NeutralPort of Zem'lan
Port of Zem'lan.jpg
Type Port
Leader(s) IconSmall SkeletalTroll.gif Pirate-King Zem'lan
Race(s) IconSmall SkeletalTroll.gif Skeletal troll
IconSmall SkeletalDireTroll.gifIconSmall Vol'kaal.gif Undead dire troll
Location Southwestern Vol'dun
Status Active

The Port of Zem'lan, also known as Zem'lan's port[1] or simply Zem'lan,[2] is a large, ruined Zandalari port town on the southwestern coast of Vol'dun. It is a cursed place, ruled over by Pirate-King Zem'lan and his crew of the eternal damned.[3] In ages past,[4] the port was attacked by the Faithless[5] sethrak.[4] Pirate-King Zem'lan refused to allow Zandalari refugees onto his ships to escape the sethrak attack[4] and ordered his crew to rally and defend the port with their lives. However, when it became clear that the sethrak were too many, Zem'lan instead gathered his crew on the Golden Isle and conducted a ritual with three magical idols to curse his crew into undead skeletons, forced to serve him for eternity.[4][6]

Thus, in the present day, the port is almost entirely inhabited by Zem'lan's skeletal pirates. The corpses of souldrained refugees, Zem'lan's own defenders, and the Faithless invaders litter parts of the ruins. Pirate-King Zem'lan doesn't stay in the port with the rest of his crew and instead keeps to the forbidden Golden Isle to the southwest, hoarding the treasures his pirates have plundered over the years, so that only he can enjoy them.[7]


In addition to the port's skeletal pirates (which are too many to list here; see Category:Zem'lan's pirates for a complete list of Zem'lan's crew), the subzone is inhabited by the following creatures.

Lying the southern dock:

On the shore between the central and southern docks:

Inside a northeastern alcove:

Near a pile of Freshly Dug Sand, Captain Zhonga, and First Mate Kiffa near the northwestern outskirts:

Lying next to Cook Shak'mak on the northwestern outskirts:

On the northern outskirts:



Ability warlock soulswap.png  Eternal Curse of Zem'lan — Damage taken increased by 10%. Damage done increased by 20%.
  • Deceased NPCs have another version of the debuff with a different description:
Ability warlock soulswap.png  Eternal Curse of Zem'lan — Preserved by powerful dark magic.
  • Both versions of the Eternal Curse of Zem'lan have the following cast description, but it is never seen in-game as only its buff version is present: "The terrible curse that Zem'lan unleased[sic] on the invading sethrak scarred this land forever."
  • It is also possible to get cursed by the [Recruit of the Damned] or the [Curse of Shrinking] by opening the Zem'lan's Treasure on the Golden Isle.