NeutralPrecious Little Left
Start Lothrius Mooncaller
End Lothrius Mooncaller
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Moon Guard Stronghold
Rewards  [Enchanted Moonfall Text]
Previous N [45] The Rift Between
Next N [45] Starweaver's Fate


Locate and recover "Anthology of the Guard", "Magical Manifest of the Moon", and "Aftermath of the Well".


I have not been able to leave the safety of my guardians to search, but there are three tomes of great importance to me and mine.

They contain secrets and cantrips that the Nightborne must NOT obtain.

<Lothrius raises his hand to your forehead, cementing the names of three tomes into your mind>

If we cannot best them, we must preserve all we can. Hurry, <name>.


You will receive:
Inv misc book 18.png [Enchanted Moonfall Text]


Did you locate them?


Thank the Mother Moon... They survived!


Lothrius Mooncaller says: You found them! I will have them properly preserved and sent somewhere safe immediately.


  1. N [45] Fate of the Guard
  2. N [45] Take Them in Claw
  3. N [45] The Rift Between
    • Side chain:
    1. N [45] Recovering Stolen Power
    2. N [45] Waiting for Revenge
    3. N [45] Rain Death Upon Them
  4. N [45] Precious Little Left & N [45] Lay Waste, Lay Mines & N [45] Stop the Spell Seekers
  5. N [45] Starweaver's Fate
  6. N [45] The Orchestrator of Our Demise & N [45] Overwhelming Distraction
  7. N [45] Last Stand of the Moon Guard

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