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N [65] A Rare Bean

Poop quests are a recurring type of quest in World of Warcraft that involves excrement, usually in the form of sifting through animal droppings to retrieve one or several items. A long-standing tradition, poop quests have appeared in one form or another in every expansion to date. According to humor site Cracked.com, "World of Warcraft has more poop-related quests than any other MMO, excluding the niche fetish games Pooptopia and Fecesquest."[1]


Level Name Zone Description
4Cataclysm bothAlliance & Horde 51 A Delivery for Thorg'izog Burning Steppes The player is asked to disguise themselves and deliver some laxative-laced worg meat to General Thorg'izog and his ogre troops. Later, during the B [52] Assault on Dreadmaul Rock, Thorg'izog is seen covering his butt with his hands, and he says that "something is very wrong with my stomach. I think it's something I ate."
2Bc icon.gif NNeutral 65 A Rare Bean Nagrand Elementalist Lo'ap tasks the player with gathering a large amount of digested caracoli from piles of animal dung throughout Nagrand. He then crafts the caracoli into a tablet which allows the player to breathe water when placed under the tongue and given ample time to dissolve.
7Legion NNeutral 110 A Wee Bit O' Cloth Silithus Angus Stormbrew has sneaked into an outhouse at a Twilight's Hammer camp for "a wee drop-off," but there's "no cloth to... y'know..." After the player has brought him some  [Twilight Silk], he finishes up, then lights a match "to take care of the fumes." The outhouse promptly explodes into flame, though Angus comes out unscathed aside from his pants.
1WoW Icon update.png NNeutral 58G Azsharite Azshara Loramus Thalipedes sends the player to Azshara with a  [Felhound Tracker Kit] to gather crystallized azsharite, which Loramus admits is actually formed from mountain giant excrement. This story element was further explored in post-Cataclysm Azshara and the H [13] Mysterious Azsharite questline.
4Cataclysm AAlliance 18 Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage Redridge Mountains In order to create some camouflage for the Bravo Company field kit, the player is tasked with gathering piles of leaves and fox poop. ("What did you think camo was made of?") In the following two quests, the player is given the field kit which provides, among other things, the ability to stealth by covering themselves in the aforementioned leaves and poop.
1WoW Icon update.png NNeutral 45 Caught! Searing Gorge Locheed has been locked inside an outhouse by the Dark Iron dwarves. He asks the player to teach them a lesson, and also to gather some  [Silk Cloth] "for... for... nothin'." On completion, Locheed expresses satisfaction at receiving the cloth, and, almost as an afterthought, thanks the player for killing the Dark Iron Geologists as well, mentioning that "That'll give me some time to finish up in here..."
8Battle for Azeroth bothAlliance & Horde 120WQ Fertilizer Duty Vol'dun The player is tasked with gathering fertilizer from the local hyenas. They must offer each hyena a piece of meat, then wait several seconds. Since feeding a hyena doesn't tag it or its droppings, this world quest can even lead to players fighting over and stealing piles of poop from each other. Sometimes the world (of Warcraft) is a strange place.
8Battle for Azeroth NNeutral 120 Foul Harvest Vol'dun Patu asks herbalists to gather seeds of akunda's bite from piles of Sun Baked Dung in the Brine Basin, since only the seeds that have been eaten, digested, and pooped out by wild beasts will be strong enough to survive Vol'dun's harsh climate.
6Warlords of Draenor NNeutral 99 Fruitful Ventures Nagrand Digrem Orebar asks the player to gather some Nagrand cherries to feed to his elekk. While this quest does not involve any actual poop, Digrem mentions that he's "heard the worst rumor about how you have to obtain those things. Something about talbuk first eating them and then 'processing' them, and then... well, I don't want to talk about it," in reference to N [65] A Rare Bean.
3Wrath of the Lich King NNeutral 76D Funky Fungi Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom The player finds several revolting pieces of mushroom-like fungus on the bodies of cave beasts in Ahn'kahet. Wondering if the fungi are the kind of thing nerubians find appetizing, the player brings them to Kilix the Unraveler... who informs them that the cave beasts have no traditional method of excreting their waste, and states that the player might want to wash their hands. Kilix thanks the player for the thought but asks them to keep any additional fungi they find for themselves.
