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The cosmic forces, some of the main realms and the denizens of the universe.

Planes, also known as dimensions,[1] realms of existence[2] or simply realms, are cosmic regions within the Warcraft universe. Besides reality and its physical realm, six cosmic forces form the universe. All these forces push and pull against one another in an unending tug of war, constantly vying for power over each other. If one fell, all worlds would fall into chaos.[3][4]

The multiverse is a term used to refer to all the possible universes in World of Warcraft.[5][6]

Great Dark Beyond

Main article: Great Dark Beyond

The Great Dark Beyond represents the mortal and the physical universe. It is an infinite living realm composed of innumerable stars, worlds, moons, and mortal civilizations. Azeroth is found in it, and it is merely one of the countless worlds drifting through vast reaches of the Great Dark.[2][7]

The physical world is referred to as the material world or corporeal realm[8] and is in contrast with the realm of spirits.[9][10][11][12]

Twisting Nether

Main article: Twisting Nether

The Twisting Nether is the astral plane between worlds that lies in parallel with the Great Dark Beyond. The forces of Light and Void bleed together at its boundaries, engulfing the Twisting Nether in perpetual strife. Sometimes, the volatile energies that pervade the Nether intrude upon the physical universe, warping reality beyond measure.[2]

Emerald Dream

Main article: Emerald Dream

The Emerald Dream is an ethereal realm of spirits and untamed nature that exists alongside Azeroth. The titanic keepers forged it to act as a map for the evolutionary path of Azeroth's flora and fauna. As life ebbs and flows across the physical world, the spiritual energies that stature the Dream keep pace with it.[2]


Main article: Shadowlands

The Shadowlands are nightmarish realms of decay, labyrinthine spiritual planes teeming with the souls of the dead who have passed from the world of the living. They have existed ever since mortal life arose in the physical universe.[2] Its main realms are Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, and the Maw.

The In-Between separates and surrounds the realms of the Shadowlands, and the Veil is the border between the Shadowlands and the living world.

Light and Void

Main articles: Light, Void

Pure Light and Shadow dwell in a realm outside the borders of reality, but shades of their presence are found in the physical universe as well as engulf the Twisting Nether in perpetual chaos. Light and Shadow are the most fundamental cosmic forces in existence predating the physical universe. Although contradictory in nature, they are bound together on a cosmic scale as one cannot exist without the other.[13] The Void realm is visited in alternate Draenor and on Argus.


Main article: Ny'alotha

Ny'alotha is a realm inhabited by the Old Gods and their minions. It is separated from the physical world by a thin veil.[14]

Pocket dimensions

Pocket dimensions[15][16] (or dimensional pockets)[17] seem to be little parts of a dimension secluded by magic.

Elemental Plane

Main article: Elemental Plane

The Elemental Plane is the home of all elementals that were removed from Azeroth when the titan-forged Ra and Helya created four interlinked domains within a pocket dimension, imprisoning them millennia ago.[18]

Halls of Valor and Helheim

Main articles: Halls of Valor, Helheim

Helya called upon the same powers she had used to secure the Elemental Plane and sealed off Odyn's fortress—the Halls of Valor—with an impregnable, magical barrier. She then proceeded to create Helheim as an enchanted refuge for herself and the other Val'kyr far below the Halls.[19]

De Other Side

Main article: Other Side

De Other Side is Bwonsamdi's pocket dimension in the Shadowlands.

Other pocket dimensions

Other realms

These realms exist but there is not much known about them:

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.
Main article: Plane (RPG)


  • In the Warcraft universe there have been some quotes about the "Heavens" and "Hell". These are likely flavor lore.
  • The Old Gods ruled over the primal (first, original) plane until the coming of the titans.[42] This likely means the Great Dark Beyond.
  • Murmur came from a dimension of the cosmos unfathomable to mortal minds.
  • The Reliquary owns a "Grand Vault" the location of which is a closely-guarded secret. Some believe it is not even on this plane of existence.[43]
  • When Garrosh Hellscream had Theramore Isle destroyed with a mana bomb, its arcane power caused anomalies of realities and dimensions ripped asunder. One could even glimpse other worlds.[44]
  • The void revenants are a race of parasitic void-beings that tear holes through the planes of reality, consuming and absorbing the energies and beings within.[45]
  • Warp Shades partially tear an enemy into another dimension.
  • Aluneth is a strange, fickle and powerful entity of pure arcane energy hailing from another realm of existence that was brought to the Nexus when blue dragons at some point while manipulating the fabric of reality tapped into this other realm and made contact with the strange arcane entity.[46]
  • Consumers of souls in Brawler's Guilds are seen in an alternate dimension[47] by wearing special goggles.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Planes for all the cosmic forces?

As the Shadowlands is the cosmic realm of Death there could be realms for the other cosmic forces. There are some hints to that possibility:

  • Nathrezim were forged to be the ultimate infiltrators, they bore the influence of Death into the realms of Death's rivals as well as the worlds of the living.[49]
  • A Stubborn Animate in the Ossein Foundry mentions fighting "Emissaries of the Light, minions of the Void, meddlers from the Gardens of Life... all have fallen before me! Soon the very planes of reality will kneel to my greatness!"[50] The "Gardens of Life" could be a name for a realm of the cosmic force of Life, or perhaps a different name for the Emerald Dream.
  • Steve Danuser in interview statements indicate a possibility of planes for other cosmic forces:
    • Where do Naaru go when they die?: “So that same rule that we established in Legion for a being of an influence goes back, if it’s killed in the mortal realm, or some other realm, it goes back to its home realm, it’s home plane if you will. That is true of demons and it’s true of other forces as well. So if Naaru are fighting in the mortal realm, for example, and a Naaru is struck down its essence would go back to the realm of Light and would be reconstituted there“.[51]
    • "Remember that while the history of Azeroth is one part of our storyline, the universe that Azeroth inhabits is much much much older and places like the Shadowlands, or other realms that are on that cosmology chart, date back to the very beginnings of this universe".[51]
    • There could be a titan homeworld or homeworlds as players have so far seen titan influence only on Azeroth expressions and on Elunaria.[52] If so this could be in the Great Dark or on a realm of the cosmic force of Order.
    • With the Void kind of like Shadowlands we have dipped our toes into pockets that are supposed be Void or Void adjacent.[53]
  • The Twisting Nether could be the realm of the cosmic force of Disorder.
  • The Emerald Dream could be the realm of the cosmic force of Life, or a part of it.

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