Preemptive Methods

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NeutralPreemptive Methods
Start Nalpak
End Nalpak
Level 8-30 (Requires 8)
Type Dungeon
Category Wailing Caverns
Experience 1,000
Rewards 40s
Shareable Yes


Nalpak wants you to collect 5 Serpentbloom.


There is an herb in these caverns that holds untold power, <name>. Perhaps you wish to help me collect it?

It is a rare flower called Serpentbloom. I believe that in greater quantities it has the potential to prevent nightmares like Naralex's from ever occuring.

Unfortunately, Serpentbloom can only be found in the darkest recesses of this place.


I am eager to see if you can gather enough Serpentbloom.


You have done well, <name>. Hopefully we can use these to prevent further nightmares.


You will receive: 40s

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