NeutralPlagued Hatchlings
Start Betina Bigglezink
End Betina Bigglezink
Level 58 (Requires 55)
Type Dungeon
Category Scholomance
Experience 13500 (or 81s at max level)
Reputation +1000 Argent Dawn
Rewards 90s

Plagued Hatchlings requires you to enter Scholomance and slay the plagued wyrmlings which dwell within.


Kill 20 Plagued Hatchlings, then return to Betina Bigglezink at the Light's Hope Chapel.


The Argent Dawn recently learned that the Scourge are creating their own plagued dragonflight! We must stop them—if the Scourge gain a force of dragons they'll sweep across Azeroth unchecked!

Their necromancers are breeding plagued dragons at the Scholomance, in the middle of Darrowmere Lake.

Go to the Scholomance and kill as many hatchlings as you can... before they get any bigger!


Well done, <name>! It'll be a long time before they can grow another clutch of dragons.

...At least, I hope it will!


  • 90s



Completing this quest allows the player to loot Healthy Dragon Scales from Plagued Hatchlings. Note that these scales are not unique and that the quest they give, N [58D] Healthy Dragon Scale, is repeatable.

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