Podcasting is the method of distributing multimedia files, such as audio programs or music videos, over the Internet using either the RSS or Atom syndication formats, for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. The term podcast, like "radio," can mean both the content and the method of delivery. The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster. Though podcasters' web sites may also offer direct download or streaming of their files, a podcast is distinguished by its ability to be downloaded automatically using software capable of reading RSS or Atom feeds.

Usually a podcast features one type of “show,” with new episodes released either sporadically or at planned intervals such as daily or weekly. In addition, there are podcast networks that feature multiple shows on the same feed.

Even before the World of Warcraft was live, WoW Radio was on the air talking about the game. In time, other early podcasts started up like World of Warcast, Taverncast, and World of Podcast. Some of these early podcasts are still updating, some have changed subject matter, and others have podfaded. Today, Warcraft has over seventy active podcasts produced mostly in English but also French, Russian, Swedish, etc.

Popular WoW podcasts of note are: All Things Azeroth, Auction House Junkies, Blizzard Watch, Convert To Raid, Lore Watch, Outlandish, The Instance, The Rawrcast Show, Twisted Nether Blogcast, and World of Warcast. These podcasts as well as the others on the list cover a variety of topics such as gold making, raiding, lore, news of the week, guilds, and much more.


Name First Episode Feed
30 Minute Cooldown 2012/10/04 RSS Feed
A Paladin's Tale 2013/01/13 RSS Feed
A Question of Gluttony 2010/11/10 RSS Feed
All Pets Allowed 2013/10/13 RSS Feed
All Things Azeroth 2007/01/15 RSS Feed
Alternative Chat 2013/09/08 RSS Feed
Amove Radio 2013/09/10 RSS Feed
Area of Effect 2013/12/10 RSS Feed
Ask Buxley 2008/09/21 Itunes
Azeroth in 5 2014/01/08 RSS Feed
Azeroth Pirate Radio 2013/03/08 RSS Feed
Azeroth Roundtable 2013/04/04 RSS Feed
Battle Pets with Alludra and Kephas 2012/07/12 RSS Feed
Behind the Avatar 2013/12/10 RSS Feed
Bind on Equip Podcast 2008/11/18 RSS Feed
Bitter and Salty 2012/10/04 RSS Feed
BlizzCast 2008/01/10 RSS Feed
BlizzPlanet: The Week of Warcraft 2012/04/20 Youtube
Blizzard Watch 2015/02/04
But Wait! There's Lore 2009/05/09 Youtube Channel[1]
Chaos Portal Podcast 2012/11/17 RSS Feed
Convert To Raid 2011/06/23 RSS Feed
Ctrl Alt WoW 2006/12/23 RSS Feed
Darkmoon Herald[2] 2012/03/21 RSS Feed
Elusive Brew 2012/09/12 RSS Feed
Epic Podcast 2010/11/10 RSS Feed
Epic Questions 2013/01/07 RSS Feed
Fel-Tron 2012/11/16 RSS Feed
Follow the Leader 2012/04/27 RSS Feed
Girls gone WoW 2010/12/15 RSS Feed
Gchat 2012/06/10 RSS Feed
Gkick 2010/10/11 RSS Feed
GQuick 2012/11/4 N/A
Grand Old Podcast 2011/05/26 RSS Feed
GroupQuest 2009/06/06 RSS Feed
Hearthcast 2009/02/17 RSS Feed
Hearthstone Cast 2013/03/23 RSS Feed
Heals and Headshots 2011/11/02 RSS Feed
