NeutralPicking a Fight
Start Taoshi
End Master Mathias Shaw
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Rogue Campaign
Experience 20,560
Rewards 38g 80s
Previous N Rogue [45] The Captive Spymaster
Next N Rogue [45] A Simple Plan


Kill demons until Vaultwarden Umbral appears and kill him. Then, set Mathias Shaw free.


They're coming, <name>! I will get to work unlocking these fel-magic chains from the cage. You keep the Legion at bay.


You will receive: 38g 80s


You have my eternal gratitude, <name>. Let it never be said that I have underestimated the reach and prowess of the Uncrowned.

The easy part's done. Now it's time to do the impossible.



You will fight a total of three waves, after which Vaultwarden Umbra will appear. Once Mathias Shaw is rescued, use the nearby sewer exit for a quick return to the rogue class hall.

Quest accept
Taoshi says: You keep them off me and I will get SI:7 here out of his cage.

We must get Shaw out of this cage.

Taoshi says: Here they come!
The rogue adventurer deals with the first wave.
Master Mathias Shaw says says: Get me out of here so that I can help.
Taoshi says: You'll get your chance soon enough, Mathias.
A second wave appears and meets the same fate as the first. Meanwhile Taoshi picklocks one of the fel locks.
Taoshi says: One down, one to go.
A lone felguard appears, but is no match for the rogue adventurer either.
Vaultwarden Umbra yells: Enough! I will deal with you myself.
Vaultwarden Umbra yells: My chains will shackle you.
Vaultwarden Umbra says: ... I have failed you my lord, Detheroc...
Master Mathias Shaw says: What's wrong, Taoshi?
Taoshi says: I can't pick the lock. It is up to you, <name>.
Mathias Shaw freed
Mathias walks out of the cage.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Thank you.
Taoshi says: I will get Mathias to safety through the sewer tunnels.
Taoshi says: We will see you back in the Chamber of Shadows, <name>.


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