• Plans: Pyrium Weapon Chain
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Teaches you how to make a Pyrium Weapon Chain.
    • Pyrium Weapon Chain
    • Binds when equipped
    • Use: Attaches a chain to your weapon, reducing the duration of Disarm effects by 60% and increasing your hit rating by 40. Does not stack with other similar effects.
      Attaching the weapon chain causes the weapon to become soulbound.
    • Requires Level 81
    • 1 Charge
  • Pyrium Bar (10)
  • Requires Blacksmithing (500)

Used to create  [Pyrium Weapon Chain], which can be applied by all to weapons.


This item is usable by Blacksmiths with a skill level of 500 or above.

It is sold for 20  [Hardened Elementium Bar] by Alliance Brundall Chiselgut <Metal Trader>[79, 76] and Horde Kuldar Steeltooth <Metal Trader>[77, 53].

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