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MobPridelord Karash
Image of Pridelord Karash
Gender Male
Race Saberon (Humanoid)
Level 30-40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bloodmane tribe
Occupation Chieftain
Location Bloodmane Pridelands, Spires of Arak [45.8, 66.4]VZ-Spires of ArakBlip (flashback)
Status Deceased

Pridelord Karash was the leader of the Bloodmane saberon 600 years before the First War. He declared war upon the high arakkoa but was eventually slain by the arakkoan king, Terokk.


600 years before the opening of the Dark Portal, the saberon tribes of the Spires of Arak delighted in preying upon the flightless Outcasts of arakkoan society. However, the Bloodmane tribe and its mighty young leader, Karash, grew bored with hunting the birdmen that were confined to the ground and instead made it a sport to bring down the arakkoa who could still fly. Karash trained his followers in the use of nets, ropes and harpoons and commanded his hunters to bring him ten thousand arakkoa feathers. The Bloodmane initially targeted scouts to hone their abilities without alerting the other arakkoa, but once he was confident in his tribe's abilities, Karash declared war upon the high arakkoa. Bloodmane fighters began ambushing and slaughtering large groups of the winged creatures and laid siege to the spires themselves.

The arakkoa were thrown into disarray, for they had believed themselves to be immune to threats from "lower" creatures, and the Anhari priests struggled to find an explanation for why their beloved goddess Rukhmar had seemingly forsaken them. Terokk, Talon King of the high arakkoa, decided to take drastic action, launching raids on Bloodmane encampments by himself. He single-handedly turned the tide of the war, inspiring other arakkoa fighters to follow him against suicidal odds. After months of whittling away the Bloodmane, Terokk cornered Pridelord Karash and effortlessly slew him, ending the source of the saberon's tactical brilliance and winning the war. Satisifed that his message was clear, the Talon King left the Bloodmane to pick up the pieces of their broken tribe.[1][2]

Warlords of Draenor[]

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.

Karash is encountered during a flashback in N [30-40] The Talon King, during which the player controls Terokk in his historical fight against the saberon.

Objective of[]

He needs to be killed during the flashback in the N [30-40] The Talon King.

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Preceded by:
Leader of the Bloodmane tribe
Succeeded by:
Keeho the Savage, Ralshiara (earliest known)