6Warlords of Draenor NNeutral 90 Ga'nar of the Frostwolf Assault on the Dark Portal The player is sent to find and rescue Ga'nar, who has been captured by the Iron Horde and tasked with shoveling excrement from an outhouse into a contaminated pool nearby. After Ga'nar is rescued in N [90] The Prodigal Frostwolf, he mentions that he probably needs to wash his hands.
4Cataclysm NNeutral 35D Going, Going, Guano! Razorfen Kraul Auld Stonespire asks the player to gather the peculiar guano produced by the bats native to Razorfen Kraul. The guano's stench seems to be sending the quilboar into a murderous frenzy, but Auld believes that he may be able to reverse its effects and produce an antidote. The original version of the quest instead had the player gather the same guano for Master Apothecary Faranell's alchemical experiments in the Undercity.
5Mists of Pandaria NNeutral 88 Gourmet Kafa Kun-Lai Summit Cousin Gootfur had an idea for a gourmet creation: "Kafa'goot," or Kafa'kota that has passed through a goat's digestive system. However, the kafa was too potent for the goats, resulting in a mess on the mountainside and an unhappy Uncle Keenbean. Gootfur asks the player to mark the goat droppings by sticking flags into them; he notes that he'll gather them himself, since it's "kind of a mussy task, not fit for hero." The premise of harvesting coffee beans from animal poop is based in reality.
5Mists of Pandaria HHorde 86 Green-ish Energy Jade Forest In order to repel a jinyu assault, Rivett Clutchpop plans on creating methane grenades. ("We're going green. Clean burning, high availability, all natural, and will keep the druids off my back when we get back to our neck of the world. That, and I ran out of blasting powder...") Rivett sends the player to gather up some wood for a hozen outhouse, from which he'll collect the "deposits" himself. In the following quest, the player jumps into a "Skat Shooting Vehicle" and uses the methane bombs to repel the jinyu.
4Cataclysm AAlliance 26 Illegible Orc Letter Stonetalon Mountains The player has obtained an  [Illegible Orc Letter] from a Windshear Overseer. Unfortunately, it's in Orcish and it smells like toilet paper. After the player takes it to Minx to figure it out, she reveals that it's an order from Horde high command—and it's written in a mixture of kodo poop and blood.
4Cataclysm bothAlliance & Horde 40 In the Outhouse Thousand Needles Someone is trapped inside the Submerged Outhouse!
3Wrath of the Lich King AAlliance 71 Lupus Pupus Borean Tundra Iggy "Tailspin" Cogtoggle believes that the wolves of the Scalding Pools have eaten the microfilm from his mission. He tasks the player with placing pouches of noxious gorloc spices on the ground, after which they will hopefully be able to find the microfilm in the wolves' droppings. Iggy mentions that "I'd offer you my special lupus pupus scupus for the job, but I left it back at the airstrip. I'm afraid you'll have to conduct the... err... search the old-fashioned way."
5Mists of Pandaria NNeutral 86 Materia Medica Krasarang Wilds Ken-Ken believes that the despair gripping the guards at Zhu's Watch is due to a bad case of "spooky-dooks." ("Dooks get scared sometimes, don't wanna come out. Poor, fluffy mopey-dopes must be ready to explode by now!") He sends the player to gather ingredients for an old hozen remedy. When he later tests the completed remedy on a nearby guard, it causes the pandaren's stomach to churn violently, forcing him to run to a nearby bush. During the followup, N [86] Why So Serious?, the same guard says, "Ugh... what was that stuff? It went through me like bad tea."
3Wrath of the Lich King AAlliance 73 Mmm... Amberseeds! Grizzly Hills At Amberpine Lodge, the player finds a bucket filled with delicious amberseeds and hungrily devours them. When Master Woodsman Anderhol finds out, he tells the player that they have just eaten an entire harvest's worth of the magical seeds. He insists that the player set things right and that the seeds need to come out as soon as possible before they are fully digested. He tasks the player with gathering ingredients to make a purgative,  [Anderhol's Slider Cider], then sends them out to the nearby outhouse. After the business is done and the player returns the partially processed amberseeds to Anderhol, the woodsman can be seen handing the seeds over to Benjamin Jacobs to put them back in the bucket again, with the implication that this has happened several times before.