Holy Shatt 2011/06/30 N/A
Horde for Life 2011/01/08 RSS Feed
Horde House 2010/11/11 RSS Feed
Leetsauced Podcast 2010/09/24 RSS Feed
Legendary 2010/10/15 RSS Feed
Let's WoW Podcast 2013/02/25 RSS Feed
Lore Watch 2015/07/26
Low Pop WoW 2013/02/20 RSS Feed
MegaMinute 2012/07/05 RSS Feed
Middlefinger Podcast 2011/05/04 RSS Feed
Mod Minute 2011/06/16 RSS Feed
My Epic Heals 2011/03/11 RSS Feed
Out Of Mana Podcast 2013/01/13 RSS Feed
Outlandish Podcast 2009/02/04 RSS Feed
Power Word Gold 2011/04/15 RSS Feed
Ready Check[3] 2013/03/12 RSS Feed
Realm Maintenance Microcast 2012/08/13 RSS Feed
Sheep Moon 2012/08/03 RSS Feed
slash/grats 2012/06/29 RSS Feed
Spare Parts 2012/04/23 RSS Feed
Stopcast 2010/06/10 RSS Feed
Stunlocked 2012/11/04 N/A
Tauren Think-Tank 2012/05/11 RSS Feed
Team Waffle Podcast 2011/01/02 RSS Feed
The Addicted[4] 2009/08/04 RSS Feed
The AIE Podcast 2008/06/03 RSS Feed
The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast 2012/04/20 RSS Feed
The Happy Hour Roundtable 2013/05/05 RSS Feed
The Hardcore Casuals 2013/05/08 N/A
The Instance 2006/01/06 RSS Feed
The Mana Cooler 2010/07/10 RSS Feed
The Obscurecast 2010/05/13 RSS Feed
The Overlores 2011/01/16 RSS Feed
The Rawrcast Show[5] 2009/01/11 RSS Feed
The Starting Zone 2009/03/25 RSS Feed
The Sundering 2010/07/25 RSS Feed
The Training Dummies 2012/06/22 RSS Feed
Triumph: A World of Warcraft Podcast 2012/05/14 RSS Feed
Twisted Nether Blogcast 2008/05/27 RSS Feed
Twizzcast 2012/04/15 RSS Feed
Vote2Kick 2012/02/07 RSS Feed
Warcraft Less Traveled 2010/04/12 RSS Feed
Warcraft Lounge 2010/11/15 RSS Feed
Warcraft Trolls 2012/08/16 RSS Feed
Warcraft Well Read 2013/01/08 RSS Feed
World of Warcast 2005/07/02 RSS Feed
WoW Insider Show 2007/09/01 RSS Feed
WoW Pet Battle Crew 2012/12/31 RSS Feed
WoW Uncensored 2012/08/09 RSS Feed
Your WoW Money 2012/12/08 RSS Feed

Non-English podcasts

These podcasts are all currently being updated and in the language under which they are listed.

Name First Episode Feed Language Podcast 2011/10/30 Itunes Czech (čeština)
Blizztalk 2009/09/03 RSS Feed French (Français)
Le Podcast des Kaluaks 2010/11/09 RSS Feed French (Français)
WoW-News 2008/08/12 RSS Feed French (Français)
Buffedcast 2006/08/24 RSS Feed German (Deutsch)
Manaflask 2011/08/?? Itunes German (Deutsch)
Ninjacast 2010/04/12 RSS Feed German (Deutsch)
WoWCast 2011/07/31 RSS Feed German (Deutsch)
Xass und Vanions Podcast 2010/07/27 RSS Feed German (Deutsch)
Los Murlocos 2011/8/16 Youtube Portuguese (português)
Russian World of Warcraft Radio 2011/01/13 RSS Feed Russian (русский)
Las Aventuras de Perle 2009/11/27 YouTube Spanish (Español)
Pastando en Mulgore 2010/11/19 Itunes Spanish (Español)
WoW SFera 2010/07/27 Itunes Spanish (Español)
Fredagsraiden 2010/09/21 RSS Feed Swedish (Svenska)

Podcasts which have ended or no longer cover Warcraft

Name Date Started Date Ended Final Post/Farewell Archive
1 Hit 2010 (11)November 2012 (05)May N/A N/A
1% Wipe 2011 (02)February 2012 (03March farewell N/A
