For the greater complex of which this dungeon is a part, see Frozen Halls. For the achievement, see  [The Pit of Saron].
Pit of Saron
FH2 / PoS
Pit of Saron loading screen.jpg
Pit of Saron loading screen
Location Icecrown Citadel, Icecrown Glacier
Race(s) CultistCultist Cultist
IconSmall FleshGiant.gif Flesh giant
Frost vrykulFrost vrykul Frost vrykul
IconSmall Frostbrood.gif Frost wyrm
IconSmall Gargoyle.gif Gargoyle
Ghoul Ghoul
GnomeGnome Gnome
IconSmall PlagueEruptor.gif Plague eruptor
IconSmall ProtoBlue.gif Proto-dragon
IconSmall Skeleton.gif Skeleton
End boss IconSmall HumanDeathKnight Male.gif Scourgelord Tyrannus
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 80
Minimum average
item level
Player limit 5
Icecrown Citadel
The Frozen Halls
The Forge of Souls (5)
Devourer of Souls
Pit of Saron (5)
Forgemaster Garfrost
Krick and Ick
Scourgelord Tyrannus
Halls of Reflection (5)
Escape from Arthas
Icecrown Citadel (10/25)
Lord Marrowgar
Lady Deathwhisper
Icecrown Gunship Battle
Deathbringer Saurfang
Professor Putricide
Blood Prince Council
Blood-Queen Lana'thel
Valithria Dreamwalker
The Lich King

The Pit of Saron bosses.

The Pit of Saron is the second wing of the Frozen Halls instances of Icecrown Citadel, released in patch 3.3. The enormous pit in the dungeon is filled with large extracts of saronite ore and the Scourge have taken many Alliance and Horde prisoners forcing them to mine the saronite or face torture and reanimation into undeath. The players help Jaina Proudmoore or Sylvanas Windrunner rescue the prisoners and put a stop to the Scourge's operations and defeat the brutal scourge master of the area and his lieutenants.

To become "attuned" to the Pit of Saron, players are required to complete the quest B [25-30D] Echoes of Tortured Souls in the Forge of Souls as part of the Frozen Halls story line quest chain.

Queuing for the Pit of Saron in the Dungeon Finder requires level 80 and that one's gear have an average item level of 180.


The Pit of Saron, accessible only to those who have laid waste to the Forge of Souls' unholy operations, will bring Horde and Alliance forces deeper into the Lich King's domain. Players who venture here will immediately be confronted by the lord of this lair, Scourgelord Tyrannus. But defeating him will not be as easy as it seems. Before they can present a threat to Tyrannus, the adventurers, instructed by their leaders, will need to free enslaved allies who have been trapped by the Scourge. Until that happens, Tyrannus will leave all adversaries to his minions, workers of the citadel's mines. Perhaps the challenges here will lend clues as to the whereabouts of the Lich King's private chambers outside of the Frozen Throne, deep within the Halls of Reflection.

Notably, it is the only Frozen Halls-dungeon which is visually located outside Icecrown Citadel instead of inside it, unlike the two other dungeons. The area which comprises the Pit of Saron is strikingly similar to other outdoor areas in Icecrown; the location of Forgemaster Garfrost looks like Malykriss: The Vile Hold, the location of Krick and Ick like The Fleshwerks, and nearly everything else like the Weeping Quarry. As the Scourge is planning to use the saronite mined in the other mines in Icecrown to build Malykriss, it is likely (although unconfirmed) that this is the case with the saronite mined in Pit of Saron as well.

The events of the dungeon play out in the following quests:

  1. B [25-30D] The Pit of Saron
  2. B [25-30D] The Path to the Citadel
  3. B [25-30D] Deliverance from the Pit

During the Burning Legion's third invasion, the Sveldrek group of vrykul took control of the Pit until being defeated and raised by the Lich King's ally, the Knights of the Ebon Blade, into his servitude.

Dungeon Journal

For many years, champions among the races of Azeroth have stood against the Lich King only to be slaughtered mercilessly and forced to serve in his army of undead horrors. In his ongoing struggle to stop the Lich King, Tirion Fordring of the Argent Crusade has joined forces with Darion Mograine of the Knights of the Ebon Blade in order to assault Icecrown Citadel with a unified army called the Ashen Verdict.

