NeutralPlayin' With Dolls
Start Zungam
End Griftah
Level 70 (Requires 70)
Type Raid
Category Zul'Aman
Rewards  [Charmed Amani Jewel]
Previous N [70] A Troll Among Trolls


Take the Tattered Voodoo Doll to Griftah in Shattrath City.


I'm touched, <name>, an' dat be da truth. I'm not rememberin' the last time a <race> helped Zungam outta trouble.

I snatched this from one of them savages when he was busy chainin' me up. It don't look like much, but if anyone can determine its worth, it be my good friend, Griftah!

If ya be makin' it outta here alive, it might be worth takin' this to him out in Shattrath City.


You will receive:


Hey, <name>! I hear ya been workin' yer way into Budd's crew. Ya won't live to regret that move, friend, I can promise ya that.

Whatcha got there, mon?


Hey now, where ya be gettin' this?

No, no, don't tell me - this be comin' from the Hex-Lord himself! It all be clear now. Strong mojo! The bearer of this relic, no matter how many disgraces he be sufferin', be always honored by his peers. Incredible!

<As Griftah holds the doll in the air, a small, rusty charm falls from around its neck. The troll begins to discard it, but then turns toward you with a gleam in his eye.>

I gots no coins right now, mon, but ya be welcome to this here...

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  1. N [70R] Tuskin' Raiders
  2. N [70] A Troll Among Trolls
  3. N [70R] Playin' With Dolls

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