AlliancePhilia Fintallas
Image of Philia Fintallas
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Stormwind
Former affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lordaeron
Location Hall of Holding, Oribos[56.1, 24.2]
Status Alive
Relative(s) Parqual (father),
Mina (mother),[1]
Unnamed uncle,
other aunts, uncles and cousins[2]

Philia Fintallas is the daughter of Parqual Fintallas and Mina who lived in their modest but comfortable chambers in Capital City. Since the Third War she has been living in Stormwind City. She is described as having large, expressive eyes and a small button nose.


Before the Storm

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When she was a little kid, she would sometimes get her father his supper when he was working late or even assist him in the library.[1]

She was about age 15 during the events of the Gathering. She was born in Lordaeron, and her most beloved toy was her teddy bear Brownie Bear, a gift from her father when she was born. Her father was a historian in Lordaeron during that time and both her mother and her father were casualties of the attack. Having left Brownie at home for fear of forgetting it on the trip back, she was visiting her extended family in Stormwind the day the Scourge sacked Lordaeron and was supposed to return the day after.[2] Parqual was subsequently raised as a Forsaken by Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. The orphaned Philia's visit became permanent, and it seems she was taken in by at least an uncle.

When King Anduin Wrynn sent out missives looking for those willing to meet their Forsaken family and friends, Philia was one of the few willing to meet them. Prior to this, she assumed both her parents were dead.[2]

When Anduin and Calia Menethil interviewed her, she told them her uncle did not want her to meet her Forsaken father but she felt she had to see him, if it really was her father. Because of the sheer emotion, she displayed when speaking about her past regarding her father, she was deemed a non-threat and was allowed to attend.[2]

When she attended the Gathering, she showed no prejudice when she was reunited with her father. When Alonsus Faol called her name, she ran straight towards her father and stopped just short of touching, both smiling largely at each other, and she remarked: "It's really you!".[3] Her father had brought her old, tattered Brownie Bear to the Gathering and she wished to hold the bear, but her father had to refuse, stating that Anduin had to first deem it safe. She also wished to hug her father, but he regrettably said his skin couldn't handle the bear hugs he remembered and so she compromised by simply holding his hand gently.[4]

As the Gathering went on, her father attempted to flee towards Stromgarde Keep, where the Alliance forces were stationed, and defect into the Alliance so he could be a part of her life again. As he did so, he was shot in the back and killed by Sylvanas's dark rangers, who were ordered to kill all Forsaken on the field.[5]

When Anduin commissioned tombstone carvers and gravediggers to return with him to the Arathi Highlands to bury the Forsaken lost in the bloodshed, Philia was one of the many human attendees who agreed to go back for the bodies of their family and friends. She comforted Emma Felstone by saying that they would help each other after Emma had commented that all her sons were gone and that she was now alone.[6] She had a personal message inscribed on her father's tombstone, "Always In My Heart", and left Brownie Bear next to it.[7]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

Philia and Ol' Emma in Oribos.

She can be found in Oribos, having a conversation with Ol' Emma. She requested that the Maw Walker keep Emma ignorant of the Maw, as she believes her heart couldn't take it.


<Philia whispers to you.>
Please don't tell Emma about the Maw.
I... I don't think her heart could take it.

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