Dungeon denizens

Pit of Saron


IconSmall FleshGiant.gifForgemaster Garfrost
A master of Scourge weaponry, the forgemaster hauls stocks of saronite ore and other precious materials to the cold forges where the mechanisms of death are born. With a host of rime weapons and exotic alloys at his disposal, it could get cold in here.
IconSmall PlagueEruptor.gifIconSmall GnomeDeathKnight Male.gifKrick and Ick
Zombies serve as mindless muscle in the Pit of Saron's mines, stockpiling metals for Forgemaster Garfrost, and Krick -- a devious gnome necromancer -- supervises the operations from atop Ick, Krick's ghastly means of transportation.
IconSmall HumanDeathKnight Male.gifScourgelord Tyrannus
Tyrannus is a terrible force who will no doubt demonstrate his powers to those brave enough to enter the Pit of Saron. The scourgelord must die if players hope to make their way into the third and final wing of this dungeon.


Mob Ability Heroic mode
 Corrupted Champion Skeleton. Raised from Coliseum Champions by Scourgelord Tyrannus. Killed by the faction hero defending herself.
 Deathwhisper Necrolyte Necromancer. Leads a group of six Skeletal Slaves. Casts Shadow Bolts and Conversion Beam.
 Skeletal Slave Skeleton. Group of six non-elites.
 Wrathbone Laborer Bone giant. Solo pulls. Casts Shovelled! on melee and Blinding Dirt on ranged
 Deathwhisper Shadowcaster Cultist. In four-pulls with a torturer and two ghouls. Shadow Bolt and Seed of Corruption
 Deathwhisper Torturer Cultist. In four-pulls with a shadowcaster and two ghouls. Curse of Agony and Black Brand: +50% incoming shadow damage for 10 sec
 Hungering Ghoul Ghoul. In four-pulls with a shadowcaster and a torturer. Devour Flesh: ~2k health/5% stamina transferred to ghoul for 15 sec
 Ymirjar Skycaller Ymirjar. Mounted astride Iceborn Proto-Drakes until aggro. Glacial Strike: 15% damage/3 sec until fully healed. Summons a Whirlwinding Frostblade
 Iceborn Proto-Drake Proto-dragon. Ridden by a skycaller until aggro. Frost Breath.
 Geist Ambusher Geist. Four or five ambush the rescued slaves along the path between the forgemaster and Krick with Leaping Face Smash
 Stonespine Gargoyle Gargoyle. Cannot be attacked until they drag and drop slaves of the other faction.
 Plagueborn Horror Plague eruptor. Solo pulls near Krick/Ick. Toxic Waste patches, Pustulant Flesh debuffs and a kamikaze Blight Bomb near death
 Ymirjar Flamebearer Ymirjar. Summoned by the deathbringer after Krick. Fireball, Tactical Blink (Shadowstep) and Hellfire
 Ymirjar Deathbringer Vrykul. Summons two flamebearrers and a wrathbringer after Krick. Empowered Shadowbolt: hitting two for the price of one
 Ymirjar Wrathbringer Ymirjar. Summoned by the deathbringer after Krick. Blight: Disease. 2k damage per 3 sec for 15; if not cleansed, bounces to another player
 Fallen Warrior Skeletal warrior. After the first two big pulls, groups of two are in the gauntlet. Demoralizing Shout. Shield Block. Arcing Slice (Sunder Armor)
 Wrathbone Coldwraith Skeletal mage. In big pulls before the gauntlet with the fallen warriors. Frostbolt. Freezing Circle.
 Wrathbone Skeleton Skeleton. In the gauntlet. Two weak elites summoned every 30 seconds or so running toward the entrance.
 Disturbed Glacial Revenant Revenant. Heroic mode only. Halfway through the gauntlet. Avalanche


