Primal Earth

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  • Primal Earth
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 40s

Primal Earth is a chunk of pure earthly essence. It is used in a wide range of high-end recipes.


  • Create  [Primal Earth]
The components are:
Inv elemental mote earth01.png 10x [Mote of Earth]
  • Alchemy

-Transmute: Primal Fire to Earth

The components are:
Inv elemental primal fire.png 1x [Primal Fire]

- [Transmute: Primal Life to Earth]

The components are:
Inv elemental primal life.png 1x [Primal Life]

Primal Earth is primarily made by converting 10 Motes of Earth to one Primal Earth. Motes of Earth can typically be found by Miners, from Fel Iron, Adamantite, and Khorium veins. They can also be recovered from various Earth elementals in Outland (Enraged Crushers in Nagrand, Enraged Earth Spirits in Shadowmoon Valley, etc).

Primal Earth can be created through Alchemy with the Transmute: Primal Fire to Earth and  [Transmute: Primal Life to Earth] recipes.

Primal Earth is one of the cheapest primals due to its relative abundance and the fact that (unlike Shadow, Mana, Fire, Life, and Water) it is not used in any of the Tailoring cloths.

As an ingredient

Primal Earth is used in the following recipes:









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