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Faction/Affiliation Ascended, Forsworn
Area(s) Bastion, Shadowlands

Dark coloration of the Forsworn phalynx.

Phalynx are a type of cat-like centurion found in Bastion. Pelodis describes them as efficient, obedient, and easy to work with.[1] Phalynx units excel in combat. They are thoroughly trained in taking foes down by the legs, as well as hunting down beasts gone awry.[2] They have precise detection mechanisms that allow for excellent scouting.[3] The kyrian sometimes use them as mounts,[4] and some among the Ascended keep them as pets.[5] The armored phalynx in particular—a rare marvel of steward engineering[6]—are favorite companions of the Ascended's strongest warriors, since they are both fearless and vicious.[7]

Little is known about the origins of phalynx technology, which is taught more akin to religion than technology.[8] When an armored phalynx is forged, stewards clap their hammers together as a show of reverence for the skill required to create one.[9]

Some belong to the Forsworn.



As mounts

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As a hunter pet

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Phalynx are tamable by hunters as part of the Mechanical family.


  • The name phalynx is a portmanteau of "phalanx", a close-knit military formation, and "lynx".


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