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Plague House remnants, also called colossal goos,[1] are mindless beings of animated slime found in Maldraxxus. As the name suggests, they were formed after the destruction of the House of Plagues when some of the house's most wretched experiments congealed into animated creatures.[2] Same can be seen being created by the survivors of the House of Plagues in Plague Watch.

Margrave Stradama was transformed into a monstrous new form and driven mad by the explosion[3] instead of being a mindless being like the others.


  • These creatures (internally referred to as slime behemoths) were created by artist Kenny McBride, who was inspired by the Undercity's slime canals and the Heigan the Unclean boss encounter in Naxxramas and got the idea of souls who were consumed by slime and then congealed into skeletal creatures held together into an ooze construct.[4]
  • They have the same animations as the Kul Tiran male model.



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