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Pilgrim's Shrine

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Pilgrim's Shrine.

Pilgrim's Shrines are located in Shadowmoon Valley.



The stone statue gives off a restful aura. A plaque on the sign reads:

Those blessed by the light of A'dal shall gain fortitude and armor to confront the most challenging of foes.

Seek the blessing of D'ore to be healed in times of need.

K'ara guides the weapons of the blessed, granting the chance for additional strikes in times of war.

K'ure rewards the faithful, granting their movement the swiftness of the wind.

Gossip Blessing of A'dal
Gossip Blessing of D'ore
Gossip Blessing of K'ara
Gossip Blessing of K'ure

Active blessing

You have already been blessed by a Pilgrim's Altar. A feeling of great peace and serenity envelops you.

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