Phantom Potion (Horde)

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HordePhantom Potion
Start Unknown
End Tyra Silverblood [45.6, 28.6]
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Ashran
Reputation +25 Vol'jin's Spear
Rewards  [Phantom Potion]
30g 80s
Repeatable Yes


Bring Tyra Silverblood 10 Ghost Truffles.


Every turn you take in Ashran you run into danger. But don't fret <name>, I've developed the perfect solution. It's my very own riff on the popular  [Invisibility Potion].

I'm just missing one of the ingredients: cave mushrooms.

Luckily, a variety grows right here in Ashran.


You will receive: 30g 80s
Inv potion 25.png [Phantom Potion]


Are those the truffles?


Here she is! Careful with her, these potions have a reputation for mysteriously disappearing.



The item required for this quest is no longer obtainable, but the quest itself remains in the game for those who still have any Ghost Truffles.

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