Preying on the Predators (The Hinterlands)

Alliance 32.pngPreying on the Predators
Start Ambassador Rualeth
End Ambassador Rualeth
Level 44 (Requires 40)
Category Hinterlands
Experience 3750
Reputation Exodar +250
Rewards 65 Silver.png


Ambassador Rualeth at Aerie Peak wants you to kill 10 Mangy Silvermane and 5 Silvermane Wolves.


The Wildhammer dwarves act as companions, caretakers, and trainers to the gryphons. The gryphons have no shortage of enemies, especially among the forest troll tribes.

Sometimes, though, the threat comes from natural predators, such as wolves. A single animal is no match for a gryphon, but packs have taken to targeting gryphons more often because normal prey is scarce. Culling the wolves can help to reduce their impact on the gryphons and ingratiate us to the Wildhammer.


  • 65 Silver.png
  • 3750 XP (or 31 Silver.png 50 Copper.png at level 70)
  • +250 reputation with Exodar


Have you culled the silvermane population?


<Ambassador Rualeth nods as you give your report.>

You have done well. The culling of the silvermane will not go unnoticed by the Wildhammer. When I meet with their leaders, I am certain that your deeds will reflect well upon the Alliance. Please accept this coin as a small token of my thanks, <name>.

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