Phoenix-Hawk Hatchling

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For the battle pet, see  [Brilliant Phoenix Hawk Feather].
MobPhoenix-Hawk Hatchling
Image of Phoenix-Hawk Hatchling
Race Dragonhawk (Beast)
Level 70 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Tempest Keep and The Eye

Phoenix-Hawk Hatchling can be found in Tempest Keep and The Eye. When Phoenix-Hawk Hatchling is tamed by a hunter it teaches [Fire Breath] Rank 2. Fire Breath Rank 2 will requires 25 points to train your other pets.


  • Immolation for around 2k initial fire damage.
  • Wing Buffet. 1 second cast that cannot be interrupted. It will knockback all people in melee range.
  • AoE Silence (4 seconds, dispellable)
  • Melees for around 3k on cloth.


  • Vulnerable to all Crowd Controls. They are vulnerable to [Hibernate] and [Scare Beast] since they are Beasts.
  • Immune to all Stun effects.
  • Can be tamed by hunters.
  • Vulnerable to snares.

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