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NeutralPleasure-Bot 8000
Image of Pleasure-Bot 8000
Race Clockwork giant (Mechanical)
Level 40
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Duskfall Island, Talador[62.8, 50.4][64.2, 47.8]
Status Active
Relative(s) Torben Zapblast/Ziz Fizziks (creator)
Lives for the finest things in life. Kills with the finest things in life.
 [Follower: Pleasure-Bot 8000]

Pleasure-Bot 8000 is a clockwork giant initially located on Duskfall Island in Talador. It was originally created by Torben Zapblast/Ziz Fizziks (depending on your faction) to gather "Draenor truffles" but broke after it swam through a lake, shorting its power fluctuator. After Torben/Ziz asks the adventurer to gather sacs from electric eels in the nearby lake, the robot comes alive but rejects its creator. It instead calls the adventurer its "owner" and offers its services as a follower.[1]

The bot can be seen watching fights between garrison commanders in the Coliseum of Highmaul.



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Follower gossip
  • Greetings, commander. May I interest you in a massage?
  • Need some assistance?
  • It's my...pleasure to serve you!
  • Commander, your clothing appears to be dirty. Allow me to clean them for you.
  • I was made to serve!

Notes and trivia

  • During the beta, Pleasure-Bot 8000 was named Battle-Bot 8000. The old name is still present in B [94] New Owner.
  • Pleasure-Bot is prominently featured in the T.I.N.D.R. Box feature, the follower dating system that was "announced" as part of 2015 April Fools.

Patch changes


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