This article is about the holiday. For the item, see  [Pilgrim's Bounty]. For the other world event, similar to the East Asian holiday Mid-Autumn Festival, see Harvest Festival.
Pilgrim's Bounty
Duration November 23 – November 30 (2021)
Highlights Food Fights
Turkey Hunting
Easy Cooking Leveling (Until 350)
Other events
Preceded by Day of the Dead, Warcraft's Anniversary (concurrent)
Followed by Feast of Winter Veil

Pilgrim's Bounty is a world event occurring in November, around the time of the American holiday Thanksgiving. Among the activities which occur are cooking, eating and sharing food, food fights, and turkey hunting.

Following their introduction to the mainland by the goblins, bush chickens have become the entre du jour for Pilgrim's Bounty due to their high deliciousness and low intelligence.[1]

New in 2021

New in 2014


This event mostly involves cooking. Five special recipes can be learned from the  [Bountiful Cookbook], which is sold during the event.

Item Levels
 [Spice Bread Stuffing] 1 90 102 115
 [Pumpkin Pie] 100 150 162 175
 [Cranberry Chutney] 160 210 222 235
 [Candied Sweet Potato] 220 270 282 295
 [Slow-Roasted Turkey] 280 330 342 355

Making the  [Spice Bread Stuffing] requires the [Spice Bread] level 1 recipe, which is trainable at any cooking trainer (the event has cooking trainers nearby).

The Pilgrim's Bounty Vendors also sell Bountiful Baskets, which can be used to combine one of each of the five special items into a  [Bountiful Feast].


Participating in this event and cooking these items is an excellent way of raising your cooking skill to 300 or above quickly and at low cost. The materials are inexpensive and available in practically unlimited quantities. The minimal required level starts at 1, and the recipes stay orange over a long range. Each recipe turns yellow only 10 levels below the requirement of the next recipe.

To level up your cooking from level 1, make 70 of the Spice Bread, followed by 70 of the Spice Bread Stuffing, then 70 of the Pumpkin Pie, and 65 of the other recipes (Sweet Potato, Chutney, and Turkey) in turn, learning each next recipe when it becomes available. While you are at it, the production will be enough for the quest chain and three sets of the dailies.

The Turkey recipe doesn't turn gray until level 355 so it is an easy way to get your cooking all the way to Grand Master level.


All of these achievements are part of the  [Pilgrim] meta-achievement. However, Pilgrim is not a requirement for What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been.

Note: This list is up to date as of Patch 9.2.5


Pilgrim's Bounty is mainly centered on cooking.

Apart from the lead-in quests, there is a quest chain and five daily quests revolving around cooking the holiday-specific recipes. Commoners in every city will offer you Pilgrim's Bounty, sending you to the festival grounds outside Stormwind or Undercity. Once there you can accept N [1-60] Sharing a Bountiful Feast from the AllianceBountiful Table Hostess or HordeBountiful Feast Hostess, who can tell you how the tables work. You can also pick up the first quest in the chain and two of the daily quests.

Quest chain

  1. B [1-60] Spice Bread Stuffing
  2. B [1-60] Pumpkin Pie
  3. B [1-60] Cranberry Chutney
  4. A [1-60] They're Ravenous In Darnassus / H [1-60] Undersupplied in the Undercity
  5. B [1-60] Candied Sweet Potatoes
  6. B [1-60] Slow-roasted Turkey

This quest chain involves quantities of 5, and generally sends you from the city that has the ingredients to a different city. Actually making the items requested is often part of the objectives. This means that getting the foodstuffs from other characters isn't good enough. Nor does it help to make the items before you accept the quest.

At the end of the chain you receive the  [Turkey Caller] as a reward.

Daily quests

The daily quests require you to either allocate some bag space between days, or spend extra travel time to pick up the ingredients. The quests are given by an NPC and require you to bring that NPC some food cooked from ingredients that are (except for stuffing) sold in a different city. They involve quantities of 20 (a full stack). By carrying some ingredients in your backpack overnight you can reduce the amount of travel required to complete the daily quests.

Required items for a full circuit:

Quest Item HordeHorde AllianceAlliance
Get items Quest Get items Quest
B [1-60 Daily] We're Out of Cranberry Chutney Again? Cranberries Orgrimmar Undercity Ironforge Stormwind
B [1-60 Daily] She Says Potato Sweet potatoes Thunder Bluff Undercity Darnassus Stormwind
N [1-60 Daily] Don't Forget The Stuffing! - - Orgrimmar - Ironforge
N [1-60 Daily] Can't Get Enough Turkey Turkeys Tirisfal Glades Orgrimmar Elwynn Forest Ironforge
B [1-60 Daily] Easy As Pie Pumpkins Undercity Thunder Bluff Stormwind Darnassus

Horde circuit

One choice is to stockpile the  [Tangy Southfury Cranberries] and  [Mulgore Sweet Potato] and start your day in Undercity before you deliver Undercity and Tirisfal Glades food to Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff, restocking your cranberry and sweet potato hoard for the next day.

The other choice is to stockpile the  [Wild Turkey] and  [Ripe Tirisfal Pumpkin] and start your day in Thunder Bluff and then travel to Orgrimmar before you deliver sweet potatoes and cranberries to Undercity. Stock up on pumpkin and wild turkey in preparation for the next day.

Alliance circuit

One choice is to stockpile the  [Tangy Wetland Cranberries] and  [Teldrassil Sweet Potato] and start your day in Stormwind before you deliver Stormwind and Elwynn Forest food to Ironforge and Darnassus, restocking your cranberry and sweet potato hoard for the next day.

The other choice is to stockpile the  [Wild Turkey] and  [Ripe Elwynn Pumpkin] and start your day in Darnassus and then travel to Ironforge before you deliver sweet potatoes and cranberries to Stormwind. Stock up on pumpkin and wild turkey in preparation for the next day.

Daily quest rewards

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helmet 65.png [Pilgrim's Hat] Inv shirt black 01.png [Pilgrim's Attire]
Inv chest cloth 51.png [Pilgrim's Dress] Inv chest cloth 40.png [Pilgrim's Robe]
Inv boots cloth 17.png [Pilgrim's Boots] Inv misc bag 33.png [Pilgrim's Bounty]

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