Priestly Reckoning is a short story in the World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide.

A priest journey's with his friends to Stonewatch Keep in the Redridge Mountains. He had come with the warrior Tielyn, and the mage Anat, in order to defend Lakeshire and its citizens from the Horde. They had come in search of Tharil'zun, a leader of orc skirmishers. Lakeshire would never be safe as long as the creature held command, and they could not rest without proof of his demise. They could not leave until they had Tharil'zun's head. One of Tharil'zun's retinue spotted their advance and ran back like a coward to warn the other orcs. The priest's party soon found themselves overwhelmed by strong, fierce, dark magic wielding orcs. At first the priest used some holy magic to damage the enemy, but soon attempted to assist the party by healing them, and shielding them. After they had defeated the orcs, Tharil'zun himself came into the battle. The priest knew he had to ensure that her group survived the onslaught so he was only able to cast some Shadow Magic, including the word Pain, but mostly healing his companions. Finally they had killed Tharil'zun, and saved many of the good people of Lakeshire. None of his friends had been lost during the battle, and he knew helping his friends and stopping his enemies was the truest thing that anyone could accomplish, and they had done a great deed that day.


  • Hinted to be non-canon.[1]