Preparing for the Winter Queen

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NeutralPreparing for the Winter Queen
Start Lady Moonberry [63.6, 36.3]
End Droman Tashmur [63.5, 36.3]
Level 56 (Requires 56)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 850
Rewards Night Fae Covenant class ability
12g 40s 20c
Previous N [56] One Special Spirit, N [50] Souls Come Home
Next N [56] Ride to Heartwood Grove


Receive Ardenweald's essence from Lady Moonberry.


Tirna Vaal is ready for the Winter Queen's arrival! And it's all thanks to you.

You have more than upheld your end of our bargain... and yet I was not able to do the same.

That is absolutely unacceptable for a faerie like me! What would the others think if they knew I had failed to honor our agreement?

Please, allow me to make it up to you. I may not have been able to deliver your message to the Queen, but I have a special surprise that I hope you'll accept instead!


You will learn one of :

Class Ability
Death knight Death knight [Death's Due]
Demon hunter Demon hunter [The Hunt]
Druid Druid [Convoke the Spirits]
Hunter Hunter [Wild Spirits]
Mage Mage [Shifting Power]
Monk Monk [Faeline Stomp]
Paladin Paladin [Blessing of the Seasons]
Priest Priest [Fae Guardians]
Rogue Rogue [Sepsis]
Shaman Shaman [Fae Transfusion]
Warlock Warlock [Soul Rot]
Warrior Warrior [Ancient Aftershock]

You will receive:

  • 12g 40s 20c
  • 850 XP


Joy follows Lady Moonberry, a scent that lingers as a flower blooms.


Shadows loom over Heartwood Grove. Things unseen crawl within the darkness.


Speak with Moonberry again:

Tirna Vaal is one of the more fortunate groves. It has a chance to survive. And the Queen will do everything in her power to make it so.
Gossip I'm ready to be properly prepared to meet the Winter Queen.
Lady Moonberry says: A faerie must always repay a favor. You've done much for the forest, but I couldn't deliver your message in return.
Moonberry launches the player 200 yards up.
Lady Moonberry says: Please accept this gift instead. A small part of Ardenweald's magic, yours to use as you wish.
Lady Moonberry says: There! Now that we're even--wait, what's that?
The camera pans to the road showing a large number of Heartwood Grove Evacuees fleeing downhill towards Tirna Vaal.
Lady Moonberry says: Look! All those fae running from Heartwood Grove... Something's wrong!
Lady Moonberry says: I'll alert the Wild Hunt. It looks like we need your help again!
Lady Moonberry says: Tashmur, catch!
Moonberry releases her spell and the player drops... safely into Tashmur's arms.
Droman Tashmur says: Keening winds descend from Heartwood Grove... the forest cowers...
Heartwood Grove Evacuee says: Help! Heartwood Grove is under attack!


  1. N [56] Preparing for the Winter Queen
  2. N [56] Ride to Heartwood Grove
  3. N [56] The End of Former Friends, N [56] Recovering Wildseeds, and N [56] Heart of the Grove
  4. N [56] Recovering the Animacones and N [56] Survivors of Heartwood Grove
  5. N [56] The Sacrifices We Must Make
  6. N [56] Recovering the Heart
  7. N [56] Heartless
  8. N [56] Audience with the Winter Queen

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

You've really helped get Tirna Vaal ready for the Winter Queen's arrival!

The Winter Queen won't regret her decision for Tirna Vaal to survive, not when everything is so well prepared.

There's just one last thing that needs to be fixed. You!

I can't have you meet the Winter Queen without some of Ardenweald's essence!


Lady Moonberry's song does fill so many of us with joy and delight.


There is great conflict drowning the already sorrowful song of Heartwood Grove.

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