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Pinchwhistle Point.

Pinchwhistle Point was a Steamwheedle goblin[1] settlement located at the cape of Arak. The town and the inhabitants were, however, infested by spores from the local fungi and were abandoned. It is now inhabited by infected goblins, fungal creatures, sludges, and a single uninfected goblin, Krixel Pinchwhistle, who was injured while trying to find a cure for the infection. Prior to the infestation, the goblins were harvesting many of the local resources with many lumberjacks and oil pumps found in the area. The Mother Lode zeppelin crashed after surveying the area.

After the arrival of Kimzee Pinchwhistle and the Commander, Krixel manages to finish his serum. After curing a number of goblins, he sets the town on fire with the help of the Commander and escapes to Pinchwhistle Gearworks.


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