So you want to be a pirate?

'Tis a noble calling indeed, my young lad or lass. The salty wind in your hair, the sapphire seas in your eyes, and drunken curses on your tongue. But, if you would pursue the pirate's life, you must first dress the part. While some pirate organizations, such as the Bloodsail Buccaneers, are in the habit of handing out uniforms to new recruits, you might feel the need to modify your provided uniform or, possible, create one yourself. To this end, we of the BPAM (Buccaneers, Pirates, and Marauders) have compiled this useful fashion guide.


Pirate hat

It is important for a buccaneer to look his or her best at all times. Unfortunately, given the piratical penchant for parrots, many swashbucklers through the ages have found their hair mottled with parrot droppings. To this end, pirates have begun to wear the "hats" that landlubbers were recently found to posses in copious amounts.

 [Admiral's Hat] - BoE, Crafted
This hat can be easily made by any tailor who possesses the [Pattern: Admiral's Hat] sold by Neutral Cowardly Crosby. Unfortunately, many experienced pirates look down on pirates who choose to wear the Admiral's Hat, as it indicates respect for authority and represents naval law, two things that pirates hate.
 [Bloodsail Admiral's Hat] - BoP, Reputation quest
This hat can be earned by completing the quest N [10-30] Avast Ye, Admiral!, which can only be obtained by those of friendly reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. If you plan to seek out both a  [First Mate Hat] and a  [Bloodsail Admiral's Hat], choose one to go after first.
 [Burgy Blackheart's Handsome Hat] - BoP, Drop
Guaranteed drop from rare-spawned Burgy Blackheart.
 [First Mate Hat] - BoE, Drop
This hat can be found on Bloodsail Buccaneers in Stranglethorn Vale. However, due to the rarity of these hats, your fellow buccaneers will be reluctant to part with their headgear and you may be forced to kill them for it. Bloodsail superiors take a dim view of this unorthodox display of camaraderie.


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You can also wear any eyepatch that you happen to find, especially if someone takes your eye in endless wars in World of Warcraft.








Mugs with alcohol

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There are many mugs, which you can put in your right or left hand.


Pets (parrots)