, Serpent, Shale Beast, Spider, Stone Hound, Turtle, Warp Stalker, Water Strider, Wind Serpent, Wolf, Worm 25 5 yd Bite the enemy, causing X damage. Deals 100% more damage and costs 100% more Focus when your pet has 50 or more Focus.
Ability druid rake [Claw] Aqiri, Bear, Bird of Prey, Cat, Crab, Lesser Dragonkin, Raptor, Rodent, Scorpid, Spirit Beast, Tallstrider 25 5 yd Claw the enemy, causing X damage. Deals 100% more damage and costs 100% more Focus when your pet has 50 or more Focus.
Ability druid bash [Smack] Clefthoof, Courser, Gorilla, Gruffhorn, Mammoth, Monkey, Moth, Oxen, Scalehide, Sporebat, Stag, Toad, Wasp, Waterfowl 25 5 yd Smack the enemy, causing X damage. Deals 100% more damage and costs 100% more Focus when your pet has 50 or more Focus.

Pet specialization abilities[]

Cunning abilities[]

Ability Focus Range Cooldown Description
Ability hunter masterscall [Master's Call] 0 40 yd 45 sec Your pet removes all root and movement impairing effects from itself and a friendly target, and grants immunity to all such effects for 4 sec.
Spell lifegivingspeed [Pathfinding] Passive n/a n/a You and your pet gain 8% increased movement speed.

Ferocity abilities[]

Ability Focus Range Cooldown Description
Spell shadow vampiricaura [Predator's Thirst] Passive n/a n/a You and your pet gain 10% Leech.
Spell shadow unholyfrenzy [Primal Rage] 0 n/a 6 min Increases haste by 30% for all party and raid members for 40 sec. Allies receiving this effect will become Sated and unable to benefit from Primal Rage or similar effects again for 10 min.

Tenacity abilities[]

Ability Focus Range Cooldown Description
Ability hunter huntervswild [Endurance Training] Passive n/a n/a You and your pet gain 5% increased maximum health.
Spell druid bearhug [Fortitude of the Bear] 0 n/a 2 min Increase the maximum health of you and your pet by 20% for 10 sec.

Family-specific abilities[]

