Preparing For War

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For the removed Cenarion Expedition quest, see N [70D] Preparing for War.
NeutralPreparing For War
Start Odyn
End Skyseer Ghrent
Level 103 - 110 (Requires 103)
Category Warrior Campaign
Experience 19,350
Rewards 33g 20s
Previous N Warrior [103 - 110] Jorhuttam
Next N Warrior [110D] Maw of Souls: Message to Helya


Complete "Campaign Aiding the Valkyra," "Campaign Lost at Sea" and "Campaign Enslaved by Sea Giants" missions.

  • "Aiding the Valkyra" mission completed
  • "Lost at Sea" mission completed
  • "Enslaved by Sea Giants" missions completed


We would do well to bolster our own forces before calling upon our allies to join us in the final conflict against the Legion.

There still remains much to do in the Broken Isles and victories there will give us the momentum we need to crush the enemy.


You will receive: 33g 20s


Any news, <name>?


You and your armies have accomplished much. Odyn chose his commander well.



  • There are three Class Hall missions to be completed for this quest. You can only do one at a time, so this quest will take awhile.
  • If a new mission does not appear after completing a previous one, close the Eye of Odyn window and reopen it.


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