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The subject of this article or section is part of Children's Week, a seasonal event that lasts one week. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next year, but there are no guarantees.

Start Wolvar Orphan
End Wolvar Orphan
Level 10-60
Category Children's Week
Previous N [10-60] Little Orphan Kekek Of The Wolvar
Next N [10-60] The Dragon Queen
N [10-60] The Mighty Hemet Nesingwary

This is one of the Children's Week quests where you escort the Frenzyheart Wolvar orphan Kekek.

All three of Playmates!, The Bronze Dragonshrine and N [10-60] Home Of The Bear-Men must be completed to progress to the next pair of quests.


Take your orphan, Kekek, to visit Snowfall Glade [46, 60] in Dragonblight. Make sure to call him if he is not present when you get there.

  • Kekek taken to visit Snowfall Glade.


Kekek think there not enough other pups living with orphan-lady. Maybe we go visit some others?

Kekek know a tribe that lives in Dragonblight, at a place called Snowfall Glade. You know? Snowfall Glade north of walrus-men town of Moa'ki Harbor and south of Ruby Dragonshrine.

<Kekek scowls at the mention of the tuskarr.>

You take Kekek there, to some of the villages there. Maybe we meet new wolvar, show them how fierce Frenzyheart are!


You take Kekek to Snowfall Glade now?


Kekek like new Snowfall friends, maybe come back and go hunting together sometime. Maybe we go tip over walrus-men when they sleeping.


Land somewhere in Snowfall Glade not near any hostile mobs and summon Kekek. You can also summon Kekek, mount on your flying mount and fly close to the ground; he will easily keep up, and you can hover out of reach of any Snowfall wolvar. A Snowfall Glade Playmate will spawn and run towards Kekek.

Wolvar Orphan says: Look!
Snowfall Glade Playmate says: Better watch out!
The playmate tosses a snowball at Kekek.
Snowfall Glade Playmate says: Got you good!
Kekek tosses a snowball back at the playmate.
Wolvar Orphan says: Got you back!
A few more snowballs go flying back and forth.
Wolvar Orphan says: Good snowball fight!


  1. N [10-60] Little Orphan Kekek Of The Wolvar
  2. Complete all of:
  3. Complete both:
  4. N [10-60] A Visit To The Wonderworks
  5. N [10-60] Back To The Orphanage

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