Family Special Ability Exotic Ability Bonus Ability Basic Attack Notes
Basilisk Inv pet -basilisk [Petrifying Gaze] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Bat Spell arcane massdispel [Sonic Screech] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Bear Spell druid bristlingfur [Thick Fur] Ability hunter separationanxiety [Rest] Ability druid rake [Claw]
Beetle Inv qiraj carapaceoldgod [Harden Carapace] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Bird of Prey Ability druid mangle2 [Talon Rend] Ability hunter separationanxiety [Trick] Ability druid rake [Claw]
Blood Beast Artifactability blooddeathknight umbilicuseternus [Blood Bolt] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Boar Spell magic polymorphpig [Bristle] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Camel Ability mount camel brown [Hardy] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Carrion Bird Ability hunter pet vulture [Bloody Screech] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Cat Ability hunter catlikereflexes [Catlike Reflexes] Ability druid supriseattack [Prowl] Ability druid rake [Claw]
Clefthoof Inv misc nativebeastskin [Thick Hide] Spell shadow lifedrain [Blood of the Rhino] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Courser Inv horse3 pale [Fleethoof] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Crab Ability hunter pet crab [Pin] Ability druid rake [Claw]
Crocolisk Ability hunter pet crocolisk [Ankle Crack] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Direhorn Inv pet direhorn [Gore] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Dragonhawk Ability hunter pet dragonhawk [Dragon's Guile] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Feathermane Inv feather 13 [Feather Flurry] Spell magic featherfall [Updraft] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Fox Inv misc foxkit [Agile Reflexes] Ability hunter separationanxiety [Play] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Gorilla Ability hunter pet gorilla [Silverback] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Gruffhorn Inv pet goat [Gruff] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Hound Ability druid lacerate [Lock Jaw] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Hydra Spell nature corrosivebreath [Acid Bite] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Hyena Ability druid primaltenacity [Infected Bite] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Lesser Dragonkin Inv misc rubysanctum1 [Shimmering Scales] Ability druid rake [Claw]
Lizard Inv misc bone 09 [Grievous Bite] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Mammoth Ability mount ridingelekk [Trample] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Mechanical Ability vehicle shellshieldgenerator [Defense Matrix] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Monkey Inv pet monkey [Primal Agility] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Moth Spell arcane massdispel [Serenity Dust] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Oxen Ability monk chargingoxwave [Niuzao's Fortitude] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Raptor Ability gouge [Savage Rend] Ability druid rake [Claw]
Ravager Ravage (pet abilty) Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Ray Spell arcane massdispel [Nether Energy] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Riverbeast Ability devour [Gruesome Bite] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Rodent Inv pet beaver [Gnaw] Ability hunter separationanxiety [Rest] Ability druid rake [Claw]
Scalehide Inv artifact dragonscales [Scale Shield] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Scorpid Trade archaeology tinybronzescorpion [Deadly Sting] Ability druid rake [Claw]
Serpent Ability hunter serpentswiftness [Serpent's Swiftness] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Shale Beast Inv misc stonetablet 01 [Solid Shell] Inv skinning 80 shimmerscale [Shimmering Shale] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Spider Inv misc web 01 [Web Spray] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Spirit Beast Spell arcane massdispel [Spirit Pulse] Spell shaman spiritlink [Spirit Mend] Ability druid supriseattack [Spirit Walk] Ability druid rake [Claw]
Sporebat Spell arcane massdispel [Spore Cloud] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Stag Spell arcane massdispel [Nature's Grace] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Stone Hound Achievement moguraid 01 [Stone Armor] Spell nature reincarnation [Eternal Guardian] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Tallstrider Inv misc dust [Dust Cloud] Ability druid rake [Claw]
Toad Spell nature insect swarm2 [Swarm of Flies] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Turtle Ability hunter pet turtle [Shell Shield] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Warp Stalker Spell arcane arcane04 [Warp Time] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Wasp Ability poisons [Toxic Sting] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Waterfowl Spell arcane massdispel [Oiled Feathers] Ability hunter separationanxiety [Trick] Ability druid bash [Smack]
Water Strider Spell arcane massdispel [Soothing Waters] Spell frost windwalkon [Surface Trot] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Wind Serpent Ability hunter serpentswiftness [Winged Agility] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Wolf Ability hunter pet wolf [Furious Bite] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]
Worm Ability creature poison 02 [Acid Spit] Inv qiraj skinsandworm [Burrow Attack] Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite]

Exotic family-specific abilities[]

Family Pet ID Type Basic Attack Exotic Ability Special Ability Bonus Ability Notes
Aqir 41 Cunning Ability druid rake [Claw] Ability hunter pet silithid [Dune Strider] Inv misc monsterclaw 09 [Tendon Rip]
Carapid 292 Tenacity Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite] Trade archaeology blacktrilobite [Calcified Carapace] Inv shield 18 [Bulwark]
Chimera 38 Ferocity Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite] Spell frost ice shards [Froststorm Breath] Spell frost chillingblast [Frost Breath] Added in Wrath of the Lich King
Core Hound 45 Ferocity Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite] Spell shaman improvedfirenova [Molten Hide] Ability mage moltenarmor [Obsidian Skin] Added in Wrath of the Lich King
Devilsaur 39 Ferocity Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite] Ability racial cannibalize [Feast] Inv misc bone 09 [Monstrous Bite] Added in Wrath of the Lich King
Pterrordax 290 Cunning Ability druid ferociousbite [Bite] Spell magic featherfall [Updraft] Inv skinning 80 coarseleather [Ancient Hide] Added in BfA

Patch changes[]

Icon-search-48x48 This section contains information that needs to be cleaned up.

Originally, there were 6 basic pet abilities: Bite, Claw, Cower, Growl, Dash and Dive.

  • v1.8.0 added eight more
  • v1.9.0 added 3 more.
  • v2.1.0 added 2 more.
  • v3.0.2 removed all previous skills and replaced it with a pet talent system.
  • v5.0.4 removed pet talent system and replaced it with pet specialization system.
  • v7.0.3 removed pet raid buffs.

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