Pigment is a type of ingredient primarily used by the Inscription profession to produce inks. Using the [Milling] subskill on five of any of the herbs listed will to create 2-4 common pigments. Occasionally, milling may also additionally produce 1-3 uncommon pigments (almost always 1), although these are found less frequently.

Types of pigments
Pigment Herbs
 [Alabaster Pigment]  [Peacebloom],  [Silverleaf],  [Earthroot]
 [Dusky Pigment],  [Verdant Pigment]  [Briarthorn],  [Swiftthistle],  [Bruiseweed],  [Stranglekelp],  [Mageroyal]
 [Golden Pigment],  [Burnt Pigment]  [Wild Steelbloom],  [Grave Moss],  [Kingsblood],  [Liferoot]
 [Emerald Pigment],  [Indigo Pigment]  [Fadeleaf],  [Goldthorn],  [Khadgar's Whisker],  [Dragon's Teeth]
 [Violet Pigment],  [Ruby Pigment]  [Firebloom],  [Purple Lotus],  [Arthas' Tears],  [Sungrass],  [Blindweed],  [Ghost Mushroom],  [Gromsblood]
 [Silvery Pigment],  [Sapphire Pigment]  [Golden Sansam],  [Dreamfoil],  [Mountain Silversage],  [Sorrowmoss],  [Icecap]
 [Nether Pigment],  [Ebon Pigment] (from milling Outland herbs)
 [Azure Pigment],  [Icy Pigment] (from milling Northrend herbs)
 [Ashen Pigment],  [Burning Embers] (from milling herbs added in Cataclysm)

See: Inscription ingredients for a list of inks made with these pigments.