MobPrince Xavalis
Image of Prince Xavalis
Gender Male
Race Satyr (Demon)
Level 15-30
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion, Shadow Council, Jadefire
Location Shadow Hold, Felwood
Status Killable
Relative(s) Xavius (father, presumed), Prince Kellen and Prince Raze (brothers, presumed)

Prince Xavalis.

Prince Xavalis is a satyr found in Shadow Hold in Felwood. He is an ancient and powerful satyr that some believe to be a son of Xavius, blessed by Sargeras himself.[1]


  • Spell fire immolation.png  Sinister Strike — Inflicts 110% weapon damage to an enemy.
  • Spell fire sealoffire.png  Immolate — Burns an enemy, then deals additional fire damage every 3 sec. for 15 sec.
  • Spell shadow ritualofsacrifice.png  Jadefire — Surrounds the caster with searing magic for 8 sec. The flames increase armor by 50% and deal 50 damage to melee attackers.

Objective of


  • No pathetic <race> will deny me my birthright!

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  • Prince Xavalis (Crown of the Heavens), TCG card


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