Powder to Ironband

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AlliancePowder to Ironband
Start Prospector Stormpike
End Jern Hornhelm
Level 15 (Requires 11)
Category Ironforge
Experience 270 EXP (or 1s 50c at level 70)
Reputation +25 Ironforge
Previous A [15] Report to Ironforge
Next A [15] Resupplying the Excavation

This is part of the quest chain Ironband's Blastpowder


Speak with Jern Hornhelm in Thelsamar.


If Ironband still needs blastpowder, then by Magni he'll have it! I sent the approval on ahead with a messenger to Jern Hornhelm in Thelsamar. He'll prepare the powder and other supplies to take to Ironband.

And one more thing: I want you to personally see that the shipment of powder reaches its destination. The last one didn't, so keep your mind sharp and your eyes open.


What? Stormpike wants you to personally see the shipment to Ironband?

I... suppose that's fine, the only problem is, I've already sent Huldar with the porters, Miran and Saean. You just missed them, they left just a short while ago.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. A [15] Excavation Progress Report
  2. A [15] Report to Ironforge
  3. A [15] Powder to Ironband
  4. A [15] Resupplying the Excavation
  5. A [15] After the Ambush
  6. A [15] Protecting the Shipment

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