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Image of Plaguemaw
Gender Male
Race Skeletal bird of prey (Undead)
Level 111 Rare Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Naglfar, Maw of Souls
Status Killable

Plaguemaw is a skeletal bird of prey located aboard the Naglfar in Maw of Souls while the world quest Maw of Souls: From Hell's Mouth is available. Odyn seeks his death.


  • Inv misc rylakclaw.png  Rip To Shreds — Tears at the target's flesh over 5 sec, inflicting 8 Physical damage every half-second. 
  • Ability creature disease 03.png  Ravenous Bite — Bites a target with a diseased beak, inflicting 10 Nature damage, snaring targets by 30%, and inflicting 1 Nature damage every second for 6 sec. 

Objective of


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Entering the Maw of Souls
Odyn says: Plaguemaw scours the seas of Helheim, leaving only carrion in his wake. Destroy this menace!
Odyn says: The mortals within Stormheim are forever in your debt. Come, claim your prize.

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