Plainstrider Menace

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HordePlainstrider Menace
Start Halga Bloodeye
End Halga Bloodeye
Level 12 (Requires 9)
Category Northern Barrens
Experience 910
Reputation +250 Orgrimmar
Rewards 5s (+5s 40c at max level)
Shareable Yes


Collect 7 Plainstrider Beaks.


Are you familiar with plainstriders? Useless animals. Can't fly. Gamey. Brain the size of my knuckle. Too dim to get out of the way of a moving cart. I've broken more axles thanks to their thick skulls... Sometimes I think the quilboar intentionally frighten flocks of them into the path of our caravans just prior to an ambush.

Make me proud, <class>. Cut a swath through those filthy birds to keep the roads free, and bring me their beaks as proof.


You will receive: 5s (+5s 40c at max level)


Have you collected the plainstrider beaks?


Very good, <name>. That's one less thing to worry about on the road.


Pre-Cata description

Your first prey will be easy.

The plainstriders to the east have been harassing our food supplies and have become a nuisance.

Put down the plainstriders and return to me with their beaks.

Patch changes


  1. H [12] In Defense of Far Watch
  2. H [5-30] Crossroads Caravan Pickup

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