For the Necrolord quest, see N [60] Power of the Chosen.
KyrianPower of the Chosen
Start Alexandros Mograine [28.8, 38.2]
End Alexandros Mograine [28.8, 38.2]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Kyrian Campaign
Rewards 25g 74s
Previous N [60] Charging The Blade, N [60] Grave Intent, N [60] Aerial Advantage
Next N [60] The End is Now


Destroy the Bilebloat Juggernauts.


The Zerekriss is nearly in position. Now is the time to strike!

We must force Gharmal into the open together. Join me on my roc, and we will unleash your runeblade's power on the juggernauts.

The Margrave will be unable to ignore their deaths. Once he leaves his blighted tower, we can finish him once and for all.


You will receive:

  • 25g 74s


Every moment the juggernauts live our position is in jeopardy!


Such power! Gharmal will have no choice but to face us now.


Speak with Mograine:

Margrave Gharmal will die this day.

Gossip I am ready.

Alexandros Mograine says: Let us show these fiends the true power of the House of the Chosen.
Alexandros Mograine says: Unleash the runeblade's power and destroy Gharmal's juggernauts once and for all!

In the vehicle interface, players have access to one ability:

Inv sword 1h artifactruneblade d 03.png  Might of the Chosen — Unleash your runeblade's power to destroy the Bilebloat Juggernauts. 5 sec cast (15 sec cooldown)

The roc will hover above the stichyard until the ability is used, and the juggernauts won't hit.

Use the ability:

Alexandros Mograine yells: Hear me, Chosen! Hear me, kyrian! The time for our final assault is at hand!


  1. N [60] An Expected Visitor
  2. N [60] A Perilous Journey
  3. N [60] Stronger Together
  4. N [60] Fight and Flight
  5. N [60] Justice from Above, N [60] The Butchers of Bastion, N [60] Dark Developments
  6. N [60] An Early End, N [60] Burn Before Reading, N [60] Descended
  7. N [60] Trouble on the Western Front
  8. N [60] Charging The Blade, N [60] Grave Intent, N [60] Aerial Advantage
  9. N [60] Power of the Chosen
  10. N [60] The End is Now
  11. N [60] Pursuit of Justice
  12. N [60] Take Heart
  13. N [60] Return to the Hold
  14. N [60] Crest of Greatness

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