4Cataclysm HHorde 13 Mysterious Azsharite Azshara The goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel have gained an interest in the crystalline substance known as azsharite. Assistant Greely sends the player to persuade the local mountain giants to reveal the origin of the substance. A friendly giant named Gormungan informs them that what mortals refer to as "azsharite" is actually mountain giant droppings, and that mountain giants only relieve themselves every 15 to 25 years, barring any "tummy trouble." When Greely hears of this, she attempts to speed up "production" by having the player attempt to feed a laxative to Gormungan; when that fails, she has the player attempt to scare the giants with a rat. This fails as well, and a disappointed Greely states that azsharite will remain "the rarest substance on the planet" and that the goblins will simply have to use it sparingly.
5Mists of Pandaria NNeutral 90 Daily Pooped Jade Forest Your Hatchling escaped from its pen and "had an accident," leaving piles of poop all over the Arboretum. They must be cleaned up before the Serpent Masters find out.
4Cataclysm HHorde 6 Riding On Durotar The player must get from Sen'jin Village to Razor Hill to request help from the orcs; Raider Jhash will lend them a wolf to ride, as well as an escort by Raider Kerr. Along the way, the wolves make a stop at the side of the road, after which Kerr says, "What's that smell? Oh, bad dog!"
8Battle for Azeroth AAlliance 110 Rodrigo's Revenge Tiragarde Sound Rodrigo, the flight master at Freehold, wants to get back at the Irontide Raiders for threatening him and scaring his beloved birds. He asks the player if they would like to prank the pirates by riding a giant macaw and making it "bombard" them.
6Warlords of Draenor AAlliance 96 Rooby's Roo (treasure) Spires of Arak In the inn of Admiral Taylor's Garrison, the player can find a ghostly pug named Rooby Roo, which they can feed by purchasing Rooby Reats from the pug's owner, Miril Dumonde. After being fed, the dog goes outside to behind the inn and leave a fresh pile of Rooby's Roo, which can be looted for some [Garrison Resources] and  [Rooby Roo's Ruby Rollar].
3Wrath of the Lich King AAlliance 71 Scare the Guano Out of Them! Howling Fjord Engineer Feknut has been sent to Rivenwood to gather bat guano for Bombardier Petrov's cluster bombs back at Westguard Keep. Apparently afraid of the giant bats, Feknut asks the player to gather the guano for him by dropping firecrackers beneath the bats, in hopes of scaring the guano right out of the beasts. During A [71 Daily] Break the Blockade, the player uses the guano-enhanced bombs to help Petrov break the pirate blockade in the Shattered Straits below Westguard.
2Bc icon.gif NNeutral 61 Shizz Work Hellfire Peninsula Foreman Razelcraz suspects that one of his felhounds has eaten his shredder keys. He tasks the player with killing helboars for the felhound to eat in the hopes that the keys will come out in the hound's leavings.
4Cataclysm HHorde 22 Stormpike Rendezvous Hillsbrad Foothills Kingslayer Orkus was tasked by Helcular to kill some worgen, but he was delayed after he ate several helpings of  [Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops], causing his "bowels to cry out in anguish." Following his outhouse trip, Orkus attempts to spy on a meeting between Vanndar Stormpike and Balinda Stonehearth, and the potent smell gives away his position.
8Battle for Azeroth bothAlliance & Horde 120WQ Swab This! Tiragarde Sound World quest version of A [110 - 120] Rodrigo's Revenge. This one allows Horde players to poop on pirates too.
7Legion NNeutral 110 The Key Is Around Here Somewhere... Suramar The dwarf Angus Stormbrew has been encaged by the Burning Legion. He says that he had the key in his pocket, but it fell out and was eaten by a felhound, meaning the player must search the nearby piles of demonic waste to find it.
4Cataclysm HHorde 30 The Turd Problem Stonetalon Mountains The local wyverns have been leaving large turds all over the Sludgewerks. The overseer Jibbly Rakit does not wish to be pooped on and sends the player to kill the wyverns. The Sludgewerks Enforcers in the area frequently and loudly complain about the situation.


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