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NeutralPlunder Isle
Plunder Isle Legends
Capital(s) Neutral Bloodsail Hold
Races Many, who became pirates
Ruler(s) Unknown
Affiliation Bloodsail Buccaneers
Location South Seas

Plunder Isle is an island located in the eastern section of the South Seas. It is under the control of the Bloodsail Buccaneers and their capital of Bloodsail Hold is located here. After the undead pirate captain Jerias Bloodvein subdued and trained James Blackridge, Liam, and Bram Woodring, the captain sailed the Garrote to the isle where they could unload their loot, reprovision the ship, and the crew got to rest and relax for a few days.[1]

In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The small Plunder Isle holds little of distinction. Dangerous creatures inhabit its jungles and caves but most importantly, the island is also the home base of a pirate group called the Bloodsail Buccaneers. This odious bunch of thieves and murderers maintain a keep known as Bloodsail Hold and their ships strike out from there. Plunder Isle's other dangers provide a sort of natural protection for the pirates, and they remain safe there to conduct their nefarious schemes.[2]

Murlocs, basilisks and pirates provide ample opportunities for adventurers looking to test their mettle. While the Bloodsail Buccaneers are despicable people, their leader, Duke Falrevere, always has a use for those willing to thwart his enemies.[3]


Nothing of particular historical significance has happened on Plunder Isle. Murlocs and basilisks have lived here for a long time, and in more recent times (say 5 to 10 years ago), the Bloodsail Buccaneers arrived here after Duke Falrevere abandoned Lordaeron and Kul Tiras, believing the Scourge's ravage of his home was due to humanity becoming friends with the elves and dwarves. Thus, Falrevere decided he would not be part of that land's folly anymore. He wanted to reestablish his estate elsewhere and so he went to the South Seas looking for a tropical island. A month later, Falrevere found Plunder Isle and began construction of his new fortress, Bloodsail Hold. Once a stalwart Lordaeron noble, Duke Falrevere became a professional pirate lord.[4]

When Brann Bronzebeard was exploring the isle, one night a basilisk snuck into his camp, and met the eyes of the poor gryphon Gryphadin before the dwarf could do anything about it. He slew the basilisk, but Gryphadin had become a regal-looking gryphon statue. As handsome as he was, Brann needed him to get himself off the island, so he used a packet of magic dust to restore him.[2]

Ogrik Wolfclaw, a shaman from Orgrimmar, last saw his sister over a year ago; she was setting out to explore the South Seas. Worried about her fate, Ogrik consulted the spirits and divined that she now exists on Plunder Isle. "Dead but not dead", came the cryptic response. Ogrik believed that she had been turned to stone by the basilisks of Plunder Isle. He hired a group of adventurers and entrusted them with a box, supposedly full of spirits that will turn flesh back to stone, stating to open it when they were near her. If they could not find her alive, or were unable to restore her, they were instructed instead to recover her axe, which is a Wolfclaw family heirloom. Once on the island, the adventurers found out Ogrik's sister had been indeed turned to stone, and her statue now existed in the Den of the Cold Eye. Problems arose when the heroes opened the box and the spirits stroke throughout the complex, restoring all those who were once stone. Anarchy reign as the disparate groups battled for the cave' treasure, fighting out old rivalries, and desperately trying to avoid being turned to stone again. Complicating matters further, Ogrik's sister turn out to be a traitor who was planning on slaying Ogrik and taking his valuable shamanistic materials when she returned.[3]



Plunder Isle in Lands of Mystery.

Plunder Isle is a small tropical island directly east of Kezan and southeast of Zandalar. Its rocky coasts are inhospitable and it has no natural bays. The place is covered mostly in palm trees, other tropical foliage, and bare rock. A misty rain falls at about 3:00 every afternoon, but otherwise the climate is warm and sunny. Of the South Seas islands, Plunder Isle is the closest to the mainland (Azeroth, in this case). Booty Bay is the closest mainland port, to Plunder Isle's northeast. Many of the basilisks make the Den of the Cold Eye their home, and the stone statues of unfortunate adventurers can be found there.[3]

Murlocs inhabit the coasts and the interior, menacing all who come close. The island is also home to a thriving population of basilisks, who enjoy the warm climate. These creatures can be found sunning themselves on rocks and beaches; when the cold-blooded lizards get too hot, they retreat to the cool of the numerous caves. These beasts are very dangerous as basilisks' gaze can turn you to stone, through and through. "Statues" of former adventurers stand in the jungles throughout Plunder Isle, many covered with green creepers and moss.[2]


  • During the Battle for Azeroth beta, a map labeled as Plunder Isle was datamined but did not appear in the game.[5] It contained no terrain.
  • A Warcraft III map with the same name exists.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Hiji shares the same general shape and roughly the same location as Plunder Isle in early depictions of the later island in World of Warcraft and in the non-canon RPG books. It is unknown if it was originally intended to be the same place, though Plunder Isle's first canon appearance in the Bloodsail Buccaneer comic differ from its early depictions.