This article is about the Dragon Isles proto-dragons. For other uses, see Primal.
Elemental proto-dragon leaders.jpg
Main leader Primal Incarnates
Race(s) Proto-dragon
Status Active Dragonflight

The Primalists are ancient, huge proto-dragons that choose not to side with the titans and stayed on the Dragon Isles. A group of the Primal Incarnates and followers of Galakrond, they believe that everyone should be subservient to dragonkind because of their power.[1] This caused a rift between them and the Dragon Aspects, and in response, Neltharion created the dracthyr.[2]

A war happened between the Aspects, their followers and the Primalists. During the conflict the Primalists turned back to the elements to infuse themselves with their strength against their now fully biological brethren. The Primalists are led by four dragons who were the incarnates of the elemental forces that they had embodied and they were on par with the Aspects.[3]

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