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Prior to Patch 5.0.4, hunter pets enjoyed their own talent system, featuring trees in which hunters could spend each pet's talent points. The pet talent system was removed with Mists of Pandaria, with many talents removed, and the rest converted into specialization-specific pet abilities.


The pet talent system replaced the earlier training point system for hunter pets, with the pets themselves using the talent points and trees.

Pets started earning talent points at level 20 and then gained a point every 4 levels, level 85 hunters' pets having a total of 17 spendable points, unless improved with the former [Exotic Beasts] talent, which added 4 more points. 3 points needed to be spent to reach the next tier.

Each pet had their own tree which would be either Cunning, Ferocity, or Tenacity.

Pet talents could be reset at a pet trainer for free.



These talents can be used for all pet family types. Different trees may have them at different tier levels.

Talent Points Requirements Description
[Serpent Swiftness] 2 None Increases your pet's attack speed by 5/10%.
[Dash] / [Dive] 1 None Increases your pet's movement speed by 80% for 16 sec.
[Great Stamina] 3 None Increases your pet's total Stamina by 4/8/12%.
[Natural Armor] 2 None Increases your pet's armor by 5/10%.
[Boar's Speed] 1 3 points Increases your pet's movement speed by 30%.
[Spiked Collar] 3 3 points Your pet does an additional 3/6/9% damage with all attacks.
[Culling the Herd] 3 6 points When your pet's Claw, Bite, or Smack ability deals a critical strike, you and your pet deal 1/2/3% increased damage for 10 sec.
[Lionhearted] 2 6 points Reduces the duration of all Stun and Fear effects used against your pet by 15/30%.
[Great Resistance] 3 9 points Your pet takes 3/6/9% less damage from Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow magic.


These talents can be used by the following pet family types: Bat, Birds of prey, Chimera, Bc icon.gif Dragonhawk, Bc icon.gif Nether Ray, Bc icon.gif Ravager, Serpent, Silithid, Spider, Bc icon.gif Sporebat, Wind Serpent.

The tree gives burst, stun and crowd-control abilities, useful in PvP.

Talent Points Requirements Description
[Mobility] 2 Dash / [Dive] 1
Cunning 3
Reduces the cooldown on your pet's Dash/Dive ability by 8/16 sec.
[Carrion Feeder] 1 Cunning 6 Your pet can generate health and happiness by eating a corpse. Will not work on the remains of elemental or mechanical creatures.
[Owl's Focus] 2 Cunning 9 Your pet has a 15/30% chance after using an ability that the next ability will cost no Focus if used within 8 sec.
[Cornered] 2 Cunning 9 When at less than 35% health, your pet does 25/50% more damage and is 25/50% less likely to be critically hit.
[Feeding Frenzy] 2 [Spiked Collar] 3
Cunning 9
Your pet does 6/12% additional damage to targets with less than 35% health.
[Wolverine Bite] 1 [Great Resistance] 3
Cunning 12
A fierce attack causing 5 damage, modified by pet level, that your pet can use after its target dodges. Cannot be dodged, blocked or parried.
[Roar of Recovery] 1 [Owl's Focus] 2
Cunning 12
Your pet's inspiring roar restores 30% of your total mana over 9 sec.
[Bullheaded] 1 [Cornered] 2
Cunning 12
Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your pet.


"Ferocity" redirects here. For other uses, see Ferocity (disambiguation).

These talents can be used by the following pet family types: Carrion Bird, Cat, Core Hound, Devilsaur, Hyena, Moth, Raptor, Wrath of the Lich King Spirit Beast, Tallstrider, Wasp, Wolf, Cataclysm Fox and Dog.

The tree is designed for boosting PvE DPS.

Talent Points Requirements Description
[Improved Cower] 2 Ferocity 3 The movement speed penalty of your pet's Cower is reduced by 50/100%.
[Bloodthirsty] 2 Ferocity 3 Your pet's attacks have a 10/20% chance to increase its happiness by 5% and heal 5% of its total health.
[Charge] / [Swoop] 1 Ferocity 6 Your pet charges/swoops an enemy, immobilizing the target for 1 sec, and increasing the pet's melee attack power by 25% for its next attack.
[Heart of the Phoenix] 1 [Bloodthirsty] 2
Ferocity 9
When your pet dies, it miraculously returns to life with 10% health. Cannot occur more than once per 8 minutes.
[Spider's Bite] 3 Ferocity 9 Increases the critical strike damage bonus of your pet by 3/6/9%.
[Rabid] 1 [Avoidance] 2
Ferocity 12
Your pet goes into a killing frenzy, increasing attack power by 5%. Successful attacks have a 50% chance to increase attack power by an additional 5%. This effect will stack up to 5 times. Lasts 20 sec.
[Lick Your Wounds] 1 [Heart of the Phoenix] 1
Ferocity 12
Your pet heals itself for 100% of its total health over 5 sec while channeling.
[Call of the Wild] 1 [Spider's Bite] 3
Ferocity 12
Your pet roars, increasing the melee and ranged attack power of all party members within 40 yards by 10%. Lasts 20 sec.


These talents can be used by the following pet family types: Bear, Boar, Crab, Crocolisk, Gorilla, Wrath of the Lich King Rhino, Scorpid, Turtle, Bc icon.gif Warp Stalker, Worm.

The tree is designed for boosting tanking ability, either for soloing or for gimmick group-tanking.

Talent Points Requirements Description
[Blood of the Rhino] 2 [Great Stamina] 3
Tenacity 3
Increases your pet's total Stamina by 2/4% and increases all healing effects on your pet by 20/40%.
[Pet Barding] 2 [Natural Armor] 2
Tenacity 3
Increases your pet's armor by 5/10% and chance to Dodge by 1/2%.
[Guard Dog] 2 Tenacity 6 Your pet's Growl generates 10/20% additional threat and 10% of its total happiness.
[Intervene] 1 Tenacity 6 Your pet runs at high speed towards a group member, intercepting the next melee or ranged attack made against them.
[Grace of the Mantis] 2 Tenacity 9 Reduces the chance your pet will be critically hit by melee attacks by 2/4%.
[Last Stand] 1 [Avoidance] 3
Tenacity 12
Your pet temporarily gains 30% of its maximum health for 20 sec. After the effect expires, the health is lost.
[Taunt] 1 [Guard Dog] 2
Tenacity 12
Your pet taunts the target to attack it for 3 sec.
[Roar of Sacrifice] 1 [Grace of the Mantis] 2
Tenacity 12
Your pet absorbs damage from a party or raid member, transferring 30% damage taken to the pet. Lasts 12 sec.
[Silverback] 2 Tenacity 15 Your pet's Growl also heals it for 1/2% of its total health.

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