Normal mode
Boss Item Slot Type
Forgemaster Garfrost  [Flayer's Black Belt] Waist Leather agility DPS
 [Garfrost's Two-Ton Hammer] Mace (2H) Strength DPS
 [Ice-Steeped Sandals] Feet Cloth intellect
 [Polished Mirror Helm] Head Mail intellect
 [Ring of Carnelian and Bone] Finger Agility DPS
 [Unspeakable Secret] Staff Spell power
Krick and Ick  [Bent Gold Belt] Waist Plate strength DPS
 [Black Dragonskin Breeches] Legs Mail intellect
 [Krick's Beetle Stabber] Dagger Agility DPS
 [Purloined Wedding Ring] Ring Strength DPS
 [Scabrous Zombie Leather Belt] Waist Mail agility
 [Wristguards of Subterranean Moss] Wrist Cloth intellect
Scourgelord Tyrannus  [Cloak of the Fallen Cardinal] Back Intellect
 [Gondria's Spectral Bracer] Wrist Mail agility DPS
 [Horns of the Spurned Val'kyr] Head Mail agility DPS
 [Painfully Sharp Choker] Neck Strength DPS
 [Palebone Robes] Chest Cloth intellect
 [Protector of Frigid Souls] Shield Intellect
 [Rimebane Rifle] Gun Agility DPS
 [Rimewoven Silks] Legs Cloth intellect
 [Scourgelord's Frigid Chestplate] Chest Plate strength tank
 [Shaggy Wyrmleather Leggings] Legs Leather agility DPS
 [Shroud of Rime] Chest Mail intellect
 [Skeleton Lord's Cranium] Head Plate strength DPS
Trash mobs  [Coffin Nail] Wand Intellect
 [Mantle of Tattered Feathers] Shoulder Cloth intellect
 [Plated Grips of Korth'azz] Hands Plate strength DPS
 [Titanium Links of Lore] Waist Plate strength tank
Heroic mode
Boss Item Slot Type
Forgemaster Garfrost  [Barbed Ymirheim Choker] Neck Agility DPS
 [Legguards of the Frosty Depths] Legs Plate intellect
 [Malykriss Vambraces] Wrist Plate strength DPS
 [Shoulderplates of Frozen Blood] Shoulder Plate strength tank
 [Spurned Val'kyr Shoulderguards] Shoulder Mail agility DPS
 [Surgeon's Needle] Dagger Spell power
Krick and Ick  [Ancient Polar Bear Hide] Chest Cloth DPS
 [Blackened Ghoul Skin Leggings] Legs Mail intellect
 [Braid of Salt and Fire] Waist Cloth intellect
 [Chewed Leather Wristguards] Wrist Leather agility DPS
 [Felglacier Bolter] Crossbow Agility DPS
 [Ick's Rotting Thumb] Trinket Dodge
Scourgelord Tyrannus  [Band of Stained Souls] Finger Agility DPS
 [Belt of Rotted Fingernails] Waist Mail agility DPS
 [Engraved Gargoyle Femur] Staff Spell power
 [Fleshwerk Leggings] Legs Leather agility DPS
 [Frost Wyrm Ribcage] Chest Plate strength DPS
 [Icebound Bronze Cuirass] Chest Plate strength tank
 [Mudslide Boots] Feet Mail intellect
 [Nevermelting Ice Crystal] Trinket Intellect
 [Prelate's Snowshoes] Feet Cloth intellect
 [Rimefang's Claw] Sword (1H) Strength tank
 [Rusty Frozen Fingerguards] Hands Plate intellect
 [Tyrannical Beheader] Axe (2H) Strength DPS
Trash drops  [Ghostly Wristwraps] Wrist Leather intellect
 [Seven-Fingered Claws] Fist weapon Agility DPS
 [Unsharpened Ice Razor] Dagger Agility DPS



Heroic at Level 85

As with the Forge of Souls, all trash mobs are soloable by most classes for those farming for  [Battered Hilt] or gold (about half will drop in excess of one gold). While the first two bosses are in out-of-the-way locations and easily skippable, both must be defeated to open the gauntlet cave leading to the Scourgelord. Some classes should be able to solo them.



For a brief time, between the introduction of Battle for Azeroth's Patch 8.0.1, the pit saw a number of weird bugs. The issues were fixed with the July 24th Hotfix, but a list containing many of the observed bugs can be found here.

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