A character's portrait

The portrait is a small, circular picture of a creature's head.

Character Portrait
Shows your character name, face, level, and health bar. Depending on your class, the second bar could be your mana, rage, energy,[1] focus bars or a special secondary resource.
Target Portrait
Shows the name, face, and health bar of any creature or character you click on in the game. Depending on the target, it might also have a mana, rage, or energy bar.[2]
Pet Portrait
Some character classes can summon pets. If such a character is currently controlling a pet, a pet portrait appears underneath the main character portrait. The pet portrait displays the pet's name, health bar, and energy, mana, or rage bar. You can mouse over the bars for exact numbers.
Party Member Portraits
If you are grouped with other players, their portraits appear under yours as well. If you also have a pet, the party member portraits appear under your pet portrait. Each party member portrait displays the character's name, health bar, and energy, mana, or rage bar. Mousing over the party member's portrait also reveals its level and class, as well as any spell effects that are currently affecting the selected party member.[3]


Portrait during pre-release.

  • The character's name and current Health and Mana bars (Energy or Rage bars if Rogue, Warrior, [Cat Form] or [Bear Form]; Runic Power if Death Knight) appear to the right of their portrait.)
  • Additional Resources, such as Holy Power, Soul Shards, Runes, Lunar and Solar Power, and Chakra appear under the resource bar depending on the class.
    • A small circular level indicator appears at the bottom-left of the portrait (shows Resting.png if Resting, or Combat.png when in combat).
    • If your PvP Flag is on, it will appear above the Level indicator.
    • You should always see your character's portrait at the top-left of the screen.
    • Your character's portrait usually matches whatever your character is wearing.
    • A smaller portrait of the character's pet will appear below the character's portrait with name, attribute bars and mood icon to the right, but no level indicator.
  • The portrait of any selected (current target) creature should appear to the right of your character's portrait.
    • The name and current Health and Mana bars (Energy or Rage bars if rogue or warrior) appear to the left of the portrait.
    • The small circular Level indicator appears at the bottom-right. This will display a skull if the selected mob has a level much higher than yours (usually if more than 10 levels above you).
  • Smaller portraits of any Party members should appear below your character's portrait. The party Leader will have a small crown icon at the top-left of the portrait.
    • Small Buff or Debuff icons will appear below party members' attribute bars when the pointer is move over their portrait.
  • A dragon border appears around Elite creatures' portraits.
  • The portrait will flash red if health is very low.
  • Portrait badges are visible when PvP is enabled.


Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added portrait badges and mana bar indicator.
    The mana bar will now visually show how much mana the spell that is casting will cost, similar to how shields show up on the health bar.

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