2 and a Half Horde 2011 (04)April 2011 (05)May N/A Archive
5 Gaming Things 2011/03/03 Still Active N/A RSS Feed[6]
Addicted to Azeroth 2011 (04)April 2011 (09)September Good Bye N/A
Arcanum of Azeroth 2012 (05)June 2013 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
Ascension of the Phoenix Podcast 2011 (01)January 2012 (02)February N/A RSS Feed
Auction House Junkies 2011 (01)January 2012 (08)August N/A N/A
Audio Aggro 2011 (03)March 2011 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
Azeroth.FR(FR) 2006 (09)September 2010 (12)December March 2, 2011 RSS Feed
Azeroth After Hours 2013 (02)February 2013 (02)February N/A You Tube
Azeroth Daily 2010 (12)December 2011 (05)May Final post Youtube Channel
Azeroth Food Epidemic 2011 (02)February 2012 (04)April N/A RSS Feed
Bande de Noobs!(FR) 2008 (08)Augest 2010 (04)April N/A N/A
Beyond The Numbers 2011 (04)April 2011 (12)December N/A Youtube Channel
Bifactional 2012 (03)March 2012 (05)May N/A N/A
Big Crits 2010 (06)June 2011 (02)Feburary N/A YouTube Channel
Blight Night 2012/02/22 2013 (02)February status of the podcast RSS Feed
Blessing of Frost Podcast 2010 (11)November 2013 (02)February Final episode} RSS Feed
Blizz Blues 2011 (01)January 2012 (06)July N/A RSS Feed
Blue Plz! 2005 (05)May 2011 (06)June Final wow post WCRadio Archive
Blundermine 2011 (09)September 2011 (11)November N/A Youtube
BRK Podcast 2008 (08)August 2009 (03)March N/A N/A
Call to Auction 2009 (10)October 2013 (06)June N/A RSS Feed
Casual WoW 2007 (06)June 2008 (07)July N/A N/A
Casual Warcrafting Video N/A 2011 (03)March Final Post Archive
Casually Casual Cast 2012 (11)November 2013 (12)December N/A N/A
Caverns of Lore 2012 (10)October 2013 (03)March N/A N/A
CASTaclysm: A World of Warcraft Podcast 2010 (04)April 2010 (10)October October 25, 2010 Archive
Casual Warcrafting 2010 (03)March 2011 (10)October N/A N/A
Casually Hardcore 2007 (08)August Ongoing N/A RSS Feed
CataCast Podcast 2010 (12)December 2011 (06)June N/A Itunes
Circle of Healing 2010 (12)December 2011 (06)June N/A RSS Feed
Citizen Azeroth 2010 (04)April 2011 (02)February N/A N/A
Courageous Crit Inc Podcast 2010 (11)November 2011 (01)January Last Post Archive
Crafting Azeroth 2012/07/12 2013 (02)Bursary N/A RSS Feed
Critical Damage[7] 2011 (02)February 2011 (07)July Last show RSS Feed
Crusaders for NuTemple 2009 (09)November 2011 (02)February N/A Archive
Deck Tease 2012/07/09 Ongoing N/A RSS Feed
Dregcast [8] 2009 (06)June 2011 (03)March N/A
Editors of Azeroth 2010 (07)July 2010 (08)August August 31, 2010 RSS
Elune's Grace Podcast 2007 (02)February 2009 (05)May Farewell Post
Emperor’s Court 2005 (04)April Ongoing N/A Feed
End game 2010 (05)May 2011 (06)June N/A N/A
Epic Dolls 2007 (08)August 2009 (07)July Farewell Post RSS
Epic Shardz 2007 (10)October 2011 (11)November N/A RSS Feed
ER L.O.R.E. 2011 (04)April N/A N/A N/A
Essence of RP 2008 (08)August 2012 (09)September N/A Youtube[9], [10]
Fabulous Flames 2012 (02)February 2012 (04)April N/A RSS Feed
Fermenting Azeroth 2013 (03)March 2013 (11)November N/A N/A
Flagged PvP Podcast 2013 (01)January 2013 (02)February N/A RSS Feed
For the Hoard 2010 (03)March 2011 (05)May N/A Site archive
For the Horde Radio 2007 (08)August 2010 (11)November Farewell Post RSS
Forum Junkies 2011 (07)July 2012 (04)April N/A RSS Feed
G-Chat: The Optimus Luminarium Podcast 2008 (07)July 2008 (08)August N/A Podcast Directory
Gaia No Podcast 2010 (03)March 2011 (01)January Lost post Archive1, Archieve2
Gaming Worlds Collide 2009 (03)March 2010 (12)December N/A RSS Feed
Goblin Bomb Squad 2011 (05)May 2011 (05)May N/A Itunes
The Guardian Tank Podcast 2010 (06)June 2012 (08)August Farewell post N/A
Guild Chat Podcast 2010 (10)October 2011 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
Hard Enrage 2011 (07)July 2012 (12)January N/A RSS Feed
Hearthstone Tavern 2009 (06)June 2010 (09)September Farewell Post Archive
Havoccast 2011 (03)March 2011 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
How I Wow 2008 (03)March 2009 (09)September N/A
I Hearth Geeks 2010 (12)December 2011 (06)June N/A RSS Feed
Hunting Party Podcast 2009 (01)January 2013 (03)March Final Episode RSS Feed
I'd Rather be Leveling 2010 (12)December 2011 (08)August N/A RSS Feed
Inside Azeroth 2009 (05)May 2010 (07)July Farewell Podcast Libsyn
In The World: A World of Warcraft Podcast 2007 (08)August 2009 (04)April April 30, 2009 Show Archives
Juuno and Pixie 2013 (03)March 2013 (10)October N/A RSS Feed
Know Your Role[11] 2004 (11)November 2006 (08)August Farewell
L90URP 2012/09/10 2013 (03)March Break RSS Feed
Le Clair'Mag 2011 (02)February 2011 (07)July N/A N/A
Le Père Bugli 2010 (08)August 2011 (04)April N/A N/A
Legendary Thread: 1UP's World of WarCraft Podcast 2007 (01)January 2008 (12)December December 23, 2008 Archive
Let's WoW 2013 (02)February 2013 (05)May N/A RSS Feed
Leveling Azeroth 2010 (02)February 2012 (01)January N/A RSS Feed
Link the Meter 2011 (02)February 2011 (03)March N/A N/A
Liquid WoW 2010 (06)June 2012 (01)January Final Episode RSS Feed
Living in SIN Podcast 2011 (12)December 2012 (08)August N/A N/A
Lorecast[12] 2010 (03)March 2012 (01)January N/A Archive
Lore Stories 2011 (02)February 2012 (08)August N/A N/A
Love to the Guild Leader 2011 (02)February 2011 (11)November N/A N/A
LNN Podcast 2010 (10)October 2011 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
LRN2-WoW 2011/07/17 2011 (08)August N/A N/A
Matticast 2010 (12)December 2011 (07)July Status of the show RSS Feed
Molsan Method Podcast 2010 (02)February 2011 (07)July] N/A N/A
Moonwell Dancers Podcast 2013 (01)January 2013 (04)April N/A RSS Feed
Moredots Podcast 2012 (04)April 2012 (05)May N/A RSS Feed
NATION SHOW 2011 (11)November 2012 (11)November N/A N/A
Needs a Hug 2011 (03)March 2011 (05)May N/A Itunes 2010/11/10 N/A N/A N/A
nonmailsnutz 2012/11/4 2013 (06)June Good bye episode RSS Feed
Noobs Corner 2012 (04)April 2012 (04)April N/A RSS Feed
Not Enough Rage 2010 (12)December 2011 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
Octale and Hordack vs the World 2006 (08)August 2011 (06)June Final Episode RSS Feed
Ogra's15 2010 (10)October 2011 (07)July Good Bye RSS Feed
On Warcraft N/A N/A N/A N/A
Oxhorn Brand Movies 2007/04/29 Ongoing N/A Itunes
P.O.W. W.O.W. 2012 (02)February 2012 (02)February Starting over Archive
Playtime[13] 2006 (02)February 2006 (07)July N/A WoW Radio Archive
Podcast of Warcraft] 2010 (01)January 2010 (01)January Final Post Podbean
Postcards from the Old World 2010 (04)April 2010 (12)December Last post Archive
Press Y 2013 (04)April 2013 (11)November to the show RSS Feed
PST 2010/10/29 2013 (01)January Got a job at Blizzard Youtube
Project Lore 2008 (07)July 2009 (07)July N/A Youtube Channel
Puggernaut 2010 (07)July 2011 (01)January N/A Itunes
Purecast 2011 (01)January 2011 (09)September N/A Archive
Quest Log Podcast N/A 2009 (12)December Last post Archive
Queue the Music N/A 2006 (06)June Last post for them N/A
Raid Warning 2009 (05)June 2011 (10)October N/A RSS Feed
The Ready Check 2008 (08)August 2009 (08)August N/A RSS Feed
Regression 2012 (10)October 2012 (12)December N/A RSS Feed
Respec Radio 2009/12/22 Ongoing N/A RSS Feed
Rested XP 2010 (11)November 2011 (04)April N/A RSS Feed
Rep Grind Radio 2011 (07)July 2012 (04)April N/A N/A
Roflmiao Podcast 2011 (11)November 2012 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
Roleplay Tavern 2007 (03)March 2007 (09)September Final Post
Sacred Podcast N/A 2010 (03)March Final Post
Shadows of Darkness Podcast 2011 (04)April 2011 (05)May N/A RSS Feed
Shen Fm 2011 (08)August 2011 (11)November N/A N/A
Slash 2 Podcast 2009 (07)July Ongoing N/A RSS Feed
Society of Lore 2011 (05)May 2011 (06)June N/A RSS Feed
Something Suggestive 2012 (02)February 2013 (04)April state of the show RSS Feed
Something WoWish 2010 (10)September 2011 (01)January N/A Archive
Storm, Earth, and Fire Podcast 2011 (03)March 2011 (04)April N/A RSS Feed
Storming Azeroth 2010 (11)November 2011 (01)January N/A N/A
Surviving in Azeroth 2010 (12)December 2011 (02)February Last Post Archive
Taverncast 2005/07/18 Ongoing N/A RSS Feed
TavernCast: The Shadow Council 2008 (07)July 2009 (09)September N/A RSS
The Alliance - A World of Warcraft Podcast 2006 (12)December 2007 (02)February N/A
The Ancient of Lore 2005 (10)October 2006 (06)June N/A
The Azeroth Perspective 2012 (04)April N/A N/A N/A
The Azerothian Podcast 2011/12/31 2012 (01)January N/A Youtube
The Battleground: World of Warcraft N/A N/A N/A N/A
The ClockworkRiot Litecast 2012 (05)May 2012 (01)January Final Message RSS Feed
The Combobulater 2006 (11)November 2010 (02)February Final Post Itunes Feed
The Core Podcast 2009 (12)December 2011 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
The Council of Six 2010 (02)February 2011 (04)April N/A Archive
The Cross-Realm podcast 2013 (02)February 2013 (08)August N/A RSS Feed
The Dark Portal 2008 (02)February 2008 (04)April N/A Podbean
The Darkmoon Podcast [14] 2011/08/28 2011 (11)November N/A RSS Feed
The Double O Podcast 2011 (04)April 2012 (11)November N/A N/A
The Elf and Dwarf 2008 (05)March 2009 (02)February N/A Archive
The Elitists 2009 (05)May 2011 (01)January Last Post N/A
The Emerald Dream 2013 (01)January N/A N/A N/A
The Faceroll Show 2009 (12)December 2010 (05)May Last Post N/A
The Grind : World of Warcraft Podcast 2008 (04)April 2009 (04)April N/A RSS
The Guild Hall of the Remembered Misfits 2009 (07)July 2009 (08)August N/A N/A
The Grey Council 2011 (01)January N/A N/A N/A
The Hotfix 2011 (02)February 2011 (02)February RSS Feed
The Hunting Lodge Podcast 2009 (08)August 2010 (04)April farewell post RSS
The Iron Whelpling 2006 (11)November 2007 (01)January N/A RSS Feed
The Lore Whores 2011 (12)December 2012 (04)April N/A YouTube
The Lorekeepers 2006 (06)June 2007 (05)May N/A
The Lorewalkers 2012 (11)November 2013 (08)August N/A RSS Feed
The Maelstrom Podcast 2006 (12)December 2008 (06)June N/A Podbean
The Murlocs Den 2010 (01)January 2010 (01)January N/A
The Other Guys Podcast 2011 (01)January 2011 (07)July N/A RSS Feed
The Original Pocket Podcast 2011 (02)February 2011 (12)December N/A N/A
The Reliquary 2011 (09)September 2011 (12)December N/A RSS Feed
The Shade's Podcast 2011 (06)June 2011 (06)June N/A RSS Feed
The Tram Rats Podcast 2011 (06)June 2011 (09)September N/A RSS Feed
The Troll Feed 2011 (01)January 2011 (03)March N/A Itunes
The Warstomping Grounds 2011 (08)August 2011 (12)December N/A RSS Feed
The Weekend Report 2006 (07)July 2007 (06)June N/A WoW Radio Archive
The Weekly Crusade 2008 (08)August 2008 (08)August N/A N/A
The Weekly Murloc 2006 (07)July 2006 (09)September N/A Mevio
The WoW Chat Podcast 2011 (01)January 2011 (02)February N/A RSS Feed
The wow Druidcast 2009 (06)June 2011 (03)March N/A Archive
The WoW Guys Podcast 2011 (03)March 2011 (06)June N/A Itunes
The WoW Factor Show 2009 (05)May 2011 (02)February Last Post N/A
The X 2007 (04)April 2008 (03)March Farwell post N/A
This is Outcasted 2009 (06)June 2012 (10)October N/A N/A
Titian 2007 (05)May 2007 (09)September N/A WoW Radio Archive
Total Cataclysm 2011 (01)January 2011 (02)February N/A RSS Feed
Townhall 2005 (07)July 2005 (08)August N/A
Turpster Time 2007 (07)July 2007 (08)August N/A WoW Radio Archive
Turpster Vision 2008 (02)February 2008 (12)December N/A Tursptervsion
Understanding Warcraft Podcast 2011 (03)March 2011 (04)April RSS Feed
User Interface 2006 (09)September 2007 (02)February N/A WoW Radio Archive
Ventchat 2009/12/08 Ongoing N/A RSS Feed
Valley of Strength Podcast 2011 (01)January 2011 (01)January Last Post
Vendor Trash 2005 (12)December 2007 (09)September N/A WoW Radio Archive
Visual Guide to World of Warcraft 2010 (07)July 2011 (01)Janurary N/A Itunes
Voices of Azeroth 2009 (10)October 2011 (03)March N/A N/A
Walk Alone Gaming 2009 (02)February 2010 (09)September N/A Podbean
Warcraft Anonymous 2007 (09)September 2012 (01)January N/A RSS Feed
Warcraft Outsiders 2008 (09)September 2011 (01)January N/A Itunes
Warcraft Syndicate 2009 (08)August 2011 (05)May N/A RSS Feed
Warcraft Trade Chat 2010 (05)May 2011 (06)June Final post RSS Feed
WCQY 2008 (03)March 2010 (10)October N/A Itunes
Weekly Random 2010 (11)November 2011 (03)March N/A Itunes
Wipe Rinse Repeat 2010 (11)November 2011 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
Women of Warcraft 2006 2010 (06)June Final Post RSS Feed
World-News TV(FR) 2010 (10)October 2011 (01)January Farewell post Itunes
World of Warcraft Chronicles 2006 (10)October 2008 (8)August N/A N/A
World of Podcast 2005 (12)December 2009 (12)December N/A
World of Theorycraft 2007 (03)March 2008 (08)August Farewell WoW Radio Archive
World of Warcraft Podcast 2006 (10)October 2008 (12)December N/A
World of Warcraft With Jojo And Palopit 2011 (03)March 2011 (03)March N/A Itunes
World of Weak(FR) 2009 (03)March 2009 (03)March N/A N/A
World of WoW 2006 (11)November 2011 (02)February N/A RSS Feed
WoW Radio 2004 (10)October 2010 (01)January N/A WoW Radio Archive
WoW Addons Podcast 2007 (12)December 2008 (09)September N/A Podbean
WoW Dawgs 2008 (11)November 2009 (09)September Last post Archive
WoW Factor 2007 (09)September 2008 (08)January N/A N/A
WoW Tool Box(Fr) 2010 (02)February 2010 (10)October N/A Archive
WoWCast 2005 (11)Novemeber 2012 (12)December N/A RSS Feed
WOWCodex Podcast 2007 (06)June 2007 (10)October Farewell post RSS
Wowcohol 2010 (03)March 2012 (01)January N/A RSS Feed
wowMATwow 2011 (06)June 2011 (11)November N/A RSS Feed
WoWphiles 2009 (11)November 2013 (04)April End of the show RSS Feed
WoWTaku 2009 (03)March 2012 (04)April N/A N/A
WoW-MP News 2011 (03)March 2011 (06)June N/A N/A
WoW Dig Site Podcast 2011 (06)June 2011 (09)September N/A RSS Feed
WoW Lore: Explained 2009 (09)September 2010 (07)July N/A Podbean
WoW pour les Nuls(FR) 2008 (12)December 2009 (09)September N/A Archive
WoW From 1 to 70 2007 (07)July 2008 (02)February N/A Podbean
Wow in 30 2011 (03)March 2011 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
World of Warcraft in the Morning! 2013 (01)January 2013 (03)March N/A RSS Feed
WoW Life Coach Podcast 2013 (03)March 2013 (03)March N/A N/A
WoW Misfits 2011 (06)June 2011 (06)June N/A Itunes
Wow TCG Pittsburgh Podcast 2011 (08)August 2012 (06)June N/A N/A
WoW Things Considered N/A 2009 (10)October Final Post N/A
WoW: While Servers Are Down 2010 (11)November [2011 (07)July N/A Itunes
Yet Another World of Warcraft Podcast 2007 (10)October 2011 (04)April N/A


  1. ^ Live episodes coming out 14:00 EST on Nordrassil Radio
  2. ^ Used to be the POW W.O.W. Podcast
  3. ^ Not related to podcast that ended 2009 and became Slash 2.
  4. ^ First show was July 21, 2009, but was lost this is the first archived episode.
  5. ^ first 20 episodes lost
  6. ^ Originally called 5 WoW Things
  7. ^ Was originally called Rage Quit
  8. ^ Dregcast was Pugcast originally
  9. ^ Archive 1
  10. ^ Archive 2
  11. ^ Know your role was originally Midweek review
  12. ^ Was originally named the Lore Hound
  13. ^ Was originally called Violent Noise
  14. ^ Made by the people that did Warcraft Trade Chat

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