Pier Pressure

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NeutralPier Pressure
Iron Docks
Level 100 (615)
Duration 8 hours
Followers 3
Mission Type Combat
Enemies IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gif Makogg Emberblade
IconSmall Saberon.gif Oshir
IconSmall Gronn.gif Skulloc
Cost 20 Garrison Resources
Follower XP 1,500
Bonus Chest  [Turbulent Armament]


The Iron Horde have built a harbor in Gorgrond that they call the Iron Docks. Show our enemy how fragile their vaunted "iron" truly is.


  • Type: Breaker
  • Makogg Emberblade: Wild Aggression
  • Oshir: Wild Aggression
  • Skulloc: Massive Strike


  • 1,500 follower XP


You will receive:
Inv sword 46.png [Turbulent